Graduate Video 2013 - Be Part of the Solution

Uploaded by glennc84 on 28.08.2012

We have graduates from every corner of the country with all kinds of backgrounds
and we're all part of the solution.
The Department graduate program includes three
work placements in different areas.
Giving you more opportunity to look around for the
roles that suit you.
Part of the Department's graduate program includes working on major projects
that are valuable to the Government.
Through my research we developed recommendations for future policies.
My team and I traveled to Melbourne and Queensland
to interview manufacturing firms who are producing
low carbon products or implementing
efficient processes.
The Department's graduate program has many career
development opportunities.
They offer broad training sessions for all staff and specialised
training to suit your individual career path.
They offer training that can be applied in all areas of Government.
And the commitment to professional development continues
even after you've graduated.
Moving to Canberra from anywhere in Australia to work for the Department
can seem like a pretty big step.
But there was plenty of help and support from the Department
With everything from moving and relocating, finding a place to live
and even childcare services.
Canberra is a great city to live in with plenty of parks and natural surroundings.
So there's lots of things to do outside,
and plenty of things to do inside
and there are so many opportunities to meet and socialise
from the day we all arrive in Canberra.
So come and be part of the solution.