Os Barbixas - Improvável - Troca 1 (com Rafinha Bastos e Marianna Armellini)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 17.04.2008

It's the "Quick Change" Game, and the audience will give me a place!
Elevator. Perfect, an elevator.
What are they doing in the elevator?
A funk party at the elevator. Very well, that's it.
Three will play.
First we will have Andy, Mari and Daniel.
Funk party, here's the deal: In this game, when I say 'change',
the guy who's talking - or the girl - will change the last word she said.
The line, the last line, will change.
Funk party, in an elevator, "Quick Change", go.
- I know a club inside a train. - Change!
- I know a club inside a theater. - Change!
Is this a club?
This elevator thing is kinda different.
- Because of this rising thing. - Change!
- Because of this falling thing. - Change!
Because of all this things, I'm loving it!
Does these things include this hunk here?
What hunk?
- Could you hit 12 for me, please? - Change!
- Could you hit 14 for me, please? - Change!
Could you hit on his ass?
Will you keep hitting on my ass or will you hit something else?
- We could hear some good music, like Eminem - Change!
- Like Aretha Franklin. - Change!
Like Britney Spears!
- Yes! Yes! Yes! - Change!
- No! No! No! - Change!
From the early albums, maybe.
- This is a big elevator, huh? - Change!
- This elevator is small! - Change!
This elevator, so full of love...
- You're a singer! - Oh yes, I am!
Cool, sing for us some of your hits!
- What do you want me to sing? - Change!
- What do you want me to dance? - Change!
Watcha want?!
Stop it! You don't have to be rude!
- I want to see... - Change!
- I want to walk... - Change!
I want to know why are you picking on me!
- You were the one who interrupted... - Change!
- You were the one who came out of nowhere... - Change!
You're the one who's so damn ugly!
I'm pissed off!
I'm so pissed off, because of the ugly men and women here!
- I'm outta here! - Change!
- I'll hang around just a little bit more and I will go. - Change!
I'm really going.
- You know what? We won't miss you! - Change!
- We will kinda miss you. - Change!
Come back!
Very nice!
Featuring Daniel's incredibly poor english!
- Daniel, for God's sake, tell us. - I know 'yes','no' and 'book'.
- 'Book' would be weird. - I said 'maybe'...
You could have said 'book'. Who knows?
- What if the audience doesn't get it? - I see.
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.