Wegmans Pan-Seared Chicken with Apple Maple Gravy

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 18.01.2013


If you're looking for a fast, delicious,
healthy weeknight meal,
you can't go wrong with pan seared chicken breast.
And tonight I'm just gonna take it to a different direction
and do some pan seared chicken breast
with an apple maple gravy.
So the first thing I'm gonna do
is start by turning on my pan
to medium high and I'm just gonna put
a tablespoon or so of olive oil right in there
and let that get nice and hot.
And while that's getting hot
I just have a couple of boneless, skinless chicken breasts here
that I'm gonna season with some pan searing flour.
Just a light dusting,
you can see I kind of hold the container
up over the top and I get
a good distribution.
So that's ready to go.
Take a pair of tongs and I'm just gonna swirl the oil
in the pan just to make sure we've got good coverage.
And you see we're getting a nice little faint smoke out of there.
Pick up my chicken breasts and they're gonna go
right down into the oil.
And we're just gonna let 'em sit here for about
maybe three or four minutes.
We want that nice sort of golden paper bag brown on that side.
Now we're gonna take it to the oven.
Alright so it's been about four minutes, just gonna take a peek.
And that's exactly what I'm looking for,
is that paper bag brown.
Now I've got the oven pre-heated to 350 degrees.
Gonna pop them in there for about six or eight minutes,
just till they finish cooking.
Make sure you have the right type of pan.
Obviously we're going in to the oven,
so you don't want to have a pan with a plastic handle.
I'm gonna come back and check these in a few minutes.
Alright so I'm gonna check these.
It's been about eight minutes.
Got that great sizzle, alright?
And these are pretty close to being done,
I just want to add a little bit more flavor
before I check the temperature.
So you know, we've used basting oil an awful lot
in the past but we also have this shallot thyme butter,
which is one of our great finishing butters.
It's got the same sort of flavors
but obviously it's got a little butter in there.
So it adds a different sort of richness than the basting oil.
It's something I like to use an awful lot.
So I'm just gonna put a couple of tablespoons in the pan.
Same thing like we do with the basting oil,
I just want to go ahead and baste this chicken.
We're just adding a little extra moisture
and obviously we're adding flavor,
you can see those bits of thyme.
And you just want to baste this for a couple of minutes
until that butter gets all nice and melted.
Properly cooked boneless, skinless chicken breast is fantastic.
So the whole key is just to make sure
that you're not drying it out too much
just because it's so lean.
Alright so I just want to go ahead and make sure
obviously that this is up to temperature.
It's boneless skinless chicken breast so we're looking
for 165 degrees.
We're right where we need to be which is great.
So now with a clean pair of tongs
I'm just gonna go ahead and remove these,
let these rest on a clean platter.
I'm gonna discard what's left in the pan here.
'Cause it's given all the flavor the the chicken breast
that I'm looking for.
And you're going to find that there's a little bit
of fond left in the pan and that's fine,
that'll help build our sauce.
And at this point I'm going to add just a couple
of tablespoons of real maple syrup.
Really good flavor, not overly sweet.
And then what I want to do is I want to reduce this
and concentrate the flavor, so I'm just gonna let it simmer
for about two minutes.
So you can see the maple syrup is nicely reduced,
it's gotten a little thick and syrupy,
flavor's really concentrated.
This point I'm going to add just a tablespoon
of apple cider vinegar.
That's gonna counteract that sweetness
gonna thin it out and I just wanna let those things
cook together for another couple minutes as well.
These flavors have now had a chance to marry, it's great.
You can see it's nice and thick,
it's getting those big bubbles.
And at this last point I'm just gonna go ahead
and add a whole pouch of chicken gravy.
And all those wonderful flavors,
that nice sharp vinegar,
that beautiful maple syrup.
I just want to let these flavors marry together
for another couple of minutes.
I love you can see those nice brown bits in the sauce.
As soon as that comes up to a simmer,
those flavors had a chance to marry,
we're ready to go, our chicken's already cooked.
I'm just gonna go ahead and take it and spoon it
right over these beautiful chicken breasts.
It couldn't be easier.
It's pan seared chicken breast
with maple apple gravy.
Try it at home, I know you're gonna love it.