How to Draw the Figure from a Skeleton

Uploaded by FineArtEBooks on 25.12.2012

Hello my friends, I am VERY glad to see you again!
I am Leonardo Pereznieto and I want to welcome you to another Tuesday of tutorial!
There are several methods for drawing the figure and one of those is to draw a basic
skeleton as a guide.
And that is the one we will use today.
So we start sketching 2 ovals: one for the skull and one for the rib cage.
And then the pelvis.
We also draw the collar bone, the ribs, etcetera.
I think I got carried away a little bit too much! We did not need as many bones.
I draw a simple face -- All we will do today is a rapid sketch.
I erase the bones that we do not need anymore.
Look at how the skin just borders the ribcage and the pelvis.
(That is the bone of the hip, of course).
If everything went well, by now we should have an anatomically correct figure.
Which then, if we want, we can dress.
I will give her some sunglasses after the clothing.
Lets draw a T-Shirt and then, some jeans.
Of course you dont have to draw with this procedure. But I wanted to show it to you
and also, I want to ask you a question:
Would you like me to do a tutorial to show how to draw the figure from memory
or fromthe imagination?
Please let me know in the comments.
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And Ill see you on Tuesday.