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20121210 Highlights of the news today
Monday 10th December. Surge in Young Muslims jailed
Planners reject ‘mega mosque’ in East London
Prisoners Are Given Dreadlock Holiday John Puxty in Warwick
Almost Half French Feel Poverty Pinch: Survey Belgium: Transitioning From Democracy to Sharia?
Belgium Raises Terror Level Ahead of Anti-Islam Film Release
Soros Remakes America Into Narco Nation Pakistan Unsafe for Western Charity Workers
Thought for the Day – Nothing as good as offending everyone!
And finally – Secret of Cat Burglar unlocked!
UK NEWS Surge in Young Muslims Jailed
THE proportion of Muslim young offenders clogging up the country’s jails has soared in the
past year, new figures show. One in five of the 1,500 males in young offender institutions
described themselves as Muslim in 2011/12. This compares with one in eight two years
before and one in six in 2010/11. At one of Britain’s most notorious youth jails the
figure is more than a third… Plans for new east London 'mega-mosque' rejected
by local council Proposals for Britain’s biggest mosque located
near the Olympic Stadium were refused planning approval amid fierce local opposition. This
eyesore would have been the largest Islamic centre in Britain and one of the many in Western
Europe had plans been passed. It would have been 3 times the size of St Pauls Cathedral
and had a capacity for nearly 10,000 worshippers. The plans were submitted by the Muslim group
Tablighi Jamaat in 2007 but the councillors at Newham were advised by Planning officials
to reject it on the grounds of being too large, poor in its planning & design and would generate
too much local traffic. Located in the shadow of the 2012 Olympic
Park, in Stratford, it was to include a prayer hall for almost 7,500 men and a separate facility
for about 2,000 women. A W@8 reporter comments ‘There is a God and he lives in Newham and
his name is not Allah’
UK: Prisoners Are Given Dreadlock Holiday: Hundreds of criminals are to be allowed four
days off prison work every year to celebrate Rastafarian festivals. Prison governors have
been issued with a list of holy days on which Rastafarian inmates must be excused their
normal tasks.
On some they will be allowed to hold communal worship, and they may be provided with special
food prepared by the prison kitchens. One nationalist spokesperson said ‘I wasn’t
aware that Rasta was a bona fide religion, I always thought it a cult or way of life
– still it shouldn’t be allowed to become a reason for even more leniency in our prisons
towards our ethnic minorities , who are of course ‘majorities’ in our prison system’.
Britain Gives Millions in ‘Climate Aid’ To Tackle Flatulent Colombian Cows…
Millions of pounds of British taxpayers’ money have been spent on a scheme aimed at
reducing the flatulence of Colombian cattle, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. A £15million
grant to ranchers and other organisations in the South American country was part of
a £2.9billion package of ‘climate aid’ to developing countries which critics called
The initiative aimed to improve animal diets by cultivating trees and plants on their grazing
lands — in doing so reducing the amount of methane escaping through belching and flatulence.
Also included in this madness is £31m to Turkish Wind Farms and Funding for Talks with
Kenyan ‘Rain-Makers’
Lib Dem supporter fined £300 after council election punch-up
Birmingham City Magistrates court heard Nadeen Azam – the son Mohammed Azam the Liberal
Democrat candidate for Washwood Heath,– “lost his temper” after a row with Labour
supporter, student Bilal Asif. In the ensuing fracas Nadeem, punched 18-year-old
Zainab Khan sister of Mariam Khan who went on to claim the Birmingham City Council seat
for Labour in the May 3 ballot. Nadeem denied the charge, but was found guilty
by District Judge Mark Jabbitt. Passing sentence, he told Azam: “This was
an unpleasant and violent incident. "This is a serious case because of the threat,
from reducing a civilised election campaign to little more than a brawl, of further disorder
from your actions.” Judge Jabbitt ordered Azam to pay a £300
fine, £100 compensation, £620 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.
Multicultural 'Mouth Piece' journalist stands all over the British.
Immigrant and occasional journalist Lord Karan Bilimoria of Cobra Beer fame in writing for
the Observer claims “Britain's immigration cap isn't good for business.
“Our rigid immigration laws prevent some sectors of the marketplace from recruiting
staff with the required skills.” He also claims that 'today we are far more
multicultural' and that British Asians who make up only 4% of the UK population contribute
more than 8% to the British economy. He is the same ‘Lord’ who in 2007 fought
hard for the government to allow foreign students to work for 2 years in the UK after completing
their education. A W@8 writer says “thankfully he lost that
battle. However he still maintains that these foreign students still contribute over £8billion
a year to the UK economy. I guess these must be the illegal workers in the takeaway and
curry houses.”
John Puxty takes us to Warwick
The Anglo Saxon Chronicle tells us that Ethelfleda, daughter of King Alfred the Great, built a
fortified house in Warwick in 914AD. It was one of ten such strong points constructed
within Mercia to protect the area from attack by
the Danes. This site was chosen because the old Roman
road the Fosse Way crosses the River Avon at this spot.
Warwick was the capital of a new Saxon administrative centre designed to strengthen central
England. The name means "house by the wier", the wier being on the River Avon and built
to improve the river crossing.
In 1050AD much of Warwick was burned to the ground by invading Danes. In 1068 William
the Conqueror upgraded the fortifications and
built a castle. Four houses had to be pulled down to
make way for the new structure and a new town wall was built.
During the Civil War Warwick was a Parliamentary town with a garrison of 350 men.
The medieval town was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1694, which burnt out the town centre,
leaving some medieval houses still standing at the edge of the town. The Church of Saint
Mary was damaged but the chancel and Beauchamp
chapel, built in 1464, survived.
In 1852 the railway arrived in Warwick, but the industrial revolution had no effect on
the town which remained essentially rural.
Warwick race course lies to the west and is unusual because it has a golf course built
within the racetrack.
J.R.R.Tolkein, the author of Lord of the Rings, was married here. He used Warwick as a model
for Edoras and the Norman castle for Minas Tirith. The plot of the book also followed
the plot of the medieval romance "Guy of Warwick".
Come and wander among the Tudor and Georgian houses here and dream dreams of fantasy and
adventure as Tolkein did.
Thank you John for your informative input today.
EUROPEAN NEWS Almost Half of French Feel Poverty Pinch:
Survey Nearly one in two French people consider themselves
poor or fear they soon will be, said a survey published Thursday ahead of a national poverty
conference that comes amid a period of prolonged economic stagnation.
Belgium: Transitioning From Democracy to Sharia? Brussels has sworn in two municipal officials
from a new Islamic party who want to implement Sharia law. A YouTube video shows one of the
men, Redouane Ahrouch, taking the oath of office in Brussels, followed by a protestor
pointing out Ahrouch’s plans to turn Belgium into an Islamic state. The critic disrupted
the ceremony, shouting that Ahrouch will undermine democracy with his plans to implement Islamic
law. Ahrouch has admitted he’s taking a gradual approach, saying it may take decades
to enforce Sharia. But he said the process has now begun. The Gatestone Institute reports
Ahrouch created a 40-point program in the past, including teenage marriage and redesigning
the Belgian judiciary to comply with Islam. Muslims now make up one quarter of the population
of Brussels. Belgium Raises Terror Level Ahead of Anti-Islam
Film Release Belgium on Friday raised its terror threat
level to the second-highest ahead of the release of a new home-made film on the Internet next
week criticising the Prophet Mohammed.
Interior Minister Joelle Milquet said the decision by a terror analysis and coordination
unit was “a simple preventative measure,” taking the level of threat up from two to
three out of a maximum of four. The decision was taken ahead of the release,
planned for December 14, of “The Innocent Prophet” which an online trailer says is
“from the point of view of an ex-Muslim.
France: Grave Robbers Caught Stealing Gold Teeth
French police on Thursday detained three grave-diggers in the latest in a series of arrests after
dozens of bodies were dug up and gold teeth and jewellery stolen from them. Police detained
the men as they worked at a cemetery in Pantin in the north Paris suburbs, where last month
four other men, including another three grave-diggers, were arrested. The first two arrests came
on the night of November 25, when police found 10 gold teeth on one of the suspects who were
both wearing miners’ headlamps and boots covered with fresh earth. A police source
said the thieves located fresh graves during the day and then returned at night to rob
French hostage families wait for government to act against Al Qaeda.
The families of 6 French hostages captured by terrorist organisation Al Qaeda are in
turmoil. One of the hostage's brothers has made a video
to appeal to the terror organisation to release him.
The families have said that they need the French government to get to the negotiating
table and sort the problem. Four of the hostages were captured in Niger
back in 2010 as they worked away from home for a nuclear power company, while the other
two were kidnapped in 2011. The area in which the hostages are being held
is in a strong Sharia law province in a country reported to be the size of France itself.
The civil war and imposition of Sharia law has forced around
d 40,000 people to flee Niger WORLD NEWS
Soros Remakes America into Narco Nation As more states embrace legalization of marijuana
— a pet cause of George Soros for decades — the British publication The Independent
has published a groundbreaking series of articles by journalist Patrick Cockburn on how his
son went insane smoking the drug. Cockburn and his son Henry, who was treated
for psychosis and partially recovered, have written an article in which Patrick Cockburn
is quoted as saying his son played Russian roulette with cannabis “and lost.”
Henry, who smoked marijuana daily for seven years and was in mental hospitals for about
eight years as a result, says, “When I reached a mental hospital, called St Martin’s, I
spent three hours walking around the lunch tables trying to listen to my shoes. I thought
my shoes were talking to me.” Patrick Cockburn spent months speaking to
the experts in the field and reports on the substantial evidence linking sustained marijuana
use with mental illness. One expert, Sir William Paton, professor of pharmacology at Oxford
University, reveals “that even limited social use of cannabis could precipitate schizophrenia
in people who previously had no psychological problems,” and noted that “smoking a single
joint could induce schizophrenia-like symptoms such as hallucinations, paranoia and fragmented
thought processes.”
“Three-quarters of consumers may take cannabis with no ill effect but the remaining quarter,
the genetically vulnerable, play Russian roulette,” Cockburn say
Pakistan Unsafe for Western Charity Workers. Pakistani experts have said that Bargeeta
Almby — a Christian charity worker from Sweden who was shot in Lahore on Monday — was
a victim of growing intolerance and anti-West sentiment in Pakistan.
Bargeeta Almby, a 72-year-old Swedish charity worker, was returning from work on Monday
when she was attacked by unknown gunmen in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore. Doctors
said Almby was hit in the chest and is still unconscious in hospital.
“A bullet hit her in the chest. We have treated her and she is improving now,” Ali
Usman, a doctor at the hospital, told AFP. The latest reports, however, say that Almby
is still in a critical condition
Thought for the Day- Nothing is safe today! Well today I am feeling a pre Christmas Kodak
moment as I look around and read the papers, namely the Mail, that daily dose of mixed
metaphors that is the press today. But on going around the next big shopping centre
near us in the boonies, I was surprised to see that the non religious Christmas is alive
and spreading like a large incongruous amoeba throughout the land. There was a tree, true
but nothing hung on the sodding thing bore any resemblance to the Nativity, the Holy
Child or even the 3 Kings! Obviously there was no Nativity scene and this year no lights
hanging in the mall, just the ones for Santa’s grotto. In short everything is ‘more acceptable’
to the Marxist Left, the Liberals and of course our visitors and migrants who are clearly
settling in this country for the long haul! My better half remarked that the tree was
crap whereupon I pointed out at least it beat the Belgium cube tree which didn’t even
resemble a tree! So now it is official the one great religious holiday in this country
has now become on a par with Halloween, in fact we welcome trick or treaters but if the
local Church actually managed to bring out people singing Christmas carols no doubt they
would have the doors shut their faces in many areas. In fact there was no Salvation Army
playing today either, a true sign of rolling over and being rolled on! In short there was
nothing to denote that Christ mass is only a couple of weeks away apart from the bulging
food trolleys and the queues at Primark! So, first offending words to the local Councils
, who after all accept our money from Council Tax and therefore we should have some say
in what it goes on. Second offending words to the NHS and the
Press on this ridiculous phoney phone call to King Edward VII Hospital about Kate’s
morning sickness. Call me mad or bad but this is a result of initially employing nurses
who do not speak or understand England or the English or come to that the Australians,
who for the most part are descended from our criminal classes, so a phony call from a reporter
is to be expected. Now if the nurse had been English or a variety of such and had not moved
from India to Bristol 9 years ago she would have known one or both of two points. Firstly
the Queen does not make her own phone calls and who was the hospital telephone operator
who put this call through to the ward in the first place? From my sketchy knowledge of
hospitals calls have to come from the main switchboard to the ward concerned. Now I heard
the recording early on in this saga, and thought then pity this nurse sounds non English speaking.
Of course I was right and to be offensive yet again, if this poor soul committed suicide
over a silly prank what would happen if something really terrible occurred. It is all being
blown out of proportion yet again. I mean these two didn’t even sound like the Queen
and Prince P so what was the switchboard thinking? Apparently they will all have nervous breakdowns
or get the sack now – a joke which has really misfired for no reason.
Offending number three! Kate’s morning sickness is of little interest to me – I suffered
it all three times I was expecting and the first time was the worst. Luckily like Kate
I did not have to work but in my day the cure was the drug Thalidomide for acute morning
sickness, which you had to pay a doctor for, no NHS for the masses then. Luckily I took
one dose and threw it up so that was the end of that. But I cannot understand all the hype
about this pregnancy I am afraid. In the Sunday Mail there is a huge spread on The Making
of a Monarch by Katie Nicholl and Charlotte Griffiths. Oh dear, what a lot of crap. For
a start an education would help these two, a ‘Monarch’ is a ‘ruler or head of state’
existing. There is no indication that this new born will ever rule, even if they do change
the rules to accommodate a girl child. If this country goes along with a virtually Christ
free Christmas what do you think will happen to our Royalty? Apart from poor old Charles
who embraces virtually all religions. These two full pages were devoted to a lot of hearsay
and friends of friends, who of course are not friends at all if they speak to the Mail.
It was all planned and in the stars and if you look at ‘Team Kate’ including the
ghastly Middleton clan, I rest my case! I am on a roll now and offending words number
4! A Buckingham Palace Guardsman with no Bearskin! Now apart from the fact I think all real Bearskins
should be nylon and not the real thing, there is one thing that should not be replaced and
this is the way our Guards are dressed. I am sick and tired of the press and authorities
bowing to pressure from these groups of strangers no matter what their ethnicity or religious
beliefs. The Sikhs already get away with murder with their bracelets, turbans, topknots, knives
and other items peculiar to the Sikh faith. Even Facebook has been employed to spread
the word on his ‘trauma’. When I last looked the men outside the Palace were white.
This is not a Sikh or Indian country yet. Men guarding our Palace should be white and
British, not brown and Sikh, or Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist. We got chucked out of India
and the Sikhs although they had a bad time with the Muslims at Partition, did not like
the British at all and in fact actively went over to the Japanese in Singapore lest we
forget. Now they are over here enjoying all the benefits of this country he should wear
a bearskin over his turban, let’s face it no one would see the turban under that great
heap of fur, it is just a publicity stunt to show the world how wonderfully liberal
we are, well I am not, Do the job and dress for the part or guard someone else or better
still go back to India! I am getting very good at this offending bit,
I think it is about time we all did a bit more offending, it is free and fun! 5th Offensive
words. Poor old Liz Jones, I like her but in yesterday’s paper she had an article
on ‘Nurses’ of course because of the suicide. She came out with the old phrase, ‘The Eastern
European and African women ‘ who look after her Mother were ‘patient, funny and sweet’.
Well good for her but the Filipinos that so called cared for my Mother were not and like
so much in life you do not know until it is too late. They were lazy and completely out
of touch with us Brits and our culture. They killed with indifference not ignorance. Whilst
not all our so called nurses and carers are bad, for the vast majority it is only a job
which they do not have to go through a CRB check for and are usually employed off the
banana boat because of this and the fact they are cheap.
Offending words 6. A double whammy! It is about Palestine or the Gaza strip. I am sick
and tired of having the Palestinian mess rammed down my throat in the news and papers! I am
not pro Israel particularly but I am pro Jerusalem. During the First World War when the Turks
invaded Palestine there were hardly any people there, only a few sheep herders. Between the
wars the so called indigenous herders were offered this strip of land, they refused it.
Now of course it has become a melting pot between two religions. However and here goes.
In my opinion, the only two religions that should be in the immediate vicinity and in
Jerusalem are the Jews and the Christians. Mohammed and Islam is a late comer to those
lands although the people ethnically are still Semitic. Mohammed didn’t go to Jerusalem
or be crucified there. Jesus was a Jew from the house of David and died there. The Palestinians
are a strange offshoot of peoples who even the other followers of Islam do not want or
they would have helped them long ago without resorting to terrorism and waiting for Israel
to be formed. Next is Ireland, and the flag waving or rather
not waving pandering to Ulster’s gangsters. Well typical of us Brits, we go from the sublime
to the Gor blimey and we have gone overboard both ways over the years. We used to treat
the indigenous Irish disgracefully, which over the years made it into a war footing
which led to the Troubles and the rise of the Sein Fein. Now I have no time for people
who blow up innocent civilians and cannot understand the way Gerry Adams is prancing
around like a cat that has got the cream. But now the Brits are backing down in the
North of the country and that leaves a disenchanted British/Scottish minority on its own. In fact
it proves that it is better unless absolutely necessary for a precious few to stick to your
own country. There will be more trouble over there I am sure, but will it get published
in the Mail? There I have offended everybody but lo, another
message. I know that many so called Nationalist splinter groups are forming all the time,
in fact more than carbuncles on a hogs back, but the one thing to remember in all this
is that despite the faults of the British National Party and they are legion, we are
still the best known Nationalist Party to hate!
And finally- 'Cat burglar': Neighbourhood moggy with a
magnetic collar responsible for spate of missing keys. Neighbours, in Stoke Newington North
East London thought they had mislaid their keys but when even more started to be lost
they looked elsewhere for a reason. And thus discovered Milo cat burglar extreme. It started
when Milo was given a magnetic collar to avoid other cats coming in and eating his food.
However in Milo’s jaunts around neighbour’s houses, keys flew onto his collar and went
through the door with him. It was only discovered when Kirsten Alexander, 27, spotted her pet
coming through the cat flap with a set of someone else's keys dangling from her magnetic
collar that the mystery was solved. Bless her, Milo is a genuine cat burglar!
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.