Dhyasparva (1990)

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Mathe. Mathe. ou'll deliver right away my girl.
God has gifted us with a girl but Mathu has died.
lt's a girl again. - lnstead of bearing humiliation..
..all the time it is good that she died.
our mother got salvation in death.
ou're lucky in that you're born as a man Raghu.
Raghu. Raghunath.
Don't get angry with your father, my boy.
ou'll not know at this age how difficult it is..
..to survive alone. And that too for a man.
But why did Annasaheb marry an old lady..
..when there were proposals coming in from..
..so many young girls?
Tokoba has said that you have to..
..practice what you preach.
And so Karve, l have to salute you for doing so.
No, no. Goplarao. An ordinary man like me was..
..able to do this only because l had..
..the backing of staunch improvising..
..people like you and Ramabai.
l consider it as a very happy and proud occasion..
..that the first of my widow students from..
..Sharda sadan got remarried in my presence.
At a time when every body who claim to bring reforms..
..by marrying widows try to escape due to the fear..
..of society, Dhondopant Karve has taken a bold..
..step in the improvement of the plight of widows..
..and so on behalf of everyone l wish..
..to congratulate him and Anandibai.
We're happy today. We're happy today.
We're happy today. We're happy today.
Dhondopant has brought disgrace to our murud..
..village by behaving like an untouchable.
According to the Hindu religion, although there..
..is a provision for a male to marry again..
..there is no such provision for females.
Widow remarriage is against the religious beliefs.
There is no penance for this sin.
Because of this we're unanimously boycotting..
..Dhondopant Karve and his wife.
No one should invite the Karve family..
..for any kind of gatherings.
Nobody should dine with them together.
Those who disobey will also be boycotted.
Anandibai. lf we have to reform the society..
..then somebody has to take the first step..
..without caring about anybody.
lt is only that l was the one to do it.
That you're thinking about imparting knowledge not..
..only to widows but also to all other women is laudable.
But as long as there is no improvement in the..
..facilities for pregnant women there..
..is no way we can do what you propose.
lf the process which the philosophers are trying..
..to discover succeeds, then in the near future there..
..will be a difference between the cooperation of..
..men and women, and the population growth, Karve.
And so this will surely affect religion.
Remember that this era will be of modernization.
She suddenly got trapped in the thicket.
Then she told Laxman not to go there.
And whilst she said this she got trapped again.
Appointment as an assistant to the professor of maths..
..at the Elphinstone college in Mumbai.
lt's good that you'll be able to do your further..
..higher education at your own expense.
So you've decided to stay in Mumbai from now on.
l thought that you too would be based in Pune just like..
..me and help me with the work of the ashram.
But it is good that you see to your future.
l too didn't follow my father's footsteps.
He never married a widow. But l did it isn't it?
What is it? - Parvatibai was asking as to whether..
..you'll say the prayers or.. - l'm coming.
l'll take your leave Anna. - meet her. l'm coming.
l'm yearning for you a lot. -l'm yearning for you a lot.
Please give me good intellect.
Please give me good intellect.
Don't give me bad desires. - Don't give me bad desires.
ou only are my caretaker. - ou only are my caretaker.
our problem will not get solved by crying, Amay.
ou'll have trouble in Pune. So we'll see if you..
..can get maternity facility in far away Nagpur.
What a grave sin l've committed.
lt's not a question of good or bad Amay.
lt's the hunger of the body. Who has escaped from it?
The only bad thing about it is that the man..
..escapes in these matters.
lt is the woman who has to suffer.
Have you thought about marriage?
l'm telling you because it's a father's duty to tell.
lt is difficult to remain a bachelor at any age.
But it is most difficult when you're young.
That's why it is good to get married as soon as possible.
What will those men and women do..
..for whom marriage is not possible?
What about those widows who're not..
..allowed to remarry?
Just for the appeasement of the flesh like you.. Anna l..
Forgive me Anna l.. - ou've grown so big that..
..l can call you my friend. Tell me. Tell me Raghunath.
Till today l didn't get the opportunity to have..
..a good chat with you.
At least let me hear you out your views today.
What views? These questions keep..
..coming into my mind always.
As when you get the answers to your questions..
..you will see the way to your progress.
Go along that path fearlessly that's all. - l'll leave now.
Raghu. Take this. There are a lot of..
..obstacles on the road.
Questions. Questions. Questions.
What if our backward society does not agree..
..to face these questions? Don't we have to find..
..the answers outside the atmosphere of that society?
The beauty of nudism. A happy festival of love..
..and beauty. How different and beautiful..
..are these thoughts of the French society.
When are you planning to get married? - After my MA.
That's means after another two years? - es.
lt's always better to marry after completing the studies.
But will you be able to stay till that time?
To tell you that fact. lf you wait for two years l too will..
..be able to go to college. l'll get to see the world..
..which l haven't been able to see till today.
ln fact, if you wish you can continue with..
..your studies and also keep working.
ou too have the right just as me, to determine..
..as to how our future life should be.
And one more thing. l don't care much about the sex..
..or having children. My aim of getting married is not..
..to increase the population or having an heir.
l have never thought about this subject till today.
Then you have to think about it.
ls it necessary that l should reply before marriage?
lt's not necessary at all. After all it is better for the..
..woman, rather than the man to ascertain as to..
..whether we must have children or not, and if we..
..must have them, then as to how many should we have.
What does it matter if either of us decides?
Can a person decide as to whether we'll have..
..children or not, after we get married? - es.
es. That can only be decided by a person.
lt does not depend on God or on destiny.
Then why did my mother suffer so much?
She delivered a child every year although she..
..was much younger than me.
The children who died were more than those who lived.
Mom used to always complain to God.
lf what you say is true, then why didn't mother get freedom?
lgnorance. Many people don't know that all this..
..is in the hands of a person.
Or else because of traditional customs..
..they don't agree with it.
And those who do don't know the methods.
But Anna would surely know one of the methods.
On what basis? - On the basis that he got..
..just three children in the last 15 years.
Do you know that method? - l'm looking for it.
ou look for it. And when you get the answers..
..then proclaim to the world about it in a loud voice.
Lakhs of women like my mother will bless you for it.
Look here. Thank you. - May you be lucky..
..and procure eight sons and five daughters.
our voice sounded familiar. - l'm known as..
..Abdul Karim Khan. - Have they placed..
..a Muslim together with the Brahmins?
My religion has been destroyed. Oh God.
lt's been very bad. They make anybody sit..
..with anybody. They've blasphemed our religion.
We made a mistake coming here. - es. That's right.
What are we supposed to do now?
Mr. Khan came because he had love for you.
But it's distressing that he was insulted in this way.
But Anna asked for his forgiveness isn't it?
So now you can go to Mumbai without worry.
But the next day Anna asked those..
..Brahmins also to forgive him.
And moreover he also paid the penalty of Rs. 200.
Listen, Raghu. After all one must loose..
..a few battle to win the war.
l will not accept any kind of explanation.
But it's not a.. ou're still young.
But mine and Anna's experience..
..will serve you well.
May you live in peace. - lt's ok.
And if you want your life to go well then see that..
..you keep the sword in the scabbard.
lt is so dark here.
Polish the vessels.
Polish the brass and copper vessels.
The polishing man comes. The polishing man comes.
Eh! Do all these things belong to you? - Us.
l'm really very lucky. - The word lucky is wrong Malti.
There are many reasons behind, many things in life.
But just because man would not have to search out..
..their meaning, he has invented this word ''luck''.
Mr. Professor. Will it not be alright if you..
..point out my mistake later on? - Malti.
ou've just arrived with the new bride.
l came to enquire whether you'd need something.
There is something called neighborly doctrine isn't it?
There is everything we'd need.
Tell us if you need something, ok?
Thank you very much. They're just inquisitive.
How can you say that? There must be..
..many reasons behind this too.
Don't we have to discover their reasons?
A funny thing happened this morning.
ou just left for the college and our neighbor Dwarkabai..
..apepard. She said l want little molasses..
..for the offering to god. And she directly entered inside.
l gave her the bowl full of molasses.
But she was not ready to go.
And said your pair is so matching that anybody..
..can get jealous and she looked here and there.
Really, why there's not a..
..single photo of God in our house?
Did this question raised in your mind in..
..this entire week after coming here?
Has it affected your daily activity?
So here the answer to your Dwarkabai's question comes.
lsn't it? - es.
lnstead of God's photos this will be mire useful to you.
What's this?
This is a skin peeling knife. There's no fear of cutting..
..the finger in this. Moreover it'll save your time.
What will l do by saving it?
Here it's so difficult to pass the time.
l just have to cook for two people.
How much time it takes?
And when l said l'll help you in your work.
But you don't even like that.
l just don't believe that it's wife's..
..first duty to serve her husband.
And l also don't like that a women should spend all her..
..life in kitchen and house hold work.
Now it's up to you to decide how to use your time.
Wait! Wait!
What's this? Wait! l'll show you.
What are you doing here now? C'mon.
Come inside.
Shall l tell you something?
l've seen many widows in the hermitage suffering..
..the worst part of their life..
..because of not having the children.
l've also seen many spinsters having dreams of..
..being a mother once in life.
But l never remember l've felt something..
..like that before marriage.
l also don't remember that l've ever wished..
..that children should play on my back and..
..l should take care of them.
ou had told me to think about it. l've thought a lot.
l thought my emotions might change after marriage.
But to be very frank l still don't feel like being a mother.
ln that case if l still give a birth to a child just for..
..my time pass then it must an injustice towards that child.
lsn't it?
But l'm also a woman. Just like an ordinary woman.
Then why l'm only not feeling anything such?
lt's not that every woman has a..
..desire of motherhood very naturally.
From the childhood the girl is nurtured..
..with the culture of motherhood.
And many girls just bend at the social pressure..
..even thought they don't wish to.
That means l shouldn't feel guilty conscious?
As it's a mistake to crush her feeling of motherhood..
..just because her husband doesn't wish to..
..same way feeling guilty conscious for not having..
..desire of motherhood is also a mistake.
l just don't understand what you're saying.
l had just learnt one French sentence.
Oh! Only one sentence?
Thank you.
Very good.
What do you want? - l wish to do a training course..
..in physical fitness.
And after that l'd like to work in a girl's school. - Good.
l hope you're not angry with me.
Actually, l should have told you about my thought first.
But when sir asked me suddenly l was confused..
..and without knowing anything l just said that.
l wished you to become a doctor.
At least you should do BA.
But l don't feel like. ou only always tells me that l should..
..think independently about everything.
That's why.. - ou've done this right.
After all you've proved how nice teacher l'm, isn't it?
ou didn't tell me this before.
What do you think of yourself? ou're my wife.
l'm going to get it from somewhere else.
Go and sleep inside now. l said go inside.
Poor sister in law. She had come to me once.
She was crying a lot. l couldn't control myself.
So l told her to follow the technique that we're applying.
But what's the use?
Her husband refused to use the technique..
..saying that he's not getting complete satisfaction.
Because of such foolish and selfish people..
..the entire world is in the loss.
lnstead of consoling myself daily l'll give away my life..
..once. - Fine, commit suicide.
At least this way l'll be free from you.
lnstead of having such wife a prostitute is much better.
lt's yours.. because of your advice..
..she's forgetting her own duties.
Now tell her to sit and cry.
Now this man is going to the prostitutes.
So there are chanced of getting diseases.
And even after that he'll continue having the relation..
..with wife, the chances of her..
..getting the disease will increase. - O god!
This thought is striking in my mind from many days.
But here they have no more information..
..available except in some general books.
Raghunath departed for Paris for the higher studies in..
..mathematics in the years 1919.
He earned the honor of being the first non-white member..
..of staff. During this stay, he took the opportunity to..
..widen his horizon in all directions..
..gained scientific knowledge about the sex and related..
..disease. And also collected the modern information..
..on avoiding the indigestion.
And for this an idea of a 'clinic' began to emerge in his mind.
O god! So many instruments full of boxes?
lt seems it'll be enough for the next seven births.
l don't believe in rebirth so it's not possible for me..
..to imagine about the next birth.
Wow! ou look a professor right from top to bottom.
Bright and intelligent.
But if the face would have become little weaker in my..
..separation then l'd have felt nice.
University of Paris..
The first class student.
Sorry, Mr. Karve. We do not recognize..
..French degrees for promotion.
Oh, l see. My experience of teaching mathematics from..
..last 12 years and my high degree in mathematics are..
..becoming the hurdle of my promotion.
And the professors cleared the MA with Physics are..
..found suitable for the post of mathematics' professor.
This is the very famous British justice.
What has happened was not good.
He was hurt.
There's no doubt that Raghunath has got injustice.
But if he'd have waited for some time..
..l'm sure he'd have got the suitable post.
l'd have tried..
So what if l'm an education minister chosen by people.
But still how many rights l've?
ou've done everything that was possible for you.
And finally the governments work will do as per the speed..
..of government. So l was telling him to have some..
..patience. And he directly gave the..
..resignation and detached himself.
Raghunath is little angry natured.
And is also not so practical minded.
But he's also not so small now.
He has reached at the age of 40.
So you too shouldn't feel guilty conscious in this.
es. This is common with Karve.
Never give credit to the people of our community.
He always think about the people's opinion.
And Paranjape is Karve's cousin.
He'll push one and drive the other.
Let go off it.
l'm sure you'll definitely get a post of a professor..
..in some private college.
And my job is also on. So you should not worry at all.
Malti! Perhaps this must be my opportunity.
An opportunity of deciding to free myself from..
..government's job. Without wasting a single moment..
..l can start up with my work.
Now l can make all the knowledge reach to the..
..people that l've collected..
..after many efforts from last 15 years.
our wish may fulfill!
This might have happened because of being tension free.
But this experience of satisfaction was very special..
..after your return from Paris. lsn't it? - es.
Malti. - es.
First we must find an alternative word for..
..birth control. ln our language.
But that word shouldn't appear vulgar.
The alternative word for birth control..
Birth? Father? Child?
'Santati' (Child)..
'Santati control'. How's this word?
But no control is a narrow word.
The wide meaning of Birth control is..
..giving birth to the required number..
..of children at right time.
At right time means control. No then organize?
es, 'Niyaman' (organize). - Very good!
So henceforth we'll use the domestic word..
..'Santati Niyaman', for birth control.
lndian gist of the nation. lndian gist of the society.
ln the interest of an individual.
Center of 'Santati Niyaman'. 2nd floor.. free..
Brother, do you this?
They are the sugarcanes.
Come here and sit. We've fresh cucumbers.
He's so shy.
The materials will be available here. - Means? - l don't know.
lt means if you don't feel like having any more children..
..you'll get the advice here.
Why are you standing here? Go home.
ou too come home.
C'mon, that barren's shadow should not fall on you.
So, did you recognize me or not?
We're the neighbors.
l've seen you coming here many times.
lt's nothing new to employ this path for a person like you.
Everyone has different types of problems.
But the solution is only one. Shall l ask you something?
Listen! No, l just asked you because we're suffering..
..from the same problem.
Do you ever get irritation at this place?
l mean swallowing or something like that?
lf you're getting irritation then you must consult a doctor..
..immediately and start with the treatment.
Otherwise your wife and the prostitute..
..both are having the chances of getting disease.
Disease? - es. Venereal disease.
Don't stretch the matter. We're still very healthy.
Wife is again pregnant. Fifth month is passing.
Understand? And saying that we'll spread the disease.
lt seems today the typing has filled your stomach.
No, l mean before the first book gets printed and ready..
..to complete have you started with the other one or what?
es. - What? Really? - es.
On which subject? - Protecting from the latent disease.
The knowledge on this subject is really to be taken care of.
es, but what about the first book?
Oh! l'm sorry.
This is the first copy of my first book.
Even the parents would be happy to see their first child..
..just like us today, isn't it?
To the pioneer of birth control in lndia.
What's this?
Except one or two most of the agents turned back..
..even thought they had accepted it before.
So l had to bring all the printed copies at home.
Let go off it. After reading the newspapers ad..
..many demands for the books will come at the door.
That's also not possible.
Times of lndia has refused the ad.
They say such ads harm their newspaper's prestige.
Such? What do they mean by such?
lmmoral. Vulgar.
New book's printing is almost going to get over.
l've invested all that was with me after these two books.
Just now you've started with the actual work.
How can you give up so easily?
We'll give this book to our clinic's visitors at the low rates.
Since when we've started with our clinic..
..has a single bird visited here?
The clinic board at the downstairs?
es, it's the same. Please come in.
Have a seat.
Please. - Please have a seat.
l mean we enjoy our sex life happily.
But the salary is not enough to satisfy the family.
l mean how can we control the child?
Try taking the treatment.
No need to worry at all. We also use it.
But before giving you the suitable material..
..we must check both of you.
ou mean she too?
Did you understand how to use this and keep it clean?
es. - lf you find any trouble come and ask me any time.
Don't hesitate. Ok? - Let's go.
How much is the fee?
Total of both of yours check up and material..
Give it after your salary comes.
Don't worry, Mrs. Savitri.
ou've saved my life like a god.
What are you..
l just don't like people touching our feet..
..and considering us god.
ou're right. But how many things..
..you'll fit in their mind at the same time?
But where God is concerned in this?
This work has begun with a poor and uneducated woman.
For me rest of all the matters are..
..unimportant compare to this.
At least at this moment.
Congratulations! And welcome to the..
..Wilson college for eternity. - Thank you, sir.
our letter of appointment at professor of mathematics.
Any problem?
Even if l'm appointed here l'd like to continue..
..with my work. That's what l had told you..
..at the time of interview. About that.. - Oh yes.
ou can do anything except your duty times.
But it'd be better if it's not against the government.
My work is not at all concerned with the government.
This? ou expect that we should print this? - es.
Are you joking, Mr. Raghunath?
No, l mean l'm always impressed with..
..your father's devotional work.
And that's why we printed his autobiography..
..ignoring people's opinion.
We welcome all the questions for woman's uplift being..
..a progressive publishers.
And you've chosen this topic for society's benefit..
lf we really want woman to uplift in the society..
..and help her progress widely there's no other best..
..alternative than the birth control.
What are you saying?
lf you've given your own opinion then it was different.
But watching such pictures of the secret organs..
..anybody would object.
While pronouncing such organs names..
..anybody tongue will stop.
These figures and words are parts of human science.
lt must be.
But do you ever imagined what dangerous result it could give..
..if it falls in women or children's hand?
According to me the dangerous results..
..emerges from innocence and not from the knowledge.
And according to us this is a vulgar book..
..to name as the book of knowledge.
lf we print such books people will stop my press.
Forget that but this will also spoil the prestige of entire..
..Karve family. There's no doubt about it.
At least for the sake of Annasaheb's noble work..
Mr. Mitra, my father is capable of keeping his prestige.
And the rest is of the prestige of Karve family.
So you need not worry about it. Good day.
There's no doubt. We'll print your book.
My press is small. But l'll give personal attention..
..to maintain the quality of printing.
l'm very thankful to you. - This is our business.
Meghnad, bring a cup of tea.
And you're making such an important topic..
..reach to the ordinary people. So why not participate in it?
Good evening.
He's very intelligent. es.
He's the famous lawyer of Satara..
..Mr. Dadasaheb Karandikar. He was the closest of Tilak.
He has specially come from Satara to listen to you.
Welcome. He's the chair person..
..for today's meeting Dr. Phatak.
There's no doubt that today we'll get to listen..
..to something very exciting. - es.
ou've come to listen to the vulgar things, right?
Why to fear of over here?
Today most of the experts and intelligent have..
..gathered here with the same expectations.
Never mind if they do not say it on face like you..
..but they too will be happy expecting such things.
Let's go. C'mon.
The topic 'Santati Niyaman'. Mentioning this topic..
..is a prohibition and the reason behind it is the..
..curtain of traditional and..
..regional thoughts on people's mind.
Gandhari had got boon to have 100 children..
..in Mahabharat. And whatever our forefathers had done..
..was the example and considering this even today..
..the women are blessed to have 8 children.
But we shouldn't forget that our condition is..
..totally different than our forefathers.
What is he saying? - O God!
Since the fertile land is limited with us we can't grow more..
..crops accordingly. Naturally many people have to starve.
Any body will agree that this condition is not good.
But how to change this condition..
..if we do not deny our forefather's examples.
Ramdas Swami had best stated such people's..
..condition who keeps giving births to the children..
..considering it a best property.
''Children have gone beyond control.''
''And wealth is ruined..''
''They have to beg now. We do not have anything to eat.''
Wow! - Very true!
Wow! - He said so right? So nice.
Even if you're well capable and wealthy..
..but too many children can spoil women's health.
Moreover because of unending cycle of..
..pregnancy and deliveries most of the women..
..becomes aged before time or had to die at early age.
ln that case for the society as well as for the family's health..
..it's very much required to accept the birth control.
Now the question is how to implement that?
By controlling the sexual relation?
Not just in my opinion but also according to the modern..
..scientists the intention of intercourse is not only..
..the production of child but also the physical satisfactions.
What's he saying?
When we have to take care of the child control..
..as well as the physical satisfaction..
..there's no alternative than to use the artificial mediums.
O god!
From last many years the medicinal world..
..has invented many things.
Today the guaranteed artificial solutions are available..
..for it which means without any physical operation..
..we can control the birth as and when we wish.
lf we employ the birth control facility this way..
..our children will be healthy and educated.
The cause of all the troubles poverty..
..it'll also be overcome and the most important is that..
..women can decide it herself about..
..when and how many children she can have.
Therefore this is a key to the freedom for women.
What's he saying? - He's right.
What's this vulgarity? - l had heard he's intelligent..
..that's why l had come here.
He has no control on his tongue.
Such vulgar language in presence of daughters..
..and daughters in law?
He attacked on males. lf he dares to speak like this..
..in Poona means it's too much.
Please don't harm the prestige of this meeting.
Shame! Shame!
lt doesn't suit us to stop him. - What are you saying?
Chair person, those who do not agree..
..with this can leave the hall.
They have no guts to listen to it. - There you're.
Please calm down. Don't make noise.
For what? - Please keep silence.
Such unruly lectures should be boycotted.
Let's go home and forget this man..
..Raghunath Karve forever.
Let's go.
lt's enough now. - But, l..
l've educated you that doesn't mean..
..l've given you all the freedom.
But, mummy. - Please keep silence.
On behalf of the audience here l apologies you..
..for the interruption in your speech.
And also request you to continue with your speech.
All the main points are already stated before.
But if anybody will have a doubt..
..then l'm here to answer them.
l'd like to raise the doubt first.
The things you're trying to prove here..
..that artificial mediums are based on any spirituals or not?
Compared to the later age, today's available knowledge..
..is no doubt more progressive.
ln that case instead of thinking this subject on the basis..
..if tradition or any spirituals we should think it on the..
..basis of our old times vedas.
That means our forefathers were foolish people, right?
Our forefather used to believe that electricity is under..
..the control of Gods. Today the lights can be produced..
..with pressing a switch.
We don't deny that our forefathers didn't have the..
..knowledge about this. And that's why..
..our forefathers were also not foolish?
Reversibly if we blindly keep following our forefathers..
..then we'd be surely proved foolish.
Taking your speech seriously if educated like us..
..will accept this birth control..
..still what about the poor and uneducated?
Their population will keep increasing and..
..that won't uplift the society's level.
There's only one solution for this.
Spread this knowledge to everybody.
Population decline won't affect the army admission?
And then how the country will be protected from enemies?
lf population increase could protect our country..
..then the fist full of Britishers wouldn't have ruled our..
..country having the maximum population in the world.
For a moment if we agree that birth control is necessary..
..for the best of nation then too my very clear opinion is that..
..using the artificial technique is totally against the law..
..of the nature, unusual and that's why inappropriate.
Sexual requirement is human's natural requisite..
..just like hunger and thirst.
And that's why maintaining this natural requirement..
..avoiding the other troubles is..
..very much appropriate according to me.
Now l'll kindly request our chair person Dr. Phatak..
..to give the thanksgiving.
l must congratulate you that you've heard..
..professor Raghunath Karve's fanatical thoughts
But also mind well that if Hindu religions people will employ..
..his thoughts in practical life then slowly..
..the population of Hindu religions people..
..will completely disappear. Thank you.
Listen, doctor! Dr. Phatak! - Let's go. - Please come.
Being a doctor Phatak said such..
There's nothing surprising in this.
Many doctors here are still..
..completely unaware of this subject.
Professor Karve! ou've talked about a very important subject.
And tat too without using any vulgar language.
l must heartily congratulate you for that.
Even if the language was not vulgar..
..your thoughts were surely vulgar.
Without any shame you're talking about women..
..about women's sexual requirements?
Are you teaching them to use the artificial techniques?
Such lively thoughts?
Every living things has the sexual requirements..
..but not the woman. lf you consider..
..this it shows your rudeness.
And women had to pass through so many problems..
..because of the unawareness about such techniques.
This is very true.
And what's not true is to be a characterless. That's what l believe.
lt was ok if you'd have given this knowledge to only..
..married women but you've directly said..
..this to spinsters and windows too.
They only need to have the knowledge..
..of this subject most.
Such women do not have the right to be pregnant today.
And that's why because of the society's pressure and fear..
..they get leads to the abortion or suicide.
Actually this is not their mistake but of the society.
But till society is not ready to accept them..
..at least such techniques can save their life and also..
..the prestige of their family.
Don't you feel ashamed of speaking such words?
Are you spreading the immoral thoughts on the..
..name of society's uplift?
Are you prompting the women?
Such thoughts of yours will lead our women..
..to mislead from their duty towards her husband.
The sins will spread everywhere.
And this will harm the society too.
ou're not giving the women the key to the freedom..
..but to the destruction, Mr. Karve.
There is no difference in the reproductive organs..
..between a married woman and that of a widow..
..or a virgin. And we are of the opinion that there..
..is no difference in any other matter too.
These views are very good. - ln which drama uncle?
These people are threatening to stop books.
That is meaningless Malti. From the time the Bradlaw..
..system has been acknowledged they have..
..the permission of the British government.
And so the police cannot harm me. - But still.
l was so impressed by your views that no sooner..
..did l keep the book down l could not resist..
..meeting you to congratulate you.
l got out of the theater and made haste to come here.
ou are Raghu Karve isn't it? - l'm Warerkar.
Oh! Mama Warerkar? - Call him inside first.
Are you going to talk to him from the door?
No there's no need. l'll go now.
l too didn't come to know how late it is.
Come in. Time restraints are for the ordinary people.
Not for dramatists such as you. Welcome.
We dramatists try to fight with our imaginations.
ou break the shackles of reality Karve.
Oh! lt's blasphemy. ou're openly professing sins.
ou're inciting illegal elements.
Sir. l don't believe in fate or purity and sinfulness.
These views have been made by man.
They keep changing according to time and place.
A man has the right to be supreme according..
..to the Hindu and Muslin faiths.
But it is not so in the Christian faith.
Christian people don't mind eating beef.
But it's a grave sin with the Hindu beliefs.
That could be so. But everybody has..
..to follow his own religious principles.
Even though those principles are outdated?
Even if they become an obstacle and unjust..
..in the improvement of the social work?
lf you ask me l believe just one religion.
And that is the truth. The ultimate truth.
But unfortunately you're chosen to teach maths.
That is also a fact. So it's good to forget other topics.
But when we were talking about this you didn't object.
l've received complaints from people..
..who're against your views.
They're especially cheesed off on your..
..article on birth control.
They're demanding that l dismiss you.
And as a Christian l too don't agree with you.
ln such a situation l'd prefer to resign.
l'm sorry principal McKenzie.
ou will get many people to teach maths.
But for teaching social and sexual values..
..there hasn't been anybody till today.
But professor Karve. Don't take a hasty decision.
ou're preaching about you religion and experiments.
And l'm professing my ideas.
Eight months passed doing nothing.
lt became difficult to survive with your salary alone.
And so the very purpose, for which l left the job..
..was left aside for the time being and went..
..to meet Shankar in Nairobi for survival.
But here too l couldn't get a job even after two months.
So for the time being l'm training to become..
..a taxi driver by driving Shankar's car.
The advantage of this job is that you get the money..
..according to the meter immediately.
Moreover it's not at all necessary to say..
..even a single word to the passenger.
l spent all the money for the journey.
There is no hope of any improvement in future.
Moreover l have also grown old.
Considering the situation it'll be a problem..
..if we had to have a child now.
And so we have to look for a permanent solution..
..for not having a child.
And yes. As Shankar is a successful surgeon..
..l think that l'll get myself operated here itself.
But since it's a matter about the lives..
..of us both l'll consider it illegal to get..
..myself operated without your consent.
And so let me know about it unhesitatingly.
lt's not just a question of our financial condition.
l want to dispel the misconception that
..sterilization brings about weakness in the man..
..by using myself as an example.
ou had already expressed this view before.
And you had even approved it.
But still let me tell you that for a moment l had thought..
..that it's not advisable to try this on yourself.
But as it wasn't as though it'd be difficult to conceive..
..l think that it is a sign of weakness on my part.
This is the result of your being away for too long.
But still complete the operation through..
..the hands of Shankar and return as soon as possible.
Anna was telling me that you got a job..
..in a French company in Mumbai.
At least the French will not bother you in your work.
ou're still angry on me. lsn't it Raghu?
Dinu was saying something about you publishing..
..a monthly on your subject.
How exciting. Hey Appa. l'll write in your monthly.
Now there's no guarantee about your monthly.
ou don't listen to what he says at all.
When you come the next time you must..
..tell me all your plans.
Chaku. - es l will not be late.
What are you saying? - No publisher will dare..
..to publish my views.
And that's why l'm starting a monthly on my own.
What? - es. The name of the magazine..
..will be social health.
And the aim of social health will be to point out..
..the various aspects about the physical and mental..
..health and trying to solve them.
As it is about the advice on the health then can l..
..ask you something if you don't mind?
ou've made arrangements for a living isn't it?
l'm having a job for the moment.
l'm getting a salary every month.
Let's see what happens further.
The idea of getting out a monthly is very good.
But l think that health related magazines face troubles.
Many people of today will neither agree..
..with it nor will they like it.
There are several magazines for..
..the amusement of the masses.
But nobody is willing to go into the social and..
..sexual aspects of the matter.
lt's entirely different when you speak..
..about the scientific aspects.
ln fact it is necessary to have an opinion about..
..all the topics regarding the society.
There is politics in every field.
And because of that there are a lot of problems..
..coming in the way of progress in the country.
lt has become impossible to discuss about anything..
..that will benefit the country.
Would you not like to write on this topic?
l have undertaken the task of publishing a magazine..
..about blind research and destiny.
The title of the first article is what does gentleness mean.
lt is because of this that the Marathi playwrights..
..prosper as they write about the improvising of women.
Gentleness is not the natural trait of women. - is it?
ln most cases it has been dumped on the women..
..by the men for safeguarding their interests.
This is what in feel. - What are you saying Rao?
That means that men are imposing themselves.
Will lndian women act freely with unknown men then?
Why not? ou tell me why not?
After all gentleness does change the views..
..of the society isn't it mama?
Don't the domestic women of England wear clothes..
..which reveal their cleavages..
..and shoulders during parties?
But if their hands or feet are seen by the British then..
..they consider it to be against their heritage.
l have made a list of all these kinds..
..of confusions that may occur. - es.
Prostitution. Bachelorhood and spinsterhood.
Unwed mothers, marriage bureaus, sexual freedom.
Does Raghu Karve stay here? - es.
The artist has sent a picture for the front page.
Give it. - Ah? - Give it. - Here it is.
l'm sorry Karve. l'll not be able to publish..
..this magazine of yours.
But you had agreed to publishing it..
..seated on this chair itself.
And that too at discounted rates.
That was because you had respectfully presented..
..the great values about it.
But you didn't tell me that your path to improvement..
..of the society will take this vulgar path.
our views have become very clear after..
..seeing the front cover of this magazine.
My views are always clear Devle and.. We have..
..to tell the truth in matters of social health.
And truth is always naked. This is the moral..
..behind the front cover of this magazine.
Good. And l believe that nudity is always vulgar.
But you view.. - listen all your opinions..
..are too difficult for me.
And what's the use of disgracing the name..
..of the Mumbai vaibhav printing press..
..by printing your magazine?
lt's just a hoax that Mumbai vaibhav is reputed to be..
..a broad minded press and it belongs..
..to the servants of lndia.
Why are you upset Karve. Bring me some sensible..
..ideas and we'll be happy to print it.
This will surely get printed without your blessings.
But there is no greater sadness than to see the..
..very same people who profess Gopal Krishna..
..Gokhle's views, to be cowered down like this.
C'mon Dinu. - Delve too refused to..
..publish the magazine. lsn't it?
He said he'll try one last time.
And he sent me home since you'll get worried.
ln fact l've become used to these refusals.
But this opposition has to be expected Dinu brother.
But it feels bad that even the reformers refusing him.
Appa is very different sister-in-law.
He discovers the truth like a scientist..
..but in a mathematical way.
He thinks that it's his duty to place..
..his views before others.
He never thinks as to whether this truth..
..will be accepted, agreed upon and listened to..
..by the people or not.
This is because he isn't worried about public opinion.
Don't l know that? But don't we need..
..public support to run this magazine?
Of course. But will you too agree for a change?
ou'll see sister-in-law. Either today or tomorrow..
..society will accept him.
Society will also change slowly.
And a day will come when nobody will object.
And both of you will be very happy.
Although it is a dream. lt's a beautiful one.
May your mouth be full of sweets. - no, no.
lnstead of that it'll be mutton chops from coronation..
..and then ice cream from nana chowk.
Did you get success? - es without any resistance.
Now this truly calls for a celebration..
..isn't it sister-in-law? - Of course.
We got only 160 subscribers in a year.
This is far below our expectations.
lf required we'll have to run the magazine..
..for another year with our own money.
And in future we have to be careful..
..about the advertisements ah?
Or else it'll be difficult to meet the expenses.
That's true. - l'll not be able to keep the..
..advertisers happy or modify their ads.
Appa. People may think that you like to suffer a loss.
lt's not necessary that l like to suffer a loss only..
..because l don't yearn to make a profit Dinu.
l feel very exhausted since the last six months.
l'm not able to climb the stairs.
And if l stand at one place for a long time..
..then l feel a lot of pain in my legs.
There's nothing to worry. l'm prescribing a couple..
..of medicines. lf you take them everyday..
..then you'll recover in a month.
What are these medicines specifically for?
lf possible don't venture out into the sun.
The previous two doctors could not diagnose the..
..cause of this great exhaustion.
l thought that you at least would be..
..able to do so doctor.
l couldn't find anything on examination.
But there could be one reason.
lt mist have been about 15 years for your marriage.
18. But what's that got to do with it?
ou don't have a child even after so many years.
That's because we were practicing..
..birth control from the beginning.
Exactly. lt's possible that there have been hormonal..
..changes because of so many years of this practice.
lt doesn't suit a well known doctor like you to make a..
..false and unscientific statement like this.
Look Mr. Karve. This is not just my opinion.
lt's the opinion of many great doctors.
Recently the article that doctor Ajinkya has written..
es l've read that. But according to modern..
..medicine any part of the body doesn't get affected.
This has been acknowledged..
..at the recently concluded international..
..conference held in London.
And that too by 1 47 votes out of a possible 150.
l don't think that you've not read that.
lf you or Dr. Ajinkya don't know anything..
..else about it then l'll tell you. - l'll wait outside.
But in any case it is absolute necessary for..
..a healthy woman to have a child.
l have to say that this seems like a very funny opinion.
Whether a sick woman should have a child or not.
This decision lies with the doctor no doubt.
But nobody's father has the right to say that if a healthy..
..woman doesn't want a child she should still have it.
Not even a doctor's father has the right.
How dare you? l have no time to argue with you.
Or rather you don't have enough to argue.
l'd like to give a piece of advice..
..to your learned friend.
Tell him that it doesn't suit anybody to..
..argue about health matters.
lt's past one o'clock. At least have your milk.
lt is more important that you get sound sleep..
..rather than l drink the milk.
What can l do if l don't get sleep? - Just lie down.
Dr. Dastoor has told you to take complete rest..
..and not to serve me.
What else am l doing other than taking rest..
..since the last one year?
l quit my job. And we're spending money..
..like water because of me.
Should l just lie here and watch you slogging..
..so hard every day?
l cannot bear it anymore now.
Have some milk. ou'll feel better. Here.
Malti. This illness has increased because..
..all the doctors had been diagnosing it wrongly.
Moreover anemia is not a very dangerous disease.
And Dr. Dastoor has given these medicines..
..after examining your blood. Moreover he has..
..also agreed that you'll recover soon.
But isn't it necessary that we should give it some time?
How will it be if you lose hope?
And one more thing. lt's because of your support..
..that l quit two jobs without giving a thought to anything.
Although at a loss but today also, l'm running..
..this magazine because of your support.
So why should you feel guilty if l shoulder..
..the responsibility by working a little bit extra?
Now forget all these useless thoughts and go to sleep.
l'll sleep. Really. our writing mustn't..
..stop because of me.
l'm also feeling sleepy. But l do all my writing..
..with my eyes open. This has been accepted..
..even by my enemies. lsn't it?
Raghunath Rao. lt's not good that you're..
..not to be seen nowadays ah?
ou left theater politics and entered real politics.
So how can you get the time to meet people like me?
Come up. Come up. ou too should enter the fray.
Congress needs people like you very urgently.
No, no. no political party likes a person..
..with independent views mama.
Raghunath Rao. l joined the congress mainly because..
..of Gandhi. - But.. - Although l know your views..
..about him, let me tell you that we will get..
..independence only under the leadership of Gandhi.
No, no. l'm not against Gandhi's political leadership.
l also agree that Gandhi took this fight to..
..the common people, a thing that Tilak could not do.
But l don't agree his stubborn..
..attitude towards leadership.
What do you mean? - Although the inner voice..
..is ignored his views about human relations..
..are not correct at all.
So do you expect Gandhi to go into sexual research..
..like you rather than pursue leadership?
No, no. that is not possible for any politician.
But he should never profess bachelorhood..
..instead of marriage.
How do you dare speak like that against a holy man?
That's right. - l don't think that you..
..have read Gandhi's autobiography.
ou should have at least read it. Tell me something.
When a great person like Gandhi did not get his..
..conscience awakened until the 37th year of his life then..
..how will it be possible for ordinary young men?
Just because we respect the elderly we're today..
Sada. - Or else. - Sada. But..
l'm not talking too much out of respect for mama.
But it would be wise on your part if you immediately..
..stopped slandering the name of a great person..
..like Gandhi in your magazine.
My slandering will automatically stop..
..when Gandhi stops making comments..
..about hurting society.
Because of Raghunath's writings on the one side..
..Gandhi's supporters and on the other side..
..workers and Brahmins both are peeved.
So after the British it is my son who has put..
..the two warring factions on one path.
This is not the time for jokes Anna.
When the atmosphere is hot we have to be patient.
But he's not like that. He gets no peace..
..without writing this article.
ou and l may want the freedom of women Anna.
But to advise the women to try and get it means..
Be calm first master. Come. Sit here.
l've read that article. There are many views of..
..Raghunath that l too don't agree with.
And l also don't like this method of proclaiming it..
..all the time. But he's well qualified and fearlessly..
..writes about what he feels about the society.
ou'll see that this same fearlessness..
..will put him in trouble one day.
lt is my opinion that if you want to improve the society..
..then you should cooperate with the society.
But Raghunath has a different point of view.
Let it be. - Raghunath Dhondu Karve?
lt is me. Who are you? lnspector Achrekar.
Girgaum police station. l have to arrest you..
..immediately and take you to the police station.
Just a minute. Do you have a search warrant?
Pick it up. - lt is written here that you have to take..
..in your possession the subscribers list..
..and 12 copies of the September issue.
There's no need to touch the other things.
Ok, ok. Call two people as witnesses.
Don't worry. l'll get out on bail.
The hearing of the case between the empire..
..versus Raghunath Dhondu Karve begins.
The accused Raghunath Karve has been charged..
..with writing and professing obscene articles..
..under the guise of social improvement..
..under the lndian penal code 292.
Does the accused accept the charge?
No your honor. l do not agree to the charge at all.
The synopsis of the written reply of the..
..accused Raghunath Karve.
The object of the said article is to show the errors in the..
..latest marriage system and to change the general view..
..of the people. People have the misconception that..
..a woman is the property of a man.
The object behind the fidelity towards the husband..
..and the desire for the woman remaining a virgin..
..is also to keep this concept alive.
And that's why the loss of losing this is..
..just simply imaginary and from the mind.
our worship. The complainant claims..
..that these views are totally baseless.
A diktat on having lawful intercourse..
..with married women.
This is a mockery of the law and of religion.
lnstead of that any woman or man follows what is..
..mentioned above takes precaution and have..
..independent sex then it wouldn't really harm anyone.
But it is necessary that both are willing to do it.
The question of going astray does not..
..arise in the case of men at all.
But it is the religious duty of the wife to be faithful.
And so is it not legally and morally wrong for her..
..to think of having affairs with many men.
The intercourse with which a person get a disease..
..or one which is forced should be considered illegal.
And this should also apply to the copulation..
..between a husband and his wife.
These views have been previously expressed..
..by many renowned philosophers like..
..Havelock Ellis, Bertrand Russell, and Torah Russell.
Nobody should get annoyed by reading it this time.
All the ladies and children in our house read this monthly.
Nobody losses by gaining knowledge.
That's why l request that l be rid of..
..the charge of obscenity.
The complainant has not proved that any part..
..of this article is obscene.
And so the chances of the verdict to be in..
..our favor has increased a lot isn't it?
es. But there's a small problem in that.
The English brought the idea of obscenity into..
..our country. But what does obscenity really mean?
This is neither known to them nor to us.
Meaning? - Meaning there is not clear definition..
..regarding obscenity according to the rules.
What are you saying? - That's right.
ln 1868 the definition that justice Cockman made..
..is being followed even today.
According to him whatever seems to be harmful..
..to a person's mind is considered to be obscene.
Oh! That means that nobody really knows..
..as to what obscenity really is?
That's the funny part. lf the magistrate is a modern..
..person then the article does not become obscene.
But if he is a religious or old fashioned person then..
..that same article can turn out to be obscene.
According to the definition of obscenity laid by justice..
..Cockman the court finds the accused guilty..
..under the lndian penal code 292 and orders..
..him to pay a penalty of Rs. 100.
The total cost of the case is Rs. 352 and 6 annas.
Readers' help contribution amount totals Rs. 68.
Apart from that we have a contribution of Rs. 25..
..from a district and session judge.
Shakuvansh has sent Rs. 20 from England.
Rs 10 from, a professor and Rs 10 is anonymous.
All the other collection re. 1 ..
There are so many people on our side.
What else do we require?
Her anemia is alright now. But as the diagnosis..
..was done in the beginning her spinal cord..
..has been permanently affected.
There must be some remedy for this isn't it?
Don't worry about the expenses Dr. Dastoor.
Sorry Mr. Karve. Till now at least there..
..is no treatment available for that.
Now she will not be able to walk without support.
l am.. lnspector Achrekar. Girgaum police station..
..isn't it? - es. Raghunath Dhondu Karve.
He has to be coming by now.
Come in. please..
..sit. Don't worry.
He doesn't have the habit of absconding. Here he is.
Under the lndian penal code 292 The publisher of the..
..Gujerati monthly social health Mr. Raghunath..
..Dhondu Karve has been charged with writing and..
..professing obscene articles in the December 1933.
And as such an arrest warrant has been..
..issued against him in this respect.
ou call a last meeting. Send a message to all. l'll..
Dr. Ambedkar? - es. Welcome Raghunath Rao.
Please have a seat. We'll discuss it..
..in the meeting tomorrow. - Ok Babasaheb.
l'm indebted to you for having taken up my case.
There is some selfish motive of mine too in this..
..Raghunath Rao. l wanted to meet you since many..
..days but till today l didn't get a chance to do so.
But when this case came up l thought that this would be..
..a good opportunity. - This is your greatness. - No, no.
l truly respect your work. ou know l have..
..five children. Out of these four died. Just one survived.
Now l feel that l'll be able to take proper care..
..of one child. Had all five survived then..
lt wouldn't have been possible.
Forget it. My people still don't understand..
..the importance of these things.
l'm trying my best to make them understand.
l'm also thinking of putting this forward in the assembly.
l have heard from Asaikar as to how much..
..you know about this subject.
l cannot get fully involved in this work as you are.
So l thought of bridging this gap by..
..becoming your lawyer at least.
The government based this case on the so called..
..complaints from the readers.
But in such a case shouldn't the readers' queries..
..and the editor's replies be on the same plane?
lf we believe for a moment that from the questions..
..of the readers, their sexual urge increases yet..
..Karve's answers never tried to titillate that urge.
On the contrary he educates the readers on the good..
..points. The main point of our defense must be that..
..Karve's sole intention was to educate the masses.
These are some of the answers that you'll have..
..to answer in court. Will you have a look at it?
l've also prepared a rough text.
As there is a ban on freedom of speech on..
..sexual matters in our society the readers..
..get the wrong ideas in their minds.
lt is absolutely necessary that we dispel these ideas..
..from their minds in the interest of social health.
And so if the court prohibits such education then the..
..wrong way of the thinking of people will be on the rise.
Can l say something? - Of course.
lf there is a penalty on my written because of..
..obscenity then the other publications that produce..
..other similar books should also be..
..penalized in the same manner.
A good point. We'll put that in your written reply.
And one more thing. lt'll be known to the court..
..that Karve had been penalized in this..
..same case once previously also.
l have never broken any law regarding the..
..revealing of any punishment.
But how can we know before hand as to..
..what the court will see is obscene?
Raghunath Rao. According to a famous English author..
..apart from the Whitaker proposition it is very..
..difficult to escape from any other obscene case.
l'll take your leave. - es yes.
Asaikar and l are with you. Be sure of that.
But still Bhimrao. lt would have been better if this..
..case had not come before that same magistrate again.
After taking into consideration all the..
..aspects this court finds Raghunath Dhondu Karve..
..the editor of the Gujerati magazine guilty..
..of the charges of obscenity.
And taking into account that this is the second time that..
..the accused Karve has committed the same crime..
..he is ordered Rs. 200 and if he doesn't pay the fine..
..he'll have to face 3 weeks of imprisonment.
l'm very disappointed by the injustice meted out to you.
ou've done everything you could do. l'm grateful.
Even the learned people have such low thoughts.
This has been proved once again by this verdict.
lt's not possible to get justice without..
..changes in the law.
We may get justice for once in the court..
..if the laws are changed.
But till the time, the general opinion of the people..
..don't change we cannot achieve anything.
But to try to bring about this change as soon as possible.
This is the only thing that we can do.
our battle is very one sided Raghunath Rao.
But l'm sure one day you will be successful in your fight.
ls it true what l have heard Dinu? - What is it Anna?
This, that Raghunath didn't have enough..
..money to pay in the court? - es.
But didn't l sent him Rs. 1000 after he left that job..
..from Rosenthal for his expenses?
That money he spent on a new book called santthniya.
All of it? - es. - Just because l'm providing..
..for the family he is depending on me.
He says that he didn't like me spending money.
And now himself. - He still doesn't like lavish..
..spending Anna. But Appa is so much involved..
..in his personal and work life that he thinks..
..that he has spent that Rs. 1000 on himself.
l want to see that he gets at least a small token..
..of appreciation for his work.
What a car Rao. - Hey! Get away.
Karve has a guest. A white madam.
His wife has become useless.
So he needs a female student to learn..
..the art of sex isn't it?
Mrs. Howe Martin. She professes..
..sex education in England.
She's also the president of the international..
..association of learning of that subject.
Captain Pillay. He runs a magazine..
..called marriage hygiene.
And this is my wife Malti. She helps me run the clinic.
l'm very happy to meet you. - Namaste.
These are modern methods. We use this too.
This is the only clinic in lndia is it?
No. the Mysore government also runs a clinic.
es. The world's first government clinic..
..is run by the government of Mysore.
But that is only for married couples.
Our clinic is open to all. Whether married or not.
This is the important difference.
Raghunath Rao is being funded by..
..the American health association.
That's right. or else who will leave a French..
..company like Rosenthal?
There is more profit in selling those methods.
See up to what extent a man goes for money.
He's not even worried that his wife has become..
..handicapped because of these things.
ou just say anything. What's the connection..
..between this work and sister-in-law being sick?
l think the people will be encouraged..
..more if l give my own example.
That's why l got myself sterilized some years ago.
What? But l had heard that you don't have any problem.
ou have heard right. - And yet you both agreed? - es.
When Mrs. Tanger comes to lndia she will be..
..very happy to meet you both.
Have you read this? l think that our Mrs. Tanger..
..must have met Gandhiji.
es. That day Gandhiji was on a silent fast. - ls it?
Then did Gandhiji write these answers on a slate?
Madam had thought that Gandhiji would give her..
..a detailed account about the upliftment of women.
But it looks like she must have been..
..disappointed after hearing Gandhiji.
That was expected. But madam..
..got this thing famous.
lt's no use working clean these days.
lt's become more important to advertise about..
..one's work and remain in the news.
And that is what l don't like. People don't value my work.
Due to the blessings of Mrs. Margaret Tanger..
..and the international organization for birth..
..control our dreams are being fulfilled today.
Brothers and sisters we wish to proudly say that our..
..centre is the first one in Mumbai. ln fact this facility..
..should have been had a very long time ago in this..
..great city. But as they say. Better late than never.
Let us hope that at least after this many more..
..people will come forward and help in this noble work.
l want to assure that we're always at your service.
Hey he's falling. Wait, wait. He..
..has opened his eyes.
This is Karve the man from the birth control.
He's staying there. ln Bhatwadi.
Ok, ok. We will reach him there.
lt's nothing. He has taken a lot of tension.
ou should take some rest from your work.
ou should go to a place where you'll be free.
This thought must have not come to you.
es it didn't. But if l rest then who'll work?
lt's been 1 1 years that the health magazine..
..comes out on time.
lf nothing else then at least let this credit be with me.
es. And another of your stubbornness..
..is to run the magazine alone.
Stubbornness? l can't afford to employ people Shaku.
Shakuvansh. Why don't you write for him?
l've offered myself since a long time.
But this stubborn husband should approve..
..of me isn't it?
Let her write. - Will you take one more responsibility?
What's that? - l think that you should run..
..the birth control centre at Pune.
Me? - es. ou don't care about anything.
Moreover you're not preoccupied like me.
That's why you'll be able to explain to the ladies..
..about these things properly.
My work will go on regardless..
..of what happens to me.
Don't talk any such thing ok Appa?
After you slogged for so many years the people..
..have somehow managed to be awakened.
But who else other than you will bring..
..them to change completely?
Dr. Gilder the health minister of Mumbai region.
And Morarji Desai. These two award winners were..
..invited to talk about birth control by our..
..rationalists association of lndia.
But they declined the offer. This shows that they..
..had no rational issues to discuss.
What the common man isn't it time for the learned..
..people to know what the common man knows today?
Raghunath has got the habit of going..
..to the extremes of any matter.
But he should exercise restraint while..
..ridiculing top politicians isn't it?
The government has trapped him in a case..
..of fraudulent advertising in Pune.
Whether it is the British government or the..
..government elected by the people.
They prosecute anybody who defies them.
Appa is used to these types of cases.
Maybe. But don't forget that Malti's health..
..is deterioting day by day.
A lot of brains is not required to know about the financial..
..condition of some learned person who have..
..ornaments made of cultured pearls and..
..who is forced to sell hair oil Shakutai.
our worry can be understood.
Because of Appa's views and strong criticism..
..the advertisements have almost stopped coming.
Because of the war the paper too has become..
..expensive. Appa has suffered from all sides.
Because of the war the methods for birth control..
..have stopped. And because of this we started..
..to make some methods of our own.
But it is difficult to get the raw material.
Malti. There are two letters for you.
One is from Anna from Pune and the other..
..from Shaku from Australia.
lt's very heavy. Should l read it or..
..will you read it yourself? Malti. Malti.
For so many years l haven't helped you at all.
Don't talk. - l feel that you'll..
..be left alone after l go.
lf you talk you have trouble Malti.
And l fear for one thing. ou write what is right.
ou say what is necessary. But people hurt you.
ou will be very much alone after me.
All what you say is true Malti.
But there is nothing that we can do about it.
Whatever the people may say to you yet..
..l'm very proud to be your wife.
Raghunath Rao? Where are you going so early?
l was about to come today. l learnt that..
..Maltibai was hospitalized.
She died last night. l brought the hearse from..
..Prarthana Samaj. l told him that l'll..
..give you Rs. 5. Take the wheel cart.
Couldn't you tell anybody? - Why trouble people early..
..in the morning? And where is the need for..
..two people where one would suffice?
The government has to take charge of the..
..birth control program immediately.
And they should open centers everywhere.
lt's been three years since this decision..
..was taken by the Bhor mission.
But our government is not awakening.
According to the new law it is a crime to make..
..medicines without a proper medical degree Mr. Karve.
ou don't have the qualification nor do you..
..have a place for an independent factory.
es. Our honorable health minister miss Amrut Kaur..
..being a staunch catholic is very much against..
..birth control. This is well known now.
She has told an international conference that it is..
..impossible to conduct birth control in our country.
The problem has aggravated due to the..
..appeal that Nehru made before the financial..
..department of the united nations.
The population of lndia is less than expected.
As there are still no people in many places.
Which sensible will believe this?
Why are you arguing with me?
the government does not deem it fit to give..
..any importance to this matter.
That's why birth control systems were..
..refused to be put into effect.
lt has been made clear in this.
Although the independent leadership lies with Nehru..
..yet he is incompetent and ignorant.
There is scope that he will change his stance..
..on the national and international stage.
Remember Mr. Karve that our government..
..has to deal with many issues rather than..
..doing so with birth control.
And don't waste yours and others' time..
..in unnecessary matters such as these.