Tamra, the island 04 04

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None of your business.
What on the earth are you doing here?
What's all this fuss about?
What's happening?
Virgeen's caught.
What do you mean?
You mean my daughter?
She is said to be covering up the offering stealers¡¦ She got caught last night.
Is she alone?
Hey, EokKwan! What are you doing there?
You know we're ordered to be back before the break of the day, right?
The damn foreigner¡¦
Finally he made trouble.
Where am I?
Are you the damn Jap?
Why are you hanging there?
Did you have a meal?
I sure did.
How nice to see you again.
How have you been?
That's how it goes.
Now I understand why the police were searching the forests.
It's not too small for three.
You, Jap! What do you mean?
My name is not Jap, but Yann.
You shouldn't do this. You shouldn't be noticed, or I'm dead, too.
I'm already a fugitive ¡¦
Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie!
The East India Company!
Why did you imprison an innocent person?
Jang's daughter,
that's why you are here, huh?
She should be free 'cause she's innocent.
How do you know that she's innocent?
Judging if she is innocent or not is up to the government office.
It has nothing to do with you, exile.
Exile as I am, I'm on the principles of moral justice.
So I cannot overlook injustice under my nose.
Stealing the offerings to a King is a felony.
She is not a thief but a mere subject powerless.
She'll be free if she's innocent, but be punished if she's not.
Never let anybody in.
It's said that there is no one to trust,
and how can one of our neighbors commit the brutal crime?
As we all know, we struggle for a living,
and how can the person hide the thieves? This shouldn't happen.
Did you see my child hiding the thief?
It means that you shouldn't shoot your mouth off.
Then the government office does an innocent person an injury?
I can smell it. She has disappeared so often while collecting seafood.
Not a lie.
Not saying a word, I suspected her.
Furthermore ¡¦ we all have trusted the whole family and took her as our leader.
You've gone too far.
You all go back 'cause you're making me so disturbed.
Not until we wrap this up.
Under this circumstance, We¡¦ have to change ¡¦ our leader¡¦.
Do whatever you want.
Really? You are sure, right?
I told you.
Why are you still here? Get out of my sight!
How is Virgeen?
She can't be alright in the jail.
When we went to TaeYeok Island,
She wished she was born a cow because of her lack of strength.
She is so curious and active that she must be so bored living on that
hellish Island where she is not free to go onto land
Even though I understand how she feels,
then what I don't do anything to help her?
It's the destiny for a diver to keep jumping into the sea.
If she can't accept it,
she can't live on the Island.
Who was in the cave?
There was nobody.
It's just where I go in, take a little break
and sometimes take a nod when I don't want to dive..
I am telling the truth. No one know there but me.
Then whose clothes are all these?
These are... I mean... They are...