Christian & Oliver Part 96 - 21.11.12

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So, are you in the mood for a lunchtime snack?
Let me guess -- Bella!
Crazy, isn't it? First I wanted to desperately find my half-sister --
now I'm glad she no longer lives with us.
So you don't have t lie to her all the time.
Oh Olli, Charlie knows that you know and once she's back from the hospital,
she'll probably tell Bella immediately that she's the mother.
Hey! Boys, we have a reason to celebrate. But first, we'll have Prosecco.
Ah, one with fun and one without.
Neither one for me, thank you.
What's going on? Did the manicurist offer a discount?
We're going to be parents, all three of us.
Yes, if you want to call it that.
That's nothing new.
No, I meant Dana, Hagen and I.
Dana and Hagen?
Yes, they want to take care of the baby with me.
And... how did they get that idea?
Oh right, you don't know yet.
We don't know what yet?
Not Daniel... but Hagen is the father.
So Daniel ran off so fast because the child wasn't his.
Yes. Once he had found out that the child was Hagen's, it was quite a shock for him, but...
then he said we would pull it off together. Only no one was to find out that the child is Hagen's.
Just a minute. He really wanted to pretend that the child was his?
I agreed to it because I wanted him to stay with me.
Yes, I can... I can actually understand that.
Well, in the end, he couldn't handle it after all. -- He left for the Congo.
Yup and then Dana found out about it.
And she had wanted a baby of her own at that.
Yes, that's why she didn't immediately tell Hagen.
And now everything is okay again?
Yes. Yes, now everything is okay.
Great! Then I guess we are completely redundant as surrogate dads.
Nonsense! You are the best honorary uncles this little guy could wish for.
It's great for him to have a big family right away.
Wait, wait... it's going to be a boy?
Very good. ... it looks like it.
Now I want a drink after all.
I knew it.
Here and here.
Damn! These fit before.
That'll do.
Come in!
You want some more?
Oh, yes please. Even if it doesn't get you drunk, right?
Here you go. Thanks.
Cheers. Cheers.
You're tidying out?
Are you crazy? These are my favorite clothes. Well, at least some of them.
What... do you think of this?
I'll do it.
Job done!
And now I'm going out and flirt like crazy. That's the best recipe against lovesickness.
Yes, that's a good plan.
What do you think of this?
At least that's your style, I would say.
Well, I'll take that as a compliment.
Good. Now, the pants.
Careful. Don't wedge in the little one.
No, no, no. I'll manage. I'm just not allowed to breathe.
Party! -- Spaghetti with tomatoes.
Hey? Party over already?
Yes, and for the next few years as well.
Would you like to eat with us? I mean something real?
This is exactly something real.
Couldn't have someone told me before that life is over when you are pregnant?
Says who?
Me. Because it's true. I can't drink any more alcohol, my boyfriend leaves me,
no guy wants to flirt with me, my clothes burst at the seams
and I can kiss my modeling career good-bye.
A few of those things, you maybe could have foreseen.
Everything fun is suddenly gone!
Don't get worked up over it so much. That's not too good in your condition.
See. Nothing is allowed anymore.
What are you planning on doing?
Jessica? Voila!
What's that?
That's a type of daiquiri, just without alcohol. But instead with lots of nice vitamins...
Instead it has lots of vitamins - you will barely taste them.
Thank you.
Have you spoken with Tanja again? Maybe you can still do some shootings after all.
She's replaced me with another model a long time ago.
I'm sorry. But look, there are numerous models
that really got started again after having children.
They don't have a boss like Tanja.
At least you still have a real job.
But how will that continue? I mean, soon I'll only sit on the couch in jogging clothes
and greasy hair; sing lullabies... pass wind. Oops!
But you, you don't have to go through this by yourself. I mean, you still have Hagen and Dana.
Us. We'll take care of you and the little guy.
You'll be lucky to set eyes on the little guy at all.
You guys are sweet.
Well okay, give me the vitamin bomb.
Yes! Here you go. -- But not everything at once.