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Uploaded by HealthiNation on 16.02.2012

AMY HENDEL: So, Jenae and Raymond you have been so gracious about letting me suggest,
merely suggest, some possible options that you can kind of think about. And remember:
no force
RAYMOND: I'm gonna keep my mouth shut!
AMY HENDEL: Oh, no! Raymond! I'm enjoying your humor
AMY HENDEL: I just think that sometimes the world is very small in terms of our choices
and a lightbulb moment can happen
RAYMOND: I love life!
AMY HENDEL: Good! Then you're gonna love the foods I'm talking about. I think that having
a salt substitute actually on your table is a great way to get the salt off the table,
a little bit out of the meal process and I love the fact that you have herbs here. I
know you told me some of the herbs are actually herbs that you've picked and dried yourself
so that's a great way to introduce flavor with reduction of sodium, salt, fats, sugar
so that's an excellent habit that you're engaged in. Do you ever cook tofu?
AMY HENDEL: How come?
JENAE: 'cause I think it's like slimy. The only time I've had it that I liked it
AMY HENDEL: Mmm hmm.
JENAE: was in those Chinese buffets where they bread and fry it and of course, that
defeats the purpose
AMY HENDEL: Okay yes it does but I will take it a notch down and put it in the more
moderate place; if you take a block of firm tofu, and drop it in some healthy marinade
and let it just sit there, the block of tofu will act like a sponge. Cube it, take a bunch
of French vegetables and do a stir fry. Tofu is neutral; it has no taste and if you cube
it small and throw it into a stir fry, you will not taste slimy; you will take the taste
of the marinade and you will taste the vegetables, okay? So, give it a whirl now, Raymond
we are moving into the section I call, The Raymond Dessert Section
AMY HENDEL: This is for you I mentioned that drinking wine is certainly healthy because
of resveratrol; again, think about using grapes; freeze them; add them to fruit salad. They
contain resveratrol as well which is heart healthy. I love the fact that you have green
apples and limes in your kitchen; again, that differential of color are those different
phyto-nutrients. You wanna be eating different colors every day. Lemme suggest to you since
you love peaches, did you know that you can grill peaches?
JENAE: Yes, I grill them.
AMY HENDEL: That is a great dessert to give Raymond with a little sorbet or with a little
fat-free ice cream. That to me is marrying the benefits of fruit with a little bit of
calcium-rich yogurt or ice cream
JENAE: I usually buy the frozen yogurt
AMY HENDEL: A scope on grilled fruit; a scoop on grilled pineapple; a scoop on grilled watermelon
beyond delicious. Sugar caramelizes so if you grill watermelon, it's gonna caramelize
on the outside without putting anything on it. The bottom line is I think you guys have
actually have a lot of great healthy things going on; if you wanna lose weight, if you
wanna stay heart-healthy, you do need a little tweaking to go on. So, maybe you'll embrace
some of the thoughts; think about them; try and make them a habit; play off each other
'cause you have a delightful
AMY HENDEL: delightful interplay
AMY HENDEL: and maybe I'll come back and see how you're doing, okay?
RAYMOND: Hang in there, Babe!!
AMY HENDEL: Any way, take care and good luck with these new tips
RAYMOND: Thank you
JENAE: Thank you
AMY HENDEL: Nice meeting you!
RAYMOND: Thank you.
AMY HENDEL: Well, that was certainly a lot of fun and a challenge which I typically
have with a lot of families; but I sense that Jenae and Raymond are both motivated to make
some changes. So my hope is they'll embrace some of these nutrition tips and give it a
go. On to our next family