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so the record company's saying
we need another pride. He says, Ok, so what exactly does that mean?
we need the hit singles... (right) listen we gave you, we had the hit
on "Pride."
but they weren't hit singles written purposely to be to be hit singles. (right)
(cuz you haven't had a hit yet)
right so they were just songs that became hit singles and they were just songs we wrote
now you've got somebody telling you now you have to purposely write a hit single
now how you do that?
purposeley write a hit single, i mean there's people out there that do that...
but we were the kind of them to do that so on "Big Game"
we had a setback
uh... it didn't sell as many you know (it still win at least gold)
(and the Third Album...
which is actually it's one of those cases where to go with great great great
(but unfortunately again it was over by then basically in terms of the scene
and what was going on.)
you know (by the fourth album technically) yeah basically i remember doing
we we're playing "Wimbly"
with uh... "Motley Crue" and "Skid Row."
and uh, you know "Skid Row" went on
and you know they are Live they were just killing the place. And
"Motley Crue" had a great show and here we are sandwiched in between because we were
doing headlining tour Europe by ourselves and they said wouldn't it be great if they played
at Wimbley with Motley Crue and Skid Row?
now what happens we were on that Big Game Tour...
Now we realized, that night, on stage at Wimbley to say um... you know these songs aren't
translating because
when you've got
tens of thousands of angry
rockers out new audience (drunk)
if you don't have a certain type of music
it just wasn't working and we all looked at each other on stage and said...
uh... we need to throw in some uh... some of our better stuff in here
and was like, what better stuff we need to write
more for who we are, this is not translating (yeah)
then we went back to the States and we told the record label says no more
tours on this album
we're going to do the Album we want to do (right)
and they said well
considering how the last Album, and they said "go ahead"
"just give us what you got" they gave us unlimited funds
i mean i was a half million dollar record
to record... (Main Attraction) yeah, and they just, they just said go and do
everything that you want
Now the problem was that by the time it came out, that whole scene was over with (yeah)
(we gotta take a break Vito Bratta is here
and he is sharing these stories that you guys have been waiting to hear for...)
I'm hoping Ed that all these stories are not too much on the negative end
(no, no, no!, you're telling it like it is, look people have been waiting like i said, you
you buy and large have laid low for
fifteen years since that period for the most part)
(So again that you're here and i appreciate you being here because people
have asked)
(non stop
through email and everywhere i go what ever happened to Vito Bratta)
(where is he, what is he doing, what did he do how come he's not doing anything? So,
we're gonna get to all that, wer'e going to get to some music, I know what you want to do as well)
(you wanna play some of the bands that you loved, some that inspired you to play
guitar and some of your favorites) we were talking about that you know what's
what's the evolution of know
what would you call me?
a guitar player? (yeah, yeah, yeah) whatever
what's the evolution (yeah) how does it start?
'cause you know, I don't know what people think that you listen to
when your'e a kid and uh...
(you'll probably find out that uh pretty pretty much what all of us
listen to, pretty much for the most part) yeah pretty much... just when you have a
song like "Wait, and "When the Children Cry," and then you say what
basically my
my theme of a song as a kid was "Ripper" by "Judas Priest" so Nah...I don't
think so
and then you know
I just said I'd like to play the songs that meant something to me
(allright, we're going to do that we're also going to take your phone calls as well)
(i know there's a ton of people listening all over the world actually via online
(throughout whatever radio stations you're listening to the show on that
want to talk to Vito and again that
toll-free numbers triple eight eight seven two one oh four three two two one)
(two eight six nine one oh four three so we'll do a break we'll come back we'll
hit you with the couple songs and then we'll go to the phones a little bit
uh... later on)
(and, I don't know we'll just kind of feel it out whatever you want to do
and obviously much more to talk about and get into with Vito Bratta who is)
uh... it's been like fifteen years since youv'e done anything
like this right?) The last time i even spoke a word was i think
(So, Sixteen years of silence is being broken tonight will continue
more with Vito, your phone calls, music, everything else coming up
on this special show, stick around.)
(Radio Announcement)
(and real quick a couple upcoming shows you should know about...Vito Bratta is here
folks you've been asking for
over a decade and he has come in on a very cold and icy chilly night here in New
York City to hang out tell some stories)
(answer all your questions, talk about music and of course play
some of the music that he wants to play as well
uh, Vito living in new york area is uh... you've listened to the show before like
he was here when
wayne came in, you knew about and i had only i had a long way toward a
specific s_c_m_ now i've got the forcing him as mike piazza san is weighing and
next time you see doro cash ask her about way she'll tell you
is review upon whaling plane had uh...
had a moment of
well alcoholic excess window rose atlanta area
and he was just slumbering on active since she was petrified of hands going
on for many here
nigeria's and i think that
so let's play some music and i will get a couple songs and i know the lines are
jammed everyone wants to get in and talk to the old will get
into all that stuff is losses family at the fact that incident
there are just as well as a low hill money or something like that
uh... we have a lot of stories to tell on the way of course an m_i_t_ said we
will get your phone calls in as well but
one is is that we all want to do coming in to do this shell
always play some of the music that he
unity worse a lot of them that kind of inspired using a car player and that's
what i did not know that mall the years i've known you intial
that you know it's funny i see that my so in a while that was such a big part
of that song
wife when i first started dot together with my drama nikki composing played
drums on fight to survive
and uh...
enjoys like the big names one priest
and i know how
you know
different that sounds angel increased
but back you know it is a back then
when your kids nobody's thinking of all know thats
that's the more commercial then this is that we just love them all
was funny when i was on the austere before we came on about angel and i find
this constantly
everyone talk to
he's angel is a case
where you either absolutely love them
war you've never heard of them have no clue who they are
way have you ever heard angel
no idea that the other matters so that is one
it's a total one extreme or the other and
you know i find myself having to explain to people because there's so many have
no idea who they were but they
like five six records in the seventies same labels cason casablanca they were
like the white clean pretty version of case they were all white not let you
know when all that the
they had a stage show images materialized on stage than they had one
of the course logo's ever
which you turn it upside down and it reads the same thing
you know it's a real uh... yeah that's like in that
like that policy yeah
it's the same thing upset i was a major friend i mean even though
family will be there is a family know that i like him but i uh... it's funny
i'm certain you tell me how beyond that
uh... that down was for mia
and that's on the tower i'm you know
i mean i played out in my high school
in a high school band semi we saw open up with the tower pieces and i got out
of the guy i don't think i gotta remember that say wait a minute the bass
player named joe was the bass player light line is you know i wanted to know
what i was uh...
you know when you're ten and one your favorite bands sequels and he's playing
for you know what you area
enniskillen angel broke up with a mickey d
uh... the last hurrah was they were in the jodie foster movie fox's began its
so weird because they have this aura of being this very but you know bigger ban
than they actually where they never had a hit
a modified its single they are going to get a better gold record in america
they were out of washington d_c_ area and
and they were not for the theatrics in there look at all that and and a lot of
people i absolutely love the music i like some of that some of that was a
little bit too
keyboard dominant from the ride registry it was the keyboard player to the guitar
in angel was a very much at home isn't here yet he'd be a guy that people would
be excited if i can tell you now have our own
yeah i mean that
started a recluse forty meadows
that that's uh... was hair
the alistair customers all this happened
karen is this is uh... realistic tyler from angel to get us started
bringing back the u_s_ is looking pretty good memories transamerica tantric
practices his club is right now
developer alec is here with us for dinner actors will take your phone calls
much more to come
hang on
also angel doing tower
too strong st one a very special guest
hanging out for this show tonight veto brought a guitarist from white lion who
has not done anything like this in over fifteen years
just hangin talking music telling his story a little bit more giving it more
into that
as the show progresses rawson incorporate your phone calls right after
the break
you guys in the waning
for all these years all these other e-mails everyone wants to talk to veto
we're gonna get you in here so online george and now talking about a given out
the number but
when they do open up triple-a date seven two one oh four three is the toll-free
back with your phone calls more music more stories more discussion with video
brought a lot of the studio right after this we're doing a little bit of a
special show tonight so we're not going to do not only is right now in trying to
get to that a little later if there's time but
veto brother is in the studio with us hanging out
and we want to get your phone calls in its funny chicos vetoes it you're
picking all these records
anyone supplying which where we're going to work music into but
alien talk the long term for nearly sixteen years ago we can hold off on a
priest song for this time around and now you know anyone right here's another
june but you know you can come to be my co-hosting or anyone in our area
causing he got out we gonna get young people not want to say hello to you
because this is sometime
i was in the city today i went into a brutal result from danger danger on the
comes out to me first thing he says
you know it's coming on tonight let me people everyone's like this time around
i was like ants actually happen in cell
the first guy that we're gonna get on the phone right now so you do this
little brother this is your life moment
is the man who produce
how much of the white lion recordings checking in i believe from nashville if
i'm not mistaken
mothers can't be producer extraordinaire michael wagner michael
are onerous god michael
how we were
right outside our group of how my god how have you been
and very very intelligent very distracting national
harmonica please examine we are talking to the man who makes the master of
as well as a countless other classical rock and metal albums
and for those of you the change in his funeral halloween party last october
michael woo
is uh... you were michael was there as well he came into the new skids albumin
came in and hung out with a
as which is a lot of fun
everywhere were great
celebrated so you you also were as shocked as anyone when you heard me i
was doing a radio interview and michael dalby so
do you have been trying to find a guy for years and hearing
years you as you have a check for me or something i think i think that that apka
film and you are my favorite guitar player
trauma letterhead disciplining
how how
how cool is that compliment coming from the sky
i don't recognize that when the house the metallica
does our skin role white line goes on and off the guys that that michael
because you've worked on it that's really compliment thank you
anywhere near as program from the
our prime shows i've recorded radar thank you give us a little story michael
for money michael produce decried the home of course it sold over two million
copies and also
under the album after his well being deemed
uh... michael give us a little do while we got some line you give us a little
story from the uh... studio back in the day when you work with light line of
lawyer are okay
and pet that i know there's so many at a hundred here
we got it
well you know uh... and fortunately for you to know what what what for detroit
to go
as anything that you stands out or anything that you recorded that you
rotating uh...
welfare something we remember
remember when we do it uh... pride you had amigo studios door open to the
middle of us recording and a guy worked in look surrounding goes what's love got
to do with that and forecasts
develop the too
and immediately we didn't know where you are going to go to what's love got to do
with it and he walked back out a critical alert
hi i mean that that that studio was always somebody walk in and out and you
that was the first time that we came out to california
and stand now
what what i know i a m stock on staten island around
dunstan and all these people walking around the eldest major stars in the
that favour group of warfare and redo it are blacks terrell
only half a percent
audit and nl cooper-breaux or that they used to belong to a handwritten he
presents him and this is black stratocaster because you use this for
the album
that would rock and roll over uh... unbelievable you know i remember arm
overdoing michael said you know if you know it's clean it's required solos and
mind you remember when you said the ok guy had and i do the soulful way and and
i did it as a rehearsal when you turn around i said okay when we get into the
programmer then was that that was it catch soaring to records
one go
and uh... speculation
any among my favorite trap and i remember
house all staff
and you know when i listen to the fight to survive out my i heard stuff that
you know i have on the prices of items i recorded
like uh... basic track
and ices later on i'm going to come to the real guitar stuff
and then there was no iran how is it
allotted time still unfortunately better than what
ultimately ends up comment on their own children michael rhinoceros so i went
into the spirit of the pride
analyst requiring the same way
houses on the record like a base tract is nice and basic
and michael and it was the guy who says what are you doing
you can play like that just play
and that i never wanna play any of that that stuff it was a affords michael
pushing me to do that
home until we got a ton of people don't want to jump on it and talk to veto as
you can imagine by great i'd appreciate you calling you were going to change
that record right now or ever will
we're and right in the middle of the racket to a trip to utah
and it's coming out of a thing for every contract expand out there watch out
they're going to be a very quiet while on the last record that you did with
them as well as i was a my favorites in a long time from them so tell the guys
isn't alone
and i think we're going to start of the local along away here maybe
did you two guys in the studio again somewhere on that i would go up at home
michael but i gotta get algata holier
actually thought i was in fact admirable i'll call you
that michael thanks for coming on i was very hard for all your take care
yourself harold
saying michael
of ours so watch it come up here and say what i was one of these nights uh...
arrived at our studio that talk about the stories this guy's got he was in
except for god's sakes i don't know how it
acts has a right on our track because they are my is
legendary producer michael and i have a
have how did you manage to dry heat again when the word went out you were
coming over last week he was one of the guys a call me names like i got a i'd
rather talk to me or give me a number
this is amazing so
i don't i have no more surprising us around this truly is a surprise decides
regular callers preside
and anyone who has an accepted those master profits are always had to work
with him
daryon lineup like your old account or anything like that sell implicit affect
high-level instead simpson folks on that want to talk to you know and and see
where we're going to begin
on little at a miami and talked to any
every door to door heading how he'll door-to-door writing
candidates that have been working from one probably won't go broke within per
vehicle are performing your career by your proposal for europeans are frankly
i regard for your family is going well banking chronicle of eleven forty miles
from quito it returned home
record player become a minority reading world civil war party organelle with
none of it
the republican ticket will be returning consumed how
blockbuster you're reminding me because i forgot that the was actually name
ideas civil war was going to be the van
uh... don't ask us right from our wild horses
i know that was in nineteen ninety and i was when white line broke up those
nineteen ninety-two landing nineteen this for you know that's that's not come
prior to jury coordinator indigestion records so it was a demos what was it
when i was just i'm also must now
work new york working poor young thing real quickly to the people we have a car
it weren't problem when prime director of the can permanently to the community
in america in orlando florida and
and what your take on the whole time for the land they have an idea for the right
are the society the first caught the first call yet
opens up the major can warm say look this is something that you may mozilla
headed out of the way rewrite you know people want mean this is some analysts
and wants to know what you're going to do if you're gonna do anything as far as
working with my camp again
and run the white line thing i've never said no to anything
i said no for certain reasons things have happened in my life for
i've had to say noted to you both so it's i i i just can't do this right now
and the were reasons behind it
uh... you know i don't i don't want to go there if you don't want to go there
you know this way i have been saying this for a long time people that's me
the with his look of astonishment of
that god is such a great depart warehousing not doing anything and
you know i don't plan on evil people that are personal friends like you are
and and others are not going to divulge personal business on the air and i draw
a line there
the with the reasons a lot of the reasons why you had
tintin not perform in the last fifteen years
are to me
incredibly admirable reasons and reasons you should be extremely proud of
and uh... i think that you know you shouldn't armenian i'd just want people
who know that
i think what happens is is that where such fenced of musicians weather
people a sense of you or your if any of this penner whatever that people forget
transferred at like you and i
that there is a human side to this that these people have families and other
commitments they only look they only see you
or or anyone whether it steven tyler ready then hillary ever
as these entertainers that they want output from
they don't seem as people that have a mother a father
brother and sister whatever
that there is a human connection and the stuff that goes on in people's worlds
takes precedent over that and
you know i'm not going to get into any moral issue you go there at some point
that really in a nutshell is what you are jealous i talk to you through a lot
of the stuff you want to know
and i'm going to be really proud meanwhile of of people as not alkylating
like this in their mouths shut up
if people ask me all the time for years last for five years about a guy that you
and i both know and you play with some i've known forever is freely
and people still the time of that is their life by god's been so long the
guys are doing things out or whatever
what what incident on the show everyone knows a basis panel substance abuse is
has nothing to do if you hear issuer
i mean pieces issues is substance abuse now
too many of the human side of it as a friend i'd much rather see a speed
healthy may not drunk in clean and clear like he's been for the last few years
they haven't be a rack and jeopardize his life by going back into the rock and
roll lifestyle he's not ready i'm so that's the whole point in the show
everyone has things going on you and stuff going on for a long time within
the dynamic of your family and that's something that you are which you did i i
mean that your reasons are really really admirable i really want respect for well
uh... appreciate all that them i've my father had a five year old and so it was
just a nightmare
and was not one who's gonna take care of them
except for me and my mom and that's what we did to the very end
and uh... uh how fortunate you know you can't just uh...
you can just walk away now
in the white lion days
is much issue that's young you know you're in your twenties but you can see
until norm
disraeli no medical stuff going on in a and i remember the tour bus pulling up
in the
two years since i thought was a two-year tour final you know
making a three-year it's for
none of the stuff happen but as you get all that is because responsibility in
things and there is a
you know financial to its you know
when you're young
idealists you know
i remember when my bio one out in the mike and grading james of the universe
bach about will continue to any of us and how much we make in tonight
melissa who were more money because we're so used to having any
that nobody cared
but then again support your life or eat you know you got bills to pay
and it's not the issue
that's gonna suffer
yeah there's all the people of the messiah mindset you know
well i'm going to go and do this uh... white line a reunion tour and i'm not
going to really make much from going to have a blast
well you can't
you know these bills to be paid in you can tell the electric i am going a
little bomb to somehow having a blast you gotta pay bills
you know that like i said the family illness and the uh... it was just it
just always seem to be something
and to answer armed
she never said never to reunion is showing up in the right i'm using
important issues is that still on the line unless these questions but i will
in all this in the other thing you know i never said no
i never said no but the problem is it's it's uh... you know many uses a stupid
analogies there is that you know when you got a girlfriend you break up on a
and she's
basically cheating on you and funny you
saying well if you don't get back together with me this is what i'm going
to keep going and the more she chased them or you're not going to get back
with him
and the problem is is that some
i have to keep watchin you know mike do these tramps white line in all that
stuff and
i've always wish the guy look but the more he does these things the more it
makes me not why not you know
be a part of anything
you know i don't know how much i can do to stop it i just you know wish i could
i wish that didn't exist i wish that part of the didn't exist
by understand what what he's doing and all that stuff i don't like it i don't
you know
away she wouldn't do it but i understand why he's doing it
you know i i wish him luck but i'm not going up
sit here and tell anybody i'm not going to the white wine thing ever again
i did kinda lied to you a little bit eddie when you had asked me what time of
the rumors of a ham entry true and i said not a force
i mean they they actually were true no i did injure
i guess that's something my restaurant about nineteen ninety seven i think it
that just prevented me from playing all day
team trying to get the hell out here right now you can i control drop in
telling the truth about
while at nine oh you know that there was an a and was in a hand injury that
in other words i didn't know if i was making a mayans excuses
this is going to be doctor from now on the any shopping
but i did have that i did have a hand injury
and the thing is is that i was attacked the played fourteen hours a day i mean
it was ridiculous what i was not idea i used to get home four o'clock tomorrow
from club shows a play another two hours
agis was always claim
and to say that you know the top lawyers will understand to get to a certain
level you have to the maintain it
it's like an athlete
and basically i was like uh... a marathon runner who couldn't run more
housing and keep it up
these are things are hoping to get over
where is it stand now do you feel better
be still played usual practice it's gotten better but i have been trying to
do like uh...
i'd just remember the you know that
actual injury i have was when i was touching steel strings it would feel
like i was getting a look at was i was touching a lot of water
because having electrical shocks
and the doctors basically tell me they say listen you know
it's um... it's fifty fifty you could lose your hair
the use of your hands
or you can be cured
and it's up to me i want to know that the decide to i wanna play through pain
in the midst of all of this
family stuff was happening and everything else so i
had excuses for myself common left and right now i can play 'cause my hand i
can't play 'cause my dad's life you know i can't wait cause of this
yeah it's
but answers question after all this
it was never
i'm not gonna say now it'll never happen
right i will offer to happen today right to be honest with you i'd just don't
think it can happen today
but i'm not gonna show at the door
family travels that and what i keep appealing to mike
stop shutting the door and in my face
you know i mean
by doing that need to do
the records in the bay
as that reno white line with other people and all this stuff and then doing
versions of the band right right
let's do something else and come back in time you want to show us where we need
to do to so many more phone calls his wild on it
of course
talk about we're talking about vetoes career in and everything that he's gone
through and where we are now in two thousand seven with veto in the studio
hanging with us for the first time in about fifteen years but i think it's
important to remember
uh... the music that veto has made it hopefully music he will made in
somewhere down the line
and there's a new releases arrived in stores called
white line the definitive collection into two cd set
basically greatest hits compilation but the really cool thing about this is
there's about ten or twelve ce live songs on here
recorded your new york city at the ritz
on the private war
and i know that you haven't heard this yet you don't even know you know where
this came from what the quality of the sound is on us but i was actually just
crack up
there's there's someone
this poor guy on the internet it's great
i was uh...
there's a lot of unusual on the internet presence for you i've heard from a lot
of your home p_c_ and forms and stuff interview how does that uh... crack and
i'm just thinking because is a guy who was so upset
about this whole thing tonight
that you're coming on the employees he's really i mean he's really into hold up
the whole thing you can tell by the whole
thing that he still images like he's having a
well seasonally adjust little thing that really care about my show i had never i
never play that's exactly what i want to show is exactly like to start your talk
and i just uh...
compatriot his emails i would even know what even beyond the veto brought us
inside of these and it doesn't handle crying all the time will connect you
know i just as somebody emailed me this website i couldn't tell you i don't see
any lines and internet stuff that i think that's just
there was just hilarious like i said you know i never did anything to this guy
well that's what it's like he got you get all these emails and i don't get
them for years really you justify quite often said that there were what took you
know i so what could be that set the sky authenticity
his insistence that the u_n_ system not just destroyed some graphic design
emails constantly thank you
no every single word anything that i've said on this show but tell me how much
they hate me and hate the show and i say well
then how come you just were able when you're taking the elf to rattle off
every record i play in jest i've had for the past four years the usb listening to
me if i hate something i always enjoyed i'm just picture in the sky ten x x x
asap mixing in his chair donna
listening to his venom records incurs a year
occurs santana iran
i think we play with them too with their own tiananmen genital but maybe
who knows
and other could be a possibility
you play with them
if if this was the idea of early days know very early days
restless haha comfort
because of the center of the
uh... this is the brand new released live recording that came from the ritz
in the late eighties here
of the lone white line greg is low james lament so
and might trample forming a new york city what was a very dangerous is a
uses you guys taken in the next step just before pride really blew up plan of
its right i think this was before
quicker than that there was before there are some store
and i think this was when the whole thing just a happened
let's play right now this is uh... a song studio version of which
comes from the pride album it's one of my favorite
favorite song from light line and probably my favorite on private saliva
russian of lady of the valley
available on white line the definitive collection more music more calls
more stories as we continue veto brother
here in the studio with us
cardio valuing your performance from twenty years ago what do you think the
clickers in there
effect that's he always listens to that they just focus on the water to ban
things that i can't help but i can't help how many clickers did you hear that
i heard two
to what you are or someone else phenomenon that they're just going to
critique anybody else out act
where clams as i've heard them call
of solicitor disinterested clamped
anyway white line that is a lot of recording this event twelve of those
that are released now as part of this new compilation of the seller really is
analyst does say that so many times in the shop so tired of people cleaning up
and making fake live recordings her live dvds there clearly re recorded however i
was right for everything when i was a kid i just but you know and then you get
into the business and you need people who actually work on those up and i
think a lot of it all rockets and it's really disappoint myself
clams and everything
yeah you gotta leave menards profits mix
and in the business cooperative and i said to so many times in the show's dvds
you can watch a dvd it's a karaoke content all
that they when you re recorded everything in the seems like a lot of
shell meanwhile fight to get a bootleg i feel like i'm actually a lot of jobs
that are really saw his it's ridiculous anyway
the robotic is here man what have we don't want to show it's amazing how
quickly time has flown here
are you guys have been asking for ever and he is finally here breaking a more
fifteen years silence on the show and i appreciate you doing so we have so many
people are still wanna jump online and talk to you we've uh... just really
scratch the surface and obviously more music to play to more things that we
don't want to hear in play that influenced him as a player
and we'll get into all that some of them are more cds that i have
colossal as i have inherent since i was a kid yellow and i don't even have cds
well will play all that stuff or whatever we have time for this course
more of your phone calls will take a few more those when we come back from the
break with
the albright halfway still halfway to dallas to stick around
system reset halfway point of the show but we still have ninety minutes left to
go on this special edition
with veto barrada guitars from white line joining us in the studio playing
records telling stories in
trying to get you guys caught up on the last fifteen years of what he does but
not to arnelle so many of you want to jump on the line will
tried a rifle through some calls here as quick as possible on the other
deals hometown of staten island lorena hi laurin
we don't know i do
more rain
you know i know lorraine
hi laurin
how are you hope to have a rio
and what may be a part of the woodwork
any trumka retry
and i just i just can't do anymore harry came to my house around christmas and i
don't even as you left alone usual
and he said you know he goes i will and then this record came out what she would
know about my told you about it finally said i don't wanna come on when i have
nothing to priming this is not a new one
when this is not you know anything like that
i wish it was
but i i was told us i have nothing to promote
but uh... i think environ
kathleen sullivan whatever
to have any plans
prevent other anything like that
let's less is army and the will is there and it's it's it's like i want to do it
but some
i think i can sit here and saying i'm gonna do it next week and all that stuff
you know there's a part of me that's to get over the fact that i thought i still
feel like it's white wine or nothing they want to ask for eleven years
you know where i just felt like uh... this loyalty to this entity
and said you know i i am from forever he would be the guy in white wine
no matter what panic you know i do
and so on i just in white line and just get over what's
well look i i i i think a lot of people would love that at myself included
but i also don't think that uh... you should limit yourself to that in other
you have
e your status as a guitar player transcended
that whole scene and a whole erazo
you could easily do something else as well
it was even if it was instrumental or with the different bands have avoided
light line it like i get organized into because they want to hear you play
regarding what it is paper cheryl compliments
and it's on the blow smoke a lot of people feel that way well it's you know
like i said that was part of keeping me back was has felt like you had the white
line or nothing else
and still on the news realization that says that doesn't
have been paying to something else
i'm gonna jump in the united friend of mine you know this was pushing out a
jammin on and just just to see how it feels yeah
but i i need some time
and you know which is the guitar my hand in to see what i can do again well this
is a big step for you just come in here and doing listed on that road i would
think you start yasser
what you know
might i said i owe you big time
do you have any any any any replys
bright in edison new jersey robert vito brought her class lorraine or anyway
lorraine thanks
as a business brian in edison brian how are you
know what i have a question
i've heard a lot of people make comparisons the eddie van halen
i would want it and how is your daughter sarah
and always from the replacement workers
and inspiration way too far
well what the reality is that he living as a compliment um... because he is
still i mean
he's eddie van halen
and it's funny 'cause uh... i've heard it from any van allen himself
there's actually i was on the uh... white lie in this case from brooklyn
video there's actually a special out of you in any event helena
depleted or something and they wouldn't they wouldn't let his manager would let
him be in it by having our differently than you know it's cuz i don't exist
i've seen
resolve is on my kind of a lot of the special couple cannot i don't have that
but the way i remember it was the sky you know we wish amber has a studios and
hannah was rehearsing
further to our surprise work
and there were all hang out a park a lot talking cars and stuff you know we have
a cars outside and uh... some guy came up with a piece of the car
he comes up to me and he's
he's just so you know
you're the greatest
the greatest thing
and he stink in the whole time that i'm eddie van halen
tag i have tried to return to my
an appointed
eddie and i said one of the fact that he's like was that it has a definite
miami's high-tech wiesenthal he's alright so
we're going to have that person
that's one reason that exists on on it somewhere and soon enough
every every time that i've been
hang hung out with any than him at the we've hung out hung out
times i've run into her money in
he's just been so
old gracious and he's never ever said anything
you know detrimental
oriana ahead
in a white ukulele sound like me and
is just one of those things that uh... you click with uh... with a
if it's a relationship bc six oh my soul mate
now with eddie van halen which is something that uh...
and it's not just me
and i'll write sec every guitars for the past you know twenty five years
and this is something that's happening cole purposely
handing try to do a purposely no was like oh i got a cell like eddie van
but if i do
and i was in a stop myself
to say now that sounds a little too much like danielle grameen
uh... to him it was suicide expression of imitation is the
highs form of flattery right
but i just i couldn't help but i cried has no right to change it means
he's just us uh... such a big part of me
decided about destroyer
uh... excited about the store the toward the reunion with ross at this close to
that they're doing where
is she still looming here the whole energy all michael anthony things so
but he's not a
you know it's his son is playing bass right writing i've heard about that
and it's weird because i remember of
one of the last times i saw that he was
and he was telling his little son wolfgang to say hi to veto
and i i said earlier i don't think you can because he was only one writing six
months old
if if the somehow that
any shaken it did not say how do you know i know i think that's right
as and when he's talking to you the scanner
well on that you know i'm picturing this little kid now
onstage at the garden
especially in the beginning around with the devil and it's it's kind of
difficult but um...
you know he's got no love lost for michael anthony
wishes clear i mean he's not letting michael back in the band he's calling
them by israel last name which i don't even know up until
sobel last year something is israel asst because he uses calling absorb less ki
and and there's definitely some issues there and then in the late issue mike
that michael anthony that i saw on the press
as in his news clip is up on my site
uh... he said something about or what does it matter he hasn't played on a van
halen albumin years salwar down i'd never heard that one before that was
really a shot
to sustain that that was a michael if the plane on those records
so the receipe
i don't know if he realizes that can one sealed may raise my eyebrow when i read
it today online i was like all
i don't know maybe he did i don't know what he said no he's trying to do you
say he didn't he does he's ok bass player all but why do what what who
cares reason of any hasn't played our records are records in years ally qual
and the one thing michael if they did you know
is the fact that innocent as many times a lot of people always felt that high
harmony in van halen there was a harming that's michael anthony all the high
stuff right
so i don't know what that
began legislation knowing that you can see that a way to make that work as you
just have this one you with all these years for this reunion that is one weird
kinda factor assures kids a great musician look at his jeans you know but
it's just weird
yet you know coming from one who's been there and i'm still going on im actually
questions tonight about it
when there's a dam break of the senate is an ugly thing and does
i'm sure these things are they the same area
uh... you know
sometime hurts i was gonna
because uh...
that rock and roll hall of fame induction in a few weeks twelve when the
circus estimate
yeah i mean i miss him stand it was so malou skier whatever his name is
standing there
after taking all the seat in the press and radio it's just
and he said he goes there's people i don't want to play with and i'm not
going to be they come out to play with them that night so isn't there there's a
lot of drama that's going to be on that stage that night i can't wait to see our
comes off you know that's that's unfortunate polos we need a regular mike
nobody can hear what you're saying
also a few years actually player
michael you're not allowed in the wrong when you try is alright
stalking the beer bottle mikes on hello sobel eskimos and summarize the right
match at the rock and roll hall of fame and ultimately out like a legislation
that the real value flavour rather than any other records on the exactly right
and that she was any that she probably play tennis michael did but i don't know
if this is just oddly you know just worldliness i what i thought well i
suppose online so the community and i don't know
uh... this is uh... hollywood california is it is the result
just how you are hardly anything true fell out
well sciences and i think stand you i don't know are you know of any other
twenty guy bob
here on time and i comment on our regular panel but that's what i'm going
to be out of the at another pair i compile in fact i marianna urine
transport lines but old and anna
thankyou programmatic you've given that may be kind of it
and enjoy about growing up i had a really hard to have a right on
young he clearly has a
and my dad also want to write a long american hip eventually passed away from
at your uh... ha
you know you're playing spoke to me like it was it with my
like you know i got my hair out health so you're not
you not the one that first model site
ted outside amit happen you don't have it
and a showed up on top of that i will convey your everyday
no that's the whole point of origin dollhouse to draw lines in the sand i
can't live like this so i don't like that you can
it's fine it's like you know i've preached that for twenty years on the
radio it's like
it's all good do you know you know i know that most of them is you know if
the brothers to sign any when i was in high school
i'd listen to so many times did
if i wasn't
the big change that i a m six to whatever
i would have gotten my ask kate everyday just because i wouldn't follow the trail
by calling our people in my high school
we walk around with like you know neil young is santana records and nothing
against those records are grateful dead or whatever but they couldn't they need
to songs that was a trendy thing to me into
last year with the u_s_ law mechanics
album cover my locker and test which was the most powerful men in history at that
time people on the beat me up they couldn't get out to eat
and how do you know what i would like a retard
i haven't gotten a payment electronically while i never thought i
would creepy characters
pop band uh... five-mile-an-hour away where are you and then no
montana and
above all right that they're just going to be there next week decision them
we're not found out that
you and but i've not can find out what interests you and others in indiana
linus retailer consumer of how do
style estan
yet he's wearing a winter happily doesn't know what's
and said to her house is a very good luck with your artech ads is under vito
looks identical is for those that that now we should take a picture at some
point in as soon as the cameras proof
feature i'm telling you you look identical is nothing's changed
and how much the same as crazy man
evoked look the same
is on the sidewalk carter stepped off the back of the main attraction alma
yeah i could never like an economic change
then you look at the computer often what you're talking about
uh... in nineteen eleven nineteen eighty seventeen eighty i was a in hollywood
somewhere in there because he was there
and someone said you know
we want to take a picture you two guys
and the straw man was so she was from recognises na na na we can have that
it's not a managing it's that's not good for your image
and i said oh you know he writes i once the necks of evidence of a whole bunch
of pictures at someone's got to whoever's out there is a direct senator
cuz i said you know something you know this thing we'd redrawn these lines of
like you know papa
as a metal bands i said this guy
when i was
hanging out in in third grade disco was on for
you know this guy made me want to grow my hair long island always the partridge
family on that stupid i know
that whole seem to make
but i'm saying the god
at the time when you're nine years old and there's this guy
the m_t_v_ will long hearing like i want to look like that and it started a whole
ball rolling
within these people they put these things these labels they say no you
can't do that
you know when i was a kid before cvs on all the stuff i had that record
turntable thing we you politely albums in a draw sharp positively
i had electrically lands
double album
goodbye yellow brick road
uh... mountain
sproles scorpions we you we're off to all of these things were mixed threat by
guy so with the elton john will roll over
that i never said now i can't
you can listen elton john f_ do you just listen to the scorpions i mean it was
just music yeah
you know it's a shame that people do their part time
parental relationship sexist
it goes all goes into the
there's just a little of what makes
you know what what ends up making
you know musical i forgot to wish that things are not
prisons roll-up there
world we wish you luck brian calls coming from all over america for the
overall brian in south carolina hi brian
eri doormat murder any brian i just want to give you props grant program guy or a
power after all the
years will say well i can try and get him proxies for the family said yes
he got tired we buy them for the last fifteen years from peter
when you're here to so many people yet so many
hands out there
and now we just want to keep paying for it he'd written anything armed with that
you know you're just our own keeping at it
and also was very particular dot that was uh...
it all your friends are on all the letters and all stuff
and that is what the play again and thanks for that is not an alarm and
cases that are having a that's that think that is the web masters the death
note that the relief
months when the children crisis favorites on the realize sonya i require
five written
i have songs i mean i i have five written songs and
they're not on tape through my head a fact
probably a an album is what the materials just me and i i'm on my own
srinakarin or classical guitar because that's the only thing that my fingers
can seem to play without being in pain
hands on and so that's really that soon you know that's unjust disheartening
sing to hear because
you know snakes able who
uh... when he does at my house this is passed through december
uh... we were doing a little bit of memory lane stuff and i called snake at
the same time
the does then i put snake on the phone and state has been dealing with his own
with his arm in his hand as i had a large volume problems too
and uh... it's funny because
and i told you know this though they talked on my phone for a little while
veto handed me back my phone i said the sake of michael dell call you later
antiseptic snake ostomy i'm on the phone he's like
old what you do reflect what we see what's going on about how you came over
when his mom in his girlfriend to see my daughter you know whatever
and uh...
stay close to me listen
you gotta talk to that guy he does because
the world can live without me playing guitar of the world can't live without
us here in the open on a plane haha
an iceberg and sank said that that's coming from cynical i think is a pretty
good players on strike it hard for anaheim you know i go back with him
i wish i can remember the name of the ban
but we use the plate the found casino in new jersey as his dad and my band ah...
and remembered of course it was dreamer but has died just can't you know they
carry i get a hold of and remember the name of that
i feel bad because i stomp on him while he was going on
exercise just standing there on the side of the stage and i would just walk over
help login and walk away
and he was still all those using this as soon as it was that guy that plus
all right let's do a special where you are going on for a while and source of
the one i have a great honor actually honestly i would love to send up a
strong out to the troops
tell us a little so all the soldiers were on board
and in hong kong and that's a part of them in some
news well i'd just a you know that it's it's funny lifetimes records a little
story yeah but only lets all the plans that i can chew it up while you tell the
story it's your choice
police enters another does not deal the illinois light line showing your place
something you wanted to hear that from another them
uh... when we get to that you wanna play
bill clinton hill is wrong or somethin
yeah play there
hillsong player
a famous song eruption
how about now
that sucks out here
tell your story promised are actually
sapne uh... when we were in uh... europe doing main attraction
they were in germany and we came out of the show and was these uh... kids who
notice your regular kids or outside of a show i'm gonna talk time here
all right
and these kids is hanging out and just uh... just like your regular fans
outside and it was like three or four of them they're all stand
and they have to sign autographs and everything in
i said no so when you guys doing 'cause i will speak and perfect english
everything they said well you know we just finished a
does a storm
panama canal is a return from a distance that they said well this is a
and the guy introduced himself
and to me emmy and i was only twenty seven years all the winner of twenty
eight he look like a little kid to me
he said this is an indian tradition sizes is micro
and this is my gunner and this is my radar guy
and he says you know you know we play our weekly rail lover something that
asheville with sony playing it may be relevant even out but uh...
resistant you know photographs and everything ices
eat some snap assignments as you guys a hero's absolutely
initialize the escape your autograph
i'd just uh... you know what these guys have gone through out there if they if
they're listening on the envelope on the internet and whatever i just
you know our heartfelt thanks anne
for protecting us and for
unified for our freedom tiger is a matter of fact so one-issue place like
gather yes paloma
meli night have a final you got to find that uh... while total and when you
historic you have any good is standing there with a bottle of acc
filter through might this has been a tomato story
holy war for the was only architect
fighter free alex off began
only a whole lot harder
i write the song and i hav rewrite for free on same fight for freedom
that's my well see that's what's in my brain is what these guys are doing for
but the song is cry for freedom
anything you wanna tell about this before we hit it besides uh... what you
just did
uh... right near anything any story about recording in anything it of
interest charges by na
vista heartfelt thanks troops
you describe for freedom from light line is beginning to see the deal barrada
visual studio
more music for your phone calls
more discussion
on this special edition shows beetle breaks a fifteen-year silence right
describes the freedom from white lines thirty on monday deion
and joining us in the studio casey tuned in late veto barrada
the desert standing it are still some stories showed some memories
and really continue to do that with final hours show more of your phone
calls as well
i will do all that right after we do this commercial break
back with the final hour of the special show here it's a tribunal brad has been
hanging out the whole way
and he's going to continue to do so in this final hour in
lines just totally jam cheers people still want to get through say hello and
welcome deal back to at least speaking in being back into the rock-and-roll
world somewhat
next episode generative getting a car and then get abandon
will back to speaking publicly at least victoria
i wish we did i show you a little bit needed but
what the plan that for the next time
anyone put too much burden on you know i was just it every fifteen years to get
your iris if you can't argue against on top of everything else
uh... when a few more plausible place more music and let's uh... man so many
waited so long
start to marked in jersey in old bridge haymarket one on the air
detroit were dead
it are accorded may mark
appetite are about that i love it up
yeah i've got a lot of people around the country where like the magnitude of how
respected you really opt free white lion
i would point out working
without thirty when you when you were a lot
ampriyanka already this year old but everyone in brooklyn and that no one
knew who the heck you were before you worry that a while on all thank you
and it would get creative
ignoble progression you guys making it um... growing up in that i wanted to
know i'm a little more hit made everyone
part of what you guys would do it
it was such a
such a great time distinctive see you guys make it but what from the
neighborhood actually make it and i think you know that was funny because
when i went up and made it and we're all of a sermon is arenas with
you know as soon as they see the issue not seen everything at once
analyst robinson's more about all around
our people to know
back in the in the old days you wish you could put them on a bus around with you
yeah well you know i just bought a lot of us to work to get a pop up i can i
try to make a go of it also thank you and i think that i got to get off
exactly now again in inspired me those out
budget do you know you don't make a hearing you talk tonight regarding you
know your situation where you don't like
you know what in this whole age of all the plasticity end with celebrities
it's just wonderful to here donors accept colin powell did of you
putting their priorities in line or other people will like it that would
just go out and have a good time and and leave
god knows what else left behind and that such a respectable and i have no more
i not you get out
if you have a play together you at that particular
yelp dot like you i hope you have a great like that because
you've got a call roth ira
you know i think that what part did i i don't mind every
equals flaky
eighty-six when tom
even before up like a map you guys open up
or triumph
the meadowlands
oxley of john does not mean loudness
the analog i think i was in day
that would be great now at piper you've got a couple of the court whilst we
think we triumph uh...
depend on the providence so i was a big fight us either rainer
where science so i don't know what it was but now was a model as i think uh...
also some reasonable i'm remembering they was offered that that show there is
a toward every show at the meadowlands cuz i still have a t-shirt somewhere
believe it or not
and it was cold the
rock-and-roll summit
and it was triumphs mountain in loudness
is annoying you he's taken pictures did you ask me if you have a pictures fresh
usb time
so it's until more time as people first before it starts taking pictures of the
just came in it services affection
go slash the camera like one of those i cannot stand
the son of a bitch
he doesn't look like a vista
he didn't look like he's too nice has spread in nineteen eighty when i walk in
in the eighties when i walk in world war two and i feel like the edge explains
it's final yet that i was sort of had a car dropping off the front door i have
to train and
anyway to get you know you exactly what i'd like a labels simony
this is a
houston really more of my friends and treasurer with one hand act together
patrol car
talented let's go to pennsylvania colony line on the air what's happenin
we had to go into it's going okay
said to be the only one slash two camera managers and stocks at eight eighty
as they are common
different sacred or you're one of the most amazing
on a different place in the really they controlled from my point halifax yeah
establishes career paths that i got a pic of the guitar again as he writes a
word yet or do they work on pushing our mission focus
capetown but the question revealed
at work on the court to will follow
ccc universal how people under intense he would ever really staff
a parable of the guitar instructional dvd this demonstration that technique
that is
these family members sometime the one looking for it and so i can rely on the
side of the fact that akka uh... attempt you know i'm i'm really
i'm pissed off that when i
record all the stuff i mean really put the stuff down
you write it down because i've got to be honest which i don't remember it or mac
and a half day off
as part of a friend of mine today and that is is a national
define the song and and just plain interested in your refreshed receiving
uh... i can use are not the sole
but i i i i think i did that song in a different evoked some
the return of or step
the so long
no i don't i don't know of any tabs out there but uh... when i figure this stuff
out again which i
i promised myself although
mal i'll put it down america poster somewhere on the internet and
do you know how hard you wanna help me
thank you caller for the call
that's how i got a call from ta jason you're live on the air how are you
underworld good
we have the julie what's your question go ahead
first of all ready rightly so much for dragon v two out of the dark surfaces
a fitness center and the and the only one suggestion honest emotion
dot so that a lot of work for you know we love you
argue with that dot org o_ said
here will offer to the darkness at step out of the light what
europe and don't feel guilty
of political or electric
singing songs that surrounds falling down
we love you related everybody's kazan and putting you know for sure but here
in their stuff
heavily quest in for their request
bill click soda he has an answer your first one is here tonight what the
reinvest western ed
shot up more boring mentor who worked in the
over were was the inspiration for the intruder work it created
where they come from there
he's trying to hide dot control
uh... i just remember everything i had to do a song was stever yvonne
as decisive in august so i don't know why you know those alexander
weight loss
this is a red
as a
as our team audience from
viking namely the loans
henry it up
don't like it because the number
likely talking like that
his might really don't like the answer
mister embarrassing
comic trapped
yeah mom
stain analysis everything is going so well up to that point now you got to
bring the negatives into that and i know you know i i i i i guess in either
and one of those are what is too much more money tramped tube
to deny
negative against them
i get tests
you know just like i will get to see my brother or something but
uh... which is why i just want to too much to sit here in star bad-mouth the
nam and i'm just not going to do it you know sometimes a little blurb will come
but it was too much to me we went from the the basement of the garden
so i have tried the
wages with the garden with
cast such i remember that that was the
who dcdc record was at the time i forget which was our studio
was not to appear for the info and then it was something like that
yes i like that
at direct
by this place on the two will apply to replace some uh...
winter the van halen
replacing them on that scorpions and fund i gave it to you which songs you or
that's uh... when you get the millionaire around here
what was so you want
theory rothstein
it's only the first disk
and the second this is a lot of them that's all you hear us
was a sales of uh...
sells insurance
without a it's not on there
trying to get really rough
you know that's another thing people there's another guy you either
actually love the people of worship a god or
people proposes on this one extremely other with him
ourselves from
islam user
of those records
california for your and since we were talking about this song list let's play
dissent from white lion
this is not a prison
and will continue to feel bad i will find some you're off the bike
will take more useful tools lumina sedan
feelings insists those forty years
district chili beer steins going to the advantage them too
does this incredible hearing that again
louis john ross era scorpions we've talked about them many times a lot of
people feel that
really know scorpions from the blackout period on but they had many records with
you'll each are officer guitar player throughout the seventies
and that is from the taken by force album sales assure a great one
obviously an influence on you veto have allowed by school about that soft you
can see how you do your little babai
pointed that out and now that i listen to that song is playing a kid f_ lee you
know that there was just uh... in a back then it was a lot of the hendrix 'cause
you know it was a total he's a total hendrix disciple i mean i
i'd just had those guys just in revolving in the loop
it was just uh... frank marino mahogany rush robin trower
you know you we're also free gallagher the jury was originally a
yeah i was in a row read but uh... it was just a little
do you know there was a certain time my wife right i went for the uh... the
technical guys the guys who were doing stuff that
now blues based
you know just more of our own
i'm not saying rory gallagher doesn't
play like that but
nato's gravitating towards was a hendrix type stuff
i never really heard worries stuff but the reason i ask you that is because
uh... ne glenn tipton was here not too long ago and that's his all-time
favorite guitar player room pointed to so i thought you know is always
interesting to see
here are the guys that
you know we all love where they kinda
you know that their inspiration from
yeah it's just you know in my case it was just so it's a stumble and you know
i loved peter frampton
you know a lot of you know when people say well you know your souls for it
monicamoyav line won't that's all peter frampton anniversary plans
but enough to friends of mine self union that is going well it is
i have uh...
the other side of it
mail the aggressive part of it and that was like i said robin trower you leroy
lessons on
you know pat travers
was always cricket or poison in the same returned your
you know all those kids off everything to me back then was gets our yeah you
know as a and it was funny cuz on john was such a big part of what i listen to
and that they had no occassionally tarnoff right but i'm sure data being
impact on your show in writing
well you have a c evidently these interfering in that's
and that's why you know when you when white line has certain sounds and always
had a melody so we were different now we were not metallica we weren't trying to
be celica back then you know when people
you know people back then was said well you know i'd like to start talking or
trying to be that way
but you know when you grow up listen elton john and i you know i've read
we're on
axl rose a sampling of problems on friday as a bigger influence
that comes out in the song writing them
you want to hear melodies you want to hear some catchy one hears from the
harmonies and all that stuff
but then when it comes time to apply the song was holding a place so long
that's when the guitar players know have been a lot of the the whole thing in the
in the eighties chewing and even now i mean that there's a big is that's a big
thing now and that's why i always
whenever you hear me talk about this show what i do on the radio is
disgusting we shall we say hard rock in heavy metal you always hear me say that
i feel they're they're two very different things in and i played both in
light of support both but they're very different things
and even now in the eighties and even now everything gets
in these banner of metal bands that never claimed they were metal and then
people like do you work a little real medal
that they're never said they were not all that shit they've got put back and
great result is calling him that the
illness rock bands of hard robinson's metallum answers she rolled to i mean it
is detrimental di raises apparatus are you know one of the uh... let's get
crazy let's get wild i mean
we're trying to be metal there
i mean how you know i doubt you get a funny enough i mean slayer on where the
guys in basically took a while it's not going to happen but that doesn't mean
you know your arm
tyson says some of these words
please uh... violently what words
san francisco 'cause they're battered cuz you actually can say no
if it may not necessarily what the mental anguish
uh... yeah i got another show you can say with everyone ok
how you can use all those salty words all you want i we got to take a break
real brother is here we've got thirty five minutes left to go michelle in the
line still jam the people that want to get on the line
but i think we need to do is sit and again you know a
as i tell people if you're new list really show it's different every week
sometimes has a lot of music
sometimes it's more talking discussion which is one clearly has been with very
good reason vito has done anything like this about fifteen years so
so many of you guys would jump on the line with the remaining minutes we'll
get as many calls as we said
winning i feel so guilty i'm sorry wield your dad
but it took so long
well you know you know that everyone loves you and this this is like that you
know a safe place
and you're right you know you're very close where you live so you come when
you hang out anytime and i and then the times you calm now that we've broken the
ice here
now you tell you just be like where you can just come in look in the military
bearing on a day or anything
thereafter contributed just come and hang out anytime you want
visitors to your show the ones on
he shikha exit equity trading anyone else who met him in the bill does he
stay here all day
happy gakkai let's take a break right now more calls reveal brother coming up
right after this nine graphics with a deterrent real quick speaking of
doesn't need to address real quick here is that the last couple weeks we'll talk
about another one of my favorite guitar players
and that is john sykes another where my missions is getting a blue murder
reunion to happen and
uh... you know people are only going to hear n is here with the one issue and
twisted reinterpret things
but power couple weeks ago i i didn't know is that i'm working on and talk to
john about it and that's that uh... i stressed that it was not confirmed did
and then of course
what happens on the internet is that a million sites pick it up and say that
there is a bloomer reunion and album mentor
when you say when confirmed is confirmed as you now there's a toward an end
he on top of the sites all week and then the other two guys the data pissed off
at the summer
and it's rediculous so you know i appreciate the enthusiasm in
and the uh... the power that this show has our people but you've gotta listen
to what i say and dole make it out because it didn't work against us to get
this stuff done
which uh... we you know was a little bit of a case this week but i think we're
we're still working towards that goal will cement doing ador
nine of the
great loss guitar players allowed a veto bribes on sites
double bill
that would be glad when we do that
wednesday the promoters of dome at eleven a hands-on real brothers here
it's us is back at work
finish here that's happening let's put that one out there as confirmed on here
does floorplan regarding that's that has happened
i'd still be those here we have thirty minutes left to go show and we're gonna
get sinful phone calls in l
i know you guys you waiting for a long time but please read animal studies
really quick so please get your question let's move as quick as we can
changes many of them in with our remaining moments left to go on the show
will go out to be alone or you right now
out in welcoming champagne charlie line on the air
anything please read this interview
uh... pita massacre of payment uh...
because they're pretty pretty inspirational proprietor
mathematica no
got a question for you with the other talking earlier about all the uh... you
don't worry we're going in and around where you're at what you're doing
rumor that caught my attention on one of the from truth to it
the remember involved in real say
tones newest that's right
that's another thing though i was not involve a realist and i don't know
close the rumor
separately author
envelopes analyze so you know when people's people send me stuff because i
don't have to go on the internet search out these things and
and on
there are a few websites
that people have done
about me that is a real honoring compliments of i can't get in there cuz
you gotta sign up analyst often
uh... uses rumors iowa
when i send
uh... always interviews into computers right
waveguide anti-tumor computerize on the night
search the web
patronize them being unfair
defeat effect you know i don't count on them making a living from computers
your real estate that's part of this
it's like if i put my money in stocks and says well he's a he's a works on
wall street i mean i invest my money in a real estate deal
and i was at and i don't know anything about real estate i gave my money to a
friend of mine who did real estate
you know he use that as an investment house that
uh... i don't go real ceremony thing about real estate you're speaking of
someone who we clearly initial who did make a ton of money in computers in
weekly intial
major free up
invented that person computer shipments in slot machines in or las vegas
isn't that need thing that's another slot machines
the guy is like beyond loaded calm them elusive but when we waffled alexandrov
concert s cousin tony kahn's act
actually you know something on mick morris we'll plan on the form an ally in
that more is
was uh...
he comes out to me was putting money in the
uh... i was at microsoft
animal consistently my soft what
hey admitted that this was in nineteen eighty eight or eighty nine
someone how he did well if nicolas into his own advice he the one after problem
opening order do these really interested in just like a lake inkenti supine and
enjoy life around
so anyway i answer the question now i don't buy on to real estate
at all i don't know what that is allow reattach under all of your brother
a recruiter rubio has gone too far
reference correctly
you're going to crack and heroin i figured you know value per hour
you know you have to look for a proper you're going for a programmer
commendable well thank you parenting or she recovered from a paradigm
paragraph question after after work i have to those because obviously because
we never know when i heard that mister are character with a reliable and
located in the middle
uh... every time you have uh... had never sold it sorry and they're all
sitting around there
area stages of dismantling and
you know i'm fortunate i was a tanker and i could never leave the guitar alone
and but i don't know how to work on guitars so i basically think i will take
its far apart
that caught the guitar tech is a please help
because i have these pieces now if i um... everything i have uh... and custom
e_s_p_ because of the white white logo was a black
he's gone but has got to keep moving out but hard cheese gambling we gave him a
hero might lead to be doing this poor guy i don't think it's a question we
gotta go down to fifteen other people that are
neoline that they're not on my hope that out they're going out
they can go in the issue is alright
i'm so i appreciate all called resume gotta keep moving and by the way we're
getting a lot of calls as as you can see from all over the country and remember
if you guys are not getting the show on your local station you're listening to
our mind
you can
your local station can carry just on that you wanted just like we've got you
know any less in boston al
wherever you are
bang the drum a little bit she'd get a show on your local radio station
mike you live on the embody ally i doubt warrior
including all this is it all
point of this uh... yeah i had my you know you don't brother
a historical more back in a day
uh... to work uh... security for you guys for quite a few years
without going into work this effect my father or the for all more
he does have the most of the most perplexing look on the status of the
world right now
came down to doing it if you guys with uh... the former detail what more
mike's place
are you kidding me how do you know what program like what are you going to order
weekly relying on a half-an-hour reviews perplexed log wanted or trying to bring
the following so you don't know i was a student at pizza hut alone a pizza part
that's right you are my siblings only
michael and i want to and where were you then where you but you know where you're
going to be gone for fifteen years i've been around promised and i don't know
amazon com off quite clearly all of our moscow bureau anywhere and i a stadium
tailgate snares
they'll be at the mall
net walking around
was in the people goes i think i'm not a camping denied him a question 'cause
they don't even care i just want to find out if uh... if you do do something to
go back with a lot programming on a roll
there is no more loud and proud and arnelle adored him mike
george michael of those guys well you know it's george's uh... wedding
anniversary tonight thirty three years version might prior to the original
uh... managers of white wine
uh... and the owners of partial loss also partners a little more subtle
george always be a part of anything like that
and that she uh... in brooklyn hey matron of the you know bronner
harry program opportunity
tanks trypan only veto over our fantastic a power play but i don't know
it will be remembered you know if you come down the island in
everybody up here listening you really are genuine guy
memorandum and you know it determine a lot of questions on the issue here is
n surrounding filing a written report syntactic everyway businessman truer
who comes to up to me and
and that's how we operate during world war i might call
which is a good friend and mitch issues that need us to jerk
by privately
they publicly is the nice guy the privately say he's a total total text
but i'm not going on and then on tuesday
dave renouncing sick
malas businesses which is a great is he's just one of those guys that he's
just aren't
very clearly to return portrait of illicit
admissions for the comment
all right and that is an automatically jump less general
you don't know what it would it be that there will be made at the white line to
come up with them on a side of something for free download
well united spitzer is amazing because here actually asking me that out
from like that but
that's the reason i i'd try to keep
well you know
track of these demos because i don't want to mama
uh... on the internet dated zero in a polished but uh...
unlimited insists on our think about if i can get a ganem insisted on doing
sound ok
then that there's a possibility out i will definitely tell in
that are just go do some new stuff you know uh...
to something that you know yeah charlie are almost on the over all of these guys
wait my close to an hour so it's kemon real quickly so charlie current report
has amounted to anything or if they are not the remember me cause
so you know
xanya for a while you're gone underwater he waited an hour danny went under water
she sees charlie i'm sorry that are not simply a seventy one oh four three
tommy your online with some tiny
harry worked out very very optimistic on time
are occurring
right-click her show more back in eighty three eighty or mile
emeryville i went on for four
being billed as
between members of the angel
field probably like you guys monitoring was he there
i believe he played show naka
out by my question was academy or property and
and why didn't he in with the band
cocktail stumped
well how did you hooked up with felix robinson
and why did he stay in the band tomorrow remember three pad or something he
answered it
and um...
here is that it means a lot of easily day's labor broken up a few years i was
you know he didn't look like you know he didn't look like a new anymore you know
my kmea mike where they're indiana will look like a rumor
these rock band and he showed up with payrolls
cut-off in
uniting to recognize my first book some
you know why either work out
you know we had a lot of uh... bass players in drummers you know you
mentioned a role in he was a michael into borough yeah
mandates that's
you know i knew he was expenses veranda
too so a lot of people it's just uh...
personalities scheme of things that they spitz was offered a black sabbath uh...
and she lost all students uh...
to join black sabbath than than that
lasted what maybe a month
yeah i i remember exactly specific reasons it's just uh... like any it's
like asking somebody about twenty years ago
was very devoted rose just it just happened
gerry line on the air go ahead without
and today
closeout elementary grade
james it went on
that is what we mentioned to me up
i read an interview that they were clearly tether anymore
both their average arrears but one of the other
because they don't worry what the relationship was with
because whatever you can really
favorable narita is so great about ten years ago and uh... i so james about i'm
as i have ever seen james
yeah i mean it's just it just seems like this is bad blood between all four
individually against this morning is that why not
it's just seems like a whole mess you know i i don't know i had how to get
over that it so it's all these different personalities but i i i couldn't tell
you a quality
grading james won't play with each other
welcome back then they would only play with each other for a long time mike
well that's that's the whole thing like a you know i i had like i thought the
connection the james lyons for instance
but james was fucked up with
you know it was almost like the sting of the non songwriters against the
songwriters because of this reason because of that reason
and which is uh... such stupid stuff
that eventually break some fancy me working hard to form a band of because
successful in and stupidity gets underway
uh... you know i don't know you know i hate to have a situation where people
get a reunion just for money
because i was already or for that
and there are people saying oviedo he's all about the money i mean it's exactly
the opposite i was an offer the money to do the reunions
but i'm not going to go pages for a paycheck
and james these days for the people i don't know james is the bass player
megadeth he's been in megadeath
for like the last year he played with ross he's played with zack while the
black leaders side
to jamestown trees probably the most active of the four guys
right unknown from
line up the classic line up of light line in terms of
you know playing and toward andy's has really stopped you know in any of the
stuff anne i just want you know vetoes videos obviously you're giving his
uh... you know
feelings about
the guys with every night
changer grad and talk in very honestly about where things are out
and yelled
all these guys are you know we all kind of grew up through the scene together
you know so nineteenth century or you know i'd get the bible where you're
coming from this very much like uh...
hill brotherhood you guys did some amazing things together and you know
it's there's always going to be that bond and as far as i'm concerned for
michelle just read as well as listeners i mean
steinem similar things that people always talk about how
i'm friends with the guys to skid row and friends of the guy
equal in france was sebastian you know they both have open door succumbing to
the show
my trip you know i i could go on until the same story sometime with you know
about my time with my excel you know it's the doors open here for anybody to
come to cut coming this is about
taken sides you choose inside for anything like that it's
it's just about the old within the memories in
you know you can see there's just no matter what
barnstorming the pressure of people say
there's always going to be that stronger connection again it goes back to what i
think about they said talk to a solid time and all the craziness that goes on
between the two swirled in
who's in who's out who's stressing who like to but the end of the day if you
really back those guys who know corner
though also you know what the the it's like brothers we did something that will
always hold us together you've we don't talk for ten years so all of that stuff
is always there i just finished i just finished a book on arthritis read a book
about jim morrison
and it's the same story every band every
every uh... generation every i mean this is a day in the sixties and into the
beatles and everything it's always this
i mean that's that's gotta be arsenic afford as in a room we're gonna love
each other for the next thirty years and never stop on anybody's throws his
always going to be something
and said you know it said that that happens in instances shame that it that
you take it is your personal lifestyle
network even saying
well i can't be there with you but i also don't ever want to speak to you
you know it's it's it's the fickle and just uh...
passive dishes
cardboard cut more quick ones then we are going to be done played a song about
indiana nascent how you are only available
we are today
under tanks every are you going to have you met them
a little bit
army recruiter about paying work right now hope it's ok let
your mission in a murder really doesn't have a death penalty panic meets with a
rare i'd come in please
thank you
it yesterday and i had given them interview that you brought it up
it'll be up for our people
curricular ceo
why do you ever get a check to get over their intact and we did have a
downer visited us inside of you visited you visit a new fans i think we've seen
some of them and caught in the midst of unbelievable compliment spots uh... you
know this
and i get hung up on the sites we've got a registered
hamidansari becca i'm sorry that i like
i like to dislike cruise through websites but when they start asking for
credit card will turn on the other email i would do that in our arm
it reacted
you have to register to view it up if you think lim lim
wearing a committed do you think that may be
you could give video brought us special counselor to the road dash brown a dot
com plot no that was now you can see almost as soon as i say you have been
i've got a little bit and everything
impression that i don't think you have read that they would get my uh...
computer address and hispanics caller i_d_
yum a dozen or so the guy that looks at midgets dot colorado edu goes are you
the web site that had like pictures of me with my car when i bought her some
time before he wrote from time to go to bed
felt really bad real quick afterwards people around
proper heroically
it would be seeing the proper
and i was there which is of the uh... the red sports car
i think that uh... yet batboy anism well you know me through any true dot com the
password no longer to heal for you happy anniversary
digital question
your little girl
fairmont autobiography perpetuating the realestate uh... affluent discuss
another trillion fees are non-refundable linesider donald passes presentation
clarifying that really
all right i didn't do that i did everything we also handed over to delhi
earlier actually website want once when uh... religious intolerance and website
work there was somebody in the website who was
who said that they knew everything about me
everything was wrong acceptors every
it like uh... yemeni was james remember something back
and therefore i would like make his montana my transkei ribs hasn't let me
know brother would be a staged a message to go out and i was doing greenberg
wasn't reagan akka
but a green bow dominated days we are moving their website
is that your insight
apart is at your website
video that better duck out of the website uh... are all
it's just a major compliment thank you so much
it and i promise your cardiology at in an article
panel emailing is uh... that will stop the strong about it
as the as one zero nasr is credit card you know violate any minority decides
visit his website so unlike me driving this
you know it's it's funny it's within the small little town m driving this bright
red lamborghini and it's like we're easy haydn these scary is that it has to be
pictures of awesomely t_v_ seven of your goods gonna see
you go to the car show in tom pearson
crawled out of the
shrubs during friday's super idea member so much this week to go on and on 'cause
i guess when you go back
toward twenty years and feeling on the night before
and was that i think she tricked us said he was there and uh... we went to the
the funny thing about that night did you take a local quicklist
was rick nielsen because i was working for metaphors of the concrete real soon
we went to that mongolian barbecue rights or barbeque in l_a_ enrich
nielsen just as i i want for label but i didn't work for white lines label or
cheat richly while israel would you want is a forty wasn't breaking my balls and
this is when she trick and the flame a neighbor lady when she was business
mon-fri heartened by printing spaces because you do you guys all mobile he's
gonna meanwhile because i do not
you know we may need a label and it would be a lot more do we have a better
shot of signing us if you do you think of this error
i love you guys but on the agenda and you know i'll plan on taken for my part
but i can't i_t_n_ do this again expensive
i can afford it myself your funniest thing is
by guiding told to balancing didn't see reveals a flight fifteen years
and this is going back already ten years ago
and i spy hamrick on this show on the phone
and i say go metric in the first thing out of his mouth was
job about the mongolian while you know i i like to start
calling he has a large or i wish i did and they said it
one more clue one more call hearing and we've got to we've definitely gotta wrap
it up we got another break in the medula
we and it was going on suggested spillway
cop final caller real quick
two questions
when you're not going to come out with a live t_v_
favorite consider daycare plan
cage exporter but it was that may have and
we covered this and happening by having you know we all had had
annual hera
anyone demands
you know that's what
you know the part of the nineties where the lack of hair was which you had to
but i want
i mean
that's how you had a look uh... i i'm not going to talk about they have thing
i think it's just the the stupidest
opposing first question if you get it
while he may not know that the band really doesn't exist in hasn't for a
long time because he's asked me if you can come out alive if there's a lot of
armor dvd that could come out you're the only thing i could say about any of
these live things or anything that sonya and that you can purchase out nowadays
all i would say that the fans as you make sure that you know you better off
if you make sure that it's an authorized think otherwise you probably haven't
getting ripped off
try to do final break and come back and wrap this up as we go to the break
we've been talking about this white lion double c_d_
definitive rock collection two greatest hits record features also about a dozen
previously unreleased live tracks so there you go there someone stuff for you
and veto if you'd be so kind assignees i got five copies they told him away to
random callers tripoli eight seventy one oh four three
he'll sign a copy of the new light line double c_d_ which is available now from
rhino again previously unreleased live material on their suggest we check it
out we place without earlier in the show which to our last break right now we'll
come back
and wrap it up with the special show will be a broad array after this
all right we are totally out of time thank you guys so much for listening
wherever however you've been listening to the show much appreciated again
tell your local station if you're not listening to it by radio station using
online let him know you want to show every week it is available more
in the syndication section of a truck dot com
uh... also of course the radio section is therefore you music news
the each one classic stuff that's all there for you as well hobbies on l_a_
actually next week to do in studio t_v_ shoe with poison about their new record
have a report for you on that when that airs on the h one classic very soon
uh... the uh... what can i say thank you took forever but i i'm glad that you
have this
and hope yes i know when you're you're happy that you did this is our
now thank you uh... and a big are doing a hug to everybody out there
you know that's uh...
you know the time just overwhelm the compliments and just to the feeling i
got no
referred to just give everybody
even acai
texas his hand i think he's going to be passed out by now
what is on our panel honor on the computer will
type you type in the big capital letters as its official your screen out here
he was upset
he was upset about is uh... with aplomb glad b_c_c_i_ funny and we could see
again before another fifteen years many alleles correct i could come and hang
out with us anytime
hopefully at some point with what ever been in whatever lineup tution music
because i know everyone
i speak on behalf of everyone i say we just wish i knew you play him as i have
john sykes as a result of the boomer from institute became too tight too
the over other thank you so much thank you guys who isn't a key to take u_n_
uh... and everyone else and we'll see again next week same time same radio
i will leave you with a song from a white
line on that we didn't touch on tonight
is the last on the band did main attraction and it's probably one of my
favorite senators great stuff on this record is a great sounding record and i
think this song which was his first single from the album would have been
one of the band's biggest hits
if he didn't come out when the whole the timing with the whole grunge thing i
this is the white lion hit that should have been
that wasn't because of the climate music you have time times i think this whole
outmanned charges should have been
problems right after primarily one of the play lights and thunder but we
didn't have time that's too long and i will have to have you know i mean i
think some more geared towards your show
yeah we'll do that a lot of death we do have here is uh... here's what dole come
easy from white lines final album to date
who knows what the future holds but we'll find out together