My Speech at 1st IYF English Contest 2012

Uploaded by sontung311 on 19.01.2013

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
I’m sure all of you here once have great admiration for someone.
He could be a historical hero, a musical legend or simply just your beloved father.
But today I would like to share with you guys one of my favorite people
Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres.
She is an American comedian, actress and a famous talk show host.
I believe humor is a sign of great intelligence
and Ellen is an example of it.
She can make us laugh by an ordinary story.
Even to some political issues
Ellen talks about them in the simplest and funniest way.
Yet, it still leaves us something to think about.
As a huge celebrity, she also invites others to her talk show.
Her hilarious jokes with the stars help us find out
they are just normal people like us.
But a sense of humor is not her characteristic
that made me love Ellen the most.
She was called Ellen The Generous
because of her compassion for women and children.
“Be kind to one another - bye bye”
is what she says at the end of her every show.
Every Mothers’ Day, Ellen invites pregnant women to her show
and send them presents preparing for their babies.
She also helps a single mom build a house.
Then she invited her back to the show and offered more helps.
Just like many of us, Ellen loves children.
She never stops encouraging young talents
and helping them to pursue their dreams.
The most touching moment of Ellen
is when she reunited a military family.
Watching the meeting between the soldier and his wife and baby
just brought me to tears.
One more thing I would like talk about Ellen is her bravery.
She speaks out for people suffering from racism, discrimination or bullying.
5 years ago, she came out publicly as a lesbian.
A year later, she got married with her female partner, Portia.
That has been a motivation for many homosexuals all over the world.
Ellen DeGeneres is a hilarious, compassionate and courageous woman.
She is an endless inspiration of people around her, including me.
She makes me laugh and cry and smile proudly
just like what I have done in the whole speech.
I hope you are inspired by her as well.
And "Be kind to one another".
Thank you very much.