2012: A Year in Review

Uploaded by GoGeocaching on 07.01.2013

BETHANY: It's just a regular geocaching day right?
But then we have an event like Leap Day,
and then the fun meter goes ooooooop!
JEREMY: Hi, my name is Jeremy Irish and I am the CEO of Geocaching.com.
TROY: I was thinking back on what's made this year so great.
JEREMY: The amazing creativity of geocachers and the caches that we're seeing
NATHAN: We got to work on cool projects like this shirt.
ROXXY: And this shirt.
NATHAN: And this poster.
ROXXY: And lots, and lots of beautiful Geocoins.
JENN: This is the 10th year that we have all participated in
Cache in Trash Out events throughout the world.
NICOLE: We had 40 Mega Events in 2012 alone.
Last year we had 20 or so.
BETHANY: So 12-12-12 was just a recent event that we had.
About 70,000 people received the souvenir.
NATE: One of the big things we did this year was the new cache submission process.
What we wanted to do was make it easier for cache owners to submit caches
without forgetting a lot of information that they need to include
that could sometimes create barriers into getting their cache published.
TROY: One thing that comes to mind is
how awesome our mobile software development team did in improving our iPhone application.
We released 5.0 just in time for the Block Party.
BETHANY: I think around 2,500 people were here
so it was the biggest party I've ever been to before.
TROY: It is better looking and faster and more stable than ever before.
JEREMY: Geocaching is run faster than ever.
CINDY: We added quite a lot of translations to the website and to the geocaching applications.
NICOLE: We're sending a lot more people from Geocaching.com to Mega Events all over the world.
JENN: We proudly launched a new product called Geotours.
Our hosts have picked out these locations
so that they really show off the most awesome parts of their various communities.
BETHANY: As many of you cachers know I was a part of the Cachers of Steel video that came out last year.
You've probably seen it.
You've probably done the work out as well.
And if you have you're probably an even better geocacher!
TROY: So in 2013 we are going to keep making awesome.
JEREMY: In 2013 we are going to have the 2 millionth cache that's active in the world.
And to put this in perspective, in 2010 we had the millionth cache.
BETHANY: Block Party 2013 is going to be really awesome,
Make some travel arrangements to join us.
We'd love to have you.
JEREMY: I'm more excited than ever to be part of geocaching and I hope you are too.
CINDY: Herzliche Grüße von Seattle.
TROY: Ho ho ho. I got you that present.
JON: Thank you.