La Educación Prohibida - Avance 1

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"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."
Are we teaching the children to be solidarious?
To be sensitive? To be cooperative?
To be integrated? DEMOCRACY
But still they are looking at the front, which means
One speaks and the others keep silent.
COMUNICATION - There is no connection between the school and the family.
FREEDOM - The child has to move. They cannot be like that.
Eight hours! It's a crime, it's killing them.
EQUALITY - Nobody holds all the knowledge and the pupils do not know anything,
And it is necessary to stuff them with knowledge because they do not know.
UNITY - Competition should not exist. It separates us,
creates conflicts.
TRUST - And I started asking them the things they could do...
... And they could do nothing.
FLEXIBILITY - In the public school there are many goals, in the traditional school.
It is necessary to achieve that the childů, it is necessary to educate for...!
an enormous change...
We do not want teachers, we want educators.
EVOLUTION - The education, also, has to adapt to these changes.
When he gets to the classroomů the classroom is not like a television, isn't it?
Check everything that has not pleased you from our own education.
CREATIVITY - True knowledge through creativity as well as intellectual work.
DIVERSITY - To be able to discover that each one of the children, has its own capacity of expression,
which he feels more comfortable with, or turns out to be easier than other.
LOVE - The emotion is the fuel that helps us move forward.
... Affection is the engine of the cognition, of the thought.
EXPERIENCES - We learn permanently and build our knowledge from the learning.
AUTONOMY - And the child should feel that, be the master of his own life.
INTEGRITY - To consider the child, from all perspectives help us understand him.
UNDERSTANDING - ...The only thing that I was doing was, to listen to the kids.
... And they were guiding me.
To involve really the emotion, to involve how we feel.
I can blame the regime, I can blame the Dpt of Education.
But in the classroom I can do the great revolution.
It has to integrate the body, the mind and the spirit.
To start opening totally the education, our paradigms on education.
I am not interested in this subject as a recipient of history...
... I am interested as a human being.
I would like to think that the school is a place where...
... children can be happy.
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