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I'm sorry, but can you turn back the car?
{\a6}I don't know why, you're more on my mind
{\a6}My heart is asking for only one person.
{\a6}I don't know why, love scares me.
{\a6}What shall I do when you look at me like that?
{\a6}The person who excites me
{\a6}I think my heart has been found out.
{\a6}I love you. Please love me.
{\a6}I can't be without you even for a day.
{\a6}It could be that I loved you even before.
{\a6}I will wait for you even through the pain
{\a6}Whenever it may be, however your appearance
{\a6}You will look great to me. Just seeing you
{\a6}That would be enough
{\a6}Can you see my love?
{\a6}Can you hear my heart?
{\a6}You are my first love. My last love. Please love me.
go Publishing Company.
Writer, is that you?
Sunbae, it's Writer Lee.
- Is it an international call? - I have no idea.
- Transfer it to me. - Okay.
Hello, ah just a moment please.
Hello? Ah Writer.
Where are you right now? Everybody is worrying.
Ah, you're in Seoul?
Oh, Seoul!
We thought you flew out of the country because you didn't call in for more than 10 days.
Is President Seo in the office?
Ah the President? Yes. Are you planning to come in today?
Around what time?
Ah, okay.
I understand.
That's great. He didn't leave yet, we still have a chance.
But why is he suddenly coming?
Most likely to finalize the contract nullification.
We need to stop it, it's our last chance.
Where is the President?
She must be talking with the Chairman out in the terrace.
Along with the e-book,
{\a6}Page 11
I'm thinking of setting up a separate DVD and CD corner in the new store by Kang Nam Station.
Do you think DVDs would go along with coffee?
{\a6}[Small Signs: No Parking]
To the younger generation, DVDs and coffee mean about the same thing.
The definition of analog and digital have changed a lot.
Do what you want, you should know better than me.
Huh? Why are you backing out on this Grandpa?
So that I can blame you if anything goes wrong.
You're awesome, Grandpa.
Why isn't he coming?
There he is.
Sorry, I'm a bit late.
What brings you here?
I called him here.
Mr. Park here said he has time so I thought we could have lunch together.
I came here as fast as I could because he said he'll give me an opportunity to eat with you.
What is it?
Look over there.
Do you know who that greasy looking guy is?
It's the guy Eun Young is seeing.
The son of a bitch that the Chairman hooked her up with.
Damn it.
I thought the two of you were seeing each other,
but I called him because I heard you guys haven't seen each other since then.
I was a bit busy.
I understand, Miss Eun Young is a busy person after all.
Damn him.
Some time ago, I formally apologized to her but
she said she's going to start going out on blind dates and that I should get the hell out of her life.
I was wondering why she was saying such stuff, but it must have been that she already had someone.
Do you who that jerk is?
He's an attorney with the Young And Kim Law Firm.
But turns out there is nothing special about him at all.
{\a6}*Korean dish consisting of wheat noodle topped with black soybean paste, vegetables, and meat.
How dare someone like a jajangmyeon* sets his eyes on Eun Young.
Someone like a jajangmyeon?
He's black and greasy, just like a jajangmyeon.
He's not the normal kind either.
Remember Dong Gook Restaurant in front of our school?
He's like the cheap 1 dollar jajangmyeon from there.
But why are you telling me such stuff?
We're not that close for you to be telling me such stuff.
I may not like you, but you're better than him.
What's with that guy? He came out of nowhere.
Don't just go in, try talking to him and see what kind of a guy he is.
I can't go myself because that geezer is there.
Now go! Go, go.
Oh, hey!
You're never here when I stop by.
I heard you disappeared for a while.
I'll wait in the office.
Excuse me.
Aren't you Writer Lee Jin Soo?
Do you know him? Yes, he is Lee Jin Soo.
Ah, I'm your fan.
It's such a pleasure to meet you.
I'm Park Hyun Suk.
Ah, yes...
I came here to see Eun Young and I even met you as well.
Go upstairs; I'll go up in just a bit.
Ah, I'll be going then.
Just a moment please. Why don't you have lunch with us?
Excuse me?
It's a shame to part with you. I'm a BIG fan of yours.
Getting distracted... Who did you come to see today anyway?
My apologies.
I'm sorry Ms. Eun Young. I'm a real fan of him.
Go in and try saying something to him.
- I don't want to. - Ms. President.
Ah, Ms. President.
Writer Lee is in, right?
Ah, yes. Ms. President, um... please.
Try convincing him to stay with us.
What's with this?
Do you guys have more faith in Writer Lee than me while working here?
You guys are making me disappointed.
We didn't mean it in that way...
You should have said what time you were coming.
Is that attorney gay? He seemed to like me more.
It's not something to laugh about.
If you're going to continue seeing him, make sure of his sexual orientation.
Want some coffee?
Sounds good.
I thought you left already since you emptied the workshop and disappeared.
I was thinking of stopping work on the manuscript because I lost interest
but thought I should finish it, since I'm almost done with it.
You're already done with the first draft?
I'm so proud of you for getting so much done.
But you didn't have to fire Miss Kang Seung Yeon.
Puts me in a weird position.
That's something you don't have to worry about.
Even so, I feel really bad.
It has nothing to do with you.
She overstepped the mark of my tolerance.
Why are there so many dumb girls around you that overstep their marks?
Thank you.
You came here to get my signature, right?
Ah, the pen is...
If I sign here I'll be losing millions of dollars.
Should I just spill it?
Should I pretend it was a mistake and just spill it here?
Wow the money loss is no joke here.
{\a6}Drip, drip, the tears flow. Gently, gently, my two eyes close.
{\a6}Don't let me know we're parting.
{\a6}I look, but it fades away; I grasp, but it cannot be held.
{\a6}Because of you, I cried all day.
{\a6}I don't want to know what it is to break up. I'll live without knowing it.
[Contract Nullification Agreement 1. Parties Involved-
a. Seo Eun Young- b. Lee Jin Soo 2. Contract Content]
{\a6}I want to believe there is no such thing as sadness.
{\a6}Weren't you the one who made the promise?
{\a6}I love you. How can we be apart?
It's smearing. Pass me some tissue.
{\a6}Can you hear me? I miss you like crazy.
{\a6}How can I forget you? You want me to erase you?
I really must like money.
{\a6}I'll live through tears every day.
Thinking of what the second half profit will be like brings tears.
{\a6}I'm sorry, but I cannot forget you.
Let me make a copy of this.
{\a6}I still only love you and yearn for you.
{\a6}Though I love again, though I'll meet someone new,
{\a6}there will be no one like you.
I can really see what you guys want to say.
That's really hurting my pride.
I'm not doing this without a plan so don't worry.
Send a copy of this to Attorney Oh.
Yes Ma'am.
Then our relationship as party A and party B of the contract is now finished.
Looks like it.
Give me a handshake at least.
After all, we were pretty successful partners.
Made a lot of money too.
I'll move out of the workshop by the weekend.
Need some time to send my stuff to the new place too.
Where are you going to work?
I'm borrowing Professor Yoon's laboratory.
He said it won't be used for about six months, so..
The school laboratory?
I didn't feel like renting out a place with just one month left for the manuscript.
And hotels are difficult to work in.
I'll be going now.
Ah, you really should check that attorney's sexual orientation.
I really had a "feel".
Writer, were you looking for me?
Ah, yes.
Can you mail this stuff to this address?
I can't possibly take everything with me.
Ah, the key.
Um, how about the other one?
There's supposed to be two keys.
Ah, my secretary should have the other one.
She hasn't stopped by these days, has she?
Ms. Kang Seung Yeon?
I wouldn't know that.
Café Latte is out. Enjoy.
The coffee is really good.
This is way better than what the Ahjussi made.
Ah, thank you very much.
Did my coffee making skills improve?
The only thing I ended up with after being a writer's secretary is coffee.
I won. I won, I won.*
{\a6}*This is a Korean card game go-stop.
3 go and wow, you both don't have enough junk cards.
$4.80 from each of you.
How can you poop so much. So great at pooping.*
{\a6}*When you do a 'ppeok', in Korean slang it's called pooping
Plop plop plop plop, never stop pooping.
Is it diarrhea?
I'm unfamiliar with it so...
Don't play it if you're unfamiliar with it.
It's not fun if only you and I play it.
- You'll get better if you play more. So let's go. - Yes.
Don't you need to go?
Even if you're off duty, if the manager is not there.
{\a6}[*Toong is when you say you won't cut the deck]
That's okay. Toong!*
- Toong! Okay! - And you're good at saying toong. Toong…
Only good with Toong.
Stop messing with him.
- Let's just get the round going now. - I'm setting it up right now.
Ah, how have you been?
I'm just at home.
The workshop key? Yes I do have it, should I bring it there?
If you're busy you can just send it through quick service.
Ah, right...
Then I'll have to Manager give it to you, since he lives in the neighborhood.
Um, by any chance...
did Sir ever contact the office?
Oh he stopped by yesterday.
Really? There?
Didn't he fly out of the country?
Then where is he now? At school?
Can you please look into it for me?
I really need to see him.
Yes, please look into it.
Which school is it?
[Forensic Pathology Department Yoon Sung Ho Professor]
Sir, are you asleep?
It's me Kang Seung Yeon.
How did you know I was here?
The publishing company called.
I didn't even know you were here and thought you had flown out of the country.
I told Dong Min to get the key from you.
Yes, but I came because I have something to tell you.
You should stop it there.
But I haven't said anything yet.
Do you think I don't know you?
I know exactly what you'll say, what kind of face you'll make when saying it,
and what kind of words you will use without having to hear it.
Why do you have to tell me something I already know and have to waste my time listening to it?
Let's say I heard it and I'll just tell you the conclusion.
I definitely can get the first draft done without you and the manuscript will be done after revisions.
It'll be done in about a month so I have no need to re-hire a secretary and the room is small,
so there's no room for the secretary to even sit.
Your time will be better spent looking for a new job. I already told you the reasons for firing you that day.
It wasn't something I decided in a day or two so don't think I misunderstood you.
Don't think of arguing about it, don't think of pleading to me with tears,
don't try to laugh yourself out of this, don't try to not understand and just stick around.
Then is there any way that I'd re-hire you as my secretary?
Um... none.
Take the workshop key to the publishing company, since I have no reason to go there myself.
Then, good bye.
Ah, yes.
Is it ready?
Can I go right now then?
I'll be right there.
You haven't left?
I had something to tell you...
Didn't I say I wouldn't hear it?
- Please hear me out. - I really have to tell you something.
When I said that you were fired,
there was no possibility that my decision would be changed by whatever excuses you make.
You should know that by now.
I'm not here to ask you to hire me again.
You're not?
No, I'm not.
If you give me a little bit of your time.
I don't have time so I'll give you 30 seconds, start.
Ah, but.
20 seconds.
It's not something that can be said in that short of a time.
You know I'm really bad with words, yet having to say everything in 30 seconds?
It's harder listening to someone who's bad with words.
- But 30 seconds is too... - Time's up!
If you can't say it in 30 seconds, you can't say it in 30 minutes either.
You're not given an opportunity in the way and amount of time you want.
Don't you know that?
Just once.
One more 30 seconds.
Really one more 30 seconds. I'll really say everything in that time.
Really, just 30 seconds.
20 seconds.
Why are you cutting it down?
Because you're taking my time away.
- So mean. - You don't have to.
No no no no.
Okay, 20 seconds.
20 seconds, okay.
I'm really sorry. As a secretary I wasn't even able to keep a secret with my nosiness.
At first I felt that I was wrongly fired, but after a few days I realized that your reasons were all valid.
I have no qualifications as a professional and I'm a terrible secretary. So I'm really sorry for that.
I really wanted you to know that I feel sorry.
I was really depressed that I wouldn't be able to tell you this if you flew out of the country.
I'm so glad that I had an opportunity to say that I'm sorry.
I'm done.
Did you come all the way here to say that?
Saying that and not saying that, what difference would it make?
That doesn't change anything.
It's already happened.
You're fired and my contract is nullified.
Then why would you come all the way here to just say that?
What difference does it make with you saying that?
The situation may not change,
but the thought may.
You knowing that I feel sorry for my actions
versus thinking that I feel that I was wrongly fired are clearly different.
The two seem really different.
Maybe not?
Did you say everything you wanted to say?
Yes. I mean no.
I prepared a 30 second statement while running here,
but you only gave me 20 seconds so the last part was cut off.
It's not that important...
I'll give you 10 more seconds so say it.
I feel really bad about not being able to finish the 3 assignments you gave me.
I'm really sorry about only getting the pencils passed but not finishing the coffee and "Fossils of the Ages".
You're really done, right?
I heard everything so you can go now.
No, go in first Sir.
I need to catch my breath a little.
I feel really bad about not being able to finish the 3 assignments you gave me.
I'm really sorry about only getting the pencils passed but not finishing the coffee and "Fossils of the Ages".
"Fossils of the Ages"?
When did I assign her "Fossils of the Ages"...
If you go down to the cafe on the first floor, there's a book called "Fossils of the Ages".
Could you summarize it into the computer for me?
Ah, "Fossils of the Ages".
She still remembered that...
The situation may not change...
but the thought may.
Dong Wook, you have to understand us reducing the kitchen and enlarging the book area.
Our cafe is...
Even though it is a book cafe, the coffee should come first.
Of course, but we-
Coffee first.
I know, I really know, but this-
Coffee, coffee is our priority.
Then why don't you try coming up with a solution?
I can't think of any.
Miss Eun Young!
What brings you here?
Let's have lunch together.
You're really inconveniencing me when you come here without making an appointment.
It was the Chairman's request to meet with you whenever I have the time.
Let's head out.
Isn't that attorney way more greasy than Ji Won hyung?
He is, but it's a different type of greasy.
Greasy in a different style.
More like cheesy.
Great timing!
I was just about to go see you.
Sunbae, how did you...
Let's go have lunch.
I'm busy right now.
Just follow me.
What do you think you're doing?
Gosh, I'll buy you lunch.
Are you even eating well these days? You're face is... just follow me.
Get in. Get in.
Let's go.
Let go, Hyung.
Don't you think we look a bit too close?
-Shall I lead you to your seats? -I'll find it myself.
Excuse me?
I said I'll find it myself.
Ah, it's there.
Jajangmyeon seemed to like you the last time, so maybe we can join them.
Do you really want to do this?
I really want to find out what kind of a guy he is but I really don't have the opportunity.
Eun Young wouldn't let me in if you're not there.
Okay? Let's go.
Seo Eun Young! Hello!
Writer Lee!
How did the two of you...
We just met up to each lunch and came here but, you're here!
We all know each other very well, so maybe we can share a table?
Ha, sharing a table-
Sure, that's great.
I was thinking that I would like to eat with the Writer anyway.
No, we'll be interrupting so maybe we can just eat separately.
No please sit, sit.
Why are you avoiding me?
The person accompanying you should sit as well.
I'm not just an accompaniment.
I'm Jin Soo's sunbae, Eun Young's sunbae as well.
Ah, well just take a seat.
This is my business card.
You're name is?
You don't need to know.
The name... is this your real name?
Park Hyun Suk
It's Park Hyun Suk...
Park Hyun Suk.
Um, why are you laughing?
Your name should I say it, very comical.
I've never met a person that said the name Park Hyun Suk is comical.
Really? The name is really comical.
I guess people weren't saying that in front of you because you'd get hurt.
Look at him, he's covering his mouth and laughing too.
Does this look like I'm laughing?
Park Hyun Suk.
Wow, it's really funny.
What's up today.
Oh boy.
Why don't you order first.
Excuse me.
Over here!
Please show these two people the menu.
Ah, we don't need the menu. We'll just take what you recommend.
What do you recommend today?
OK, I will have that.
...this drama...
Wait, it's the President.
Yes, Ms. President.
We're in the office.
Aren't you eating right now?
You need to come and pick me up, immediately.
You know where El Paso is, right?
Come in here and look for me.
Say it's an emergency and just drag me out.
I really need to escape from here right now. Make it quick.
The scene I find most memorable in "The Dark Start" was
when the main character was locked up in the basement and escaping.
I really thought you were a genius when I read that.
Ah, I see...
You know how the main character initially just meditates and doesn't even think of escaping?
I was so frustrated at the time.
Is there anything you wanted to say?
Where was I?
Ah, the main character was only meditating.
What's wrong?
Um.. did you ever hear that you look like a jajangmyeon?
Excuse me?
Jajangmyeon, the one you eat.
You really look like one.
What do you mean that I look like a jajangmyeon?
Try guessing.
Ah, I'm kind of thirsty so should we just have some beer?
Do you want a hint?
{\a6}*The first syllable for black is Gga. The first syllable for greasy is Neu. Hence, Gga Neu
*Gga~~~~ Neu~~~~
No, no.
Gga~~~ Neu~~~
Mister, if I'm like a jajangmyeon and the hint is Gga Neu, what do you think that is?
Um, I don't know...
Ah, yes.
Just a moment please.
I'm going to answer that question.
A moment.
Yes, hello.
He doesn't seem to know himself that well.
If I say he looks like a jajangmyeon, why can't he realize that I'm saying he's black and greasy?
You really should stop now.
Do you see how that guy is getting drawn into what I'm saying?
By now he should be thinking that he feels really shitty for some reason.
You really should stop.
Hey, you don't like him either.
Do you want Eun Young to go out with a guy like that?
This is something even a friend won't let happen.
Where are you going?
Where is everybody?
I'm really sorry, I was dragged here myself.
I'll quickly finish this and go.
Why did you introduce me to Han Ji Won in the first place?
You must have introduced him to me because there's something good about him, right?
What did you think was good about him?
That he's shameless?
Do you know why I started seeing Han Ji Won?
Because it's someone you introduced me.
I trusted you.
Since you introduced me to him, I thought he must be a great person.
But it turns out that you mindlessly introduced him because he asked to you to hook me up with him, right?
Since then I mistakenly thought that you were as sincere as me. Dumb of me.
Yes, I'm Seo Eun Young.
Where are you going?
The bathroom.
Didn't you hear from Oh Hyun Joo?
I told her to mail it to you.
Ah, you're here when you stepped out for a phone call.
I couldn't help but laugh.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Did you just drop the honorifics?
I really didn't want to make a scene out of this, but what's wrong with you?
You didn't tell me your name. Tell me your name first. Who the hell are you?
Wow, I really need to tell Eun Young about this.
That you're acting polite and suddenly dropping the honorifics since she's not here.
That's some crappy manners you have there.
Did you just grab me?
Say it.
Say it!
What's Gga Neu? What the hell is Gga Neu?
Try guessing.
Um, you should stop.
Jin Soo, this is ridiculous.
Look at this.
I'm really sorry, you should let go.
Writer, I really didn't want to make a scene because he's your sunbae,
But I really can't hold it in anymore.
Oh my gosh, this person is just.
You should step out.
Let go of this.
I told you to step out!
Oh my gosh, this is just crazy.
He just grabbed me when I was urinating.
Stop acting like a low-down.
Can't you hear me saying stop it?
Are you deaf?
Did this guy just go crazy?
Did you just hit your sunbae?
The hell with Sunbae. You don't deserve to be called one.
How can something like this be a sunbae?
What the hell.
You should take President Seo and leave now.
This guy must have gone crazy.
You asshole, you're running away after you hit a person. You asshole.
What's wrong you two. Drop it.
Why aren't they coming?
I'm the one that's supposed to be mad here, but the two are suddenly throwing punches at each other.
They came in like they were on really good terms, but now.. so weird.
Ah, okay.
Stop it the two of you.
Ah Miss Eun Young.
I'm sorry. I'm here trying to break a fight.
Writer and his sunbae or whoever it was.
Huh? Here? Um this is.
Writer, Writer!
Why are you guys.
What kind of a sunbae and hoobae is this?
Hello? Hello?
What happened?
Do you think we can drive around this area a bit?
I think they'll be around here somewhere.
You'll be running late for the event. The stationmaster will be waiting.
You son a bitch.
I tried to overlook everything but, are you on something?
How dare you, to your sunbae.
The hell with Sunbae.
The hell with Sunbae.
There was never a moment in which I considered you as my sunbae.
You...talking to me like that.
You would not have thought of talking back to me like that before.
It's not that I would never think that, I just didn't bother dealing with that crap.
I guess you were too slow to even realize that.
This punk...
To have this son of a bitch as my hoobae.
What's there to get angry about?
It's natural to just not bother dealing with you.
You're an animal, materialistic, hypocritical, arrogant, shameless.
This son of a bitch is...
Son of a bitch.
You better not get up again.
If you start blabbing that mouth of yours again...
You're slow-witted, humorless, unsentimental, uncaring of others.
Full of bluffs, self-centered, with nasty drunken habits.
Did you know?
That I really regretted introducing you to Seo Eun Young?
This son of a bitch.
This son of a bitch.
This son of a bitch.
That son of a bitch.
This son of a bitch.
Where did Jajangmyeon go?
-I was trying to give him a piece of me. -The situation may not change but the thought may.
I mistakenly thought that you were as sincere as me.
What? Why are you getting up?
Hey punk, stop it.
Let's stop. Stop it. Stop, gosh, stop!
Hey, where you going?
You need to at least wash up, where do you think you're going like that?
What's wrong with your face?
Did someone hit you?
What's wrong with him? It's shocking to see him like that.
Do you know where the book my secretary read everyday is?
The one that Miss Seung Yeon always reads?
I do, because I saw it so much.
You're talking about this, right? "Fossils of the Ages".
Um, can I make a quick phone call?
Why is the manager not working and instead keeps on talking on the phone?
Who told you to continue translating "Fossils of the Ages"?
You didn't improve in anything because you were wasting time on something like this.
Are you that slow?
Did you translate "Fossils of the Ages" until now you thought I'd need it for my manuscript?
But you never told me not to.
I knew you didn't need it but you never told me to stop translating it.
Why are you laughing?
You're crazy aren't you?
Yeah, I've been working with a really crazy person.
Come up with seven reason why I shouldn't fire you.
By tomorrow, come up with seven valid reasons why you should be re-hired.
Didn't you say you were going to become a professional?
Only amateurs would expect others to know what they're thinking.
A professional should be able to logically convince others.
I think I know what you truly mean but my logic would never approve of it.
So present it to me in a logical way and persuade me.
But there is no such logic...
If there isn't make up one.
Didn't you learn how to bullshit things?
But how can I make seven of them?
Thank you for letting me use the phone.
Mister... what the hell happened...
President Seo is in, right?
Ms. President just left on a business trip.
To where?
She went to the train station because a library within the railroad station is under discussion right now.
We can board on the train then look around the train station.
{\a6}* KTX - Korea Train Express, known for its high speed rail system
The passengers boarding the KTX* and the regular trains are totally different too.
Please board over here.
Ah, yes.
Did you board the train yet?
What happened?
I heard you two fought? Why?
- Did he... -I have something to tell you.
There are countless lies I've said to you, but I felt I really should tell you this.
It wasn't because it was a man's instinct that I kissed you.
but because it was with Seo Eung Young that I kissed you.
The things I said to you that day were a lie too.
I'm sorry.
Even so, I have to go away from you.
Just forget about me.
I can't erase Hee Soo off my mind and just look at you.
I feel like I wouldn't be able to do it even if I tried.
To me, seeing you forever means living with her forever next to me.
It's like a disease.
I know it myself but I can't do anything about it.
Are you still listening?
So it means, if you leave me you feel like you can forget about Hee Soo, right?
Suddenly felt like I could do that. That's why I called.
You should have said that earlier.
Didn't you know I'm on your side?
Whose side did you think I was on?
This manuscript, I'm going to give it to you. This is yours, okay?
That sounds like what a debtor would say when paying back his creditor.
Was I indebted to you for anything? That's news to me.
That's what a shameless guy that doesn't know how to be grateful would say.
Who do you think I was writing for all this time?
If you don't accept this manuscript, I'm going to stop being friends with you.
Now that sounds like you're consoling a girl that just got dumped.
What's with this?
They all don't sound sincere. Now I can't stop doubting.
I mean everything I say.
But you don't mean 100% of it.
I wonder if I'll see in my lifetime a moment that you're 100% sincere.
Even just one minute of it.
Was there ever a moment when you were 100% sincere to me?
The train will be departing soon. All passengers, please board.
- I need to get on board, so later. - A minute can be longer than 10 years.
A minute can be longer than 10 years.
Are you still okay with it?
What are you talking about?
You meant 100% of this, right?
It's all good now.
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Number 1: It's comfortable because I can sharpen the pencils the same way you do.
I'm going to file a restraining order in the court, just so you know.
Love is supposed to return.
Come back to me, Seo Eun Young.
It did seem a bit weird.
When people do something they usually don't do, think about why they might be doing it.
Trying to act like a girl in front of me.
Then did you think I was a guy?
Do you think there is even a little possibility that I might be able to be a writer?
This is good enough.
What's with that face when I'm complementing you?
It's the first day I'm seeing him.
Ahh, it's awkward.
I wanted to reserve a plane ticket.
Doesn't matter what city.
I guess you're going now.
Don't worry about me and stay well.
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