Clarita (Mayo 2006)

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I got matches.
Motherfucker... What a hangover...
Hand me that beer.
Toss me a cigarrette...
-Hey, you, get up. -¡Stop thaaaat!
Hey, get up, jerk.
What's up, man? What's goin' on here?
What happened last night?
This one started singing, d'ya know?
Didn't you listen to him?
No, I can't even remember that guy sang.
-Sing to her-- -I don't sing, I don't know how to.
-He was so drunk. -What's he saying?
Stop that, man! I wanna sleep!
Fucking grapefruit, I'm sick of it...
¡No, no, no!
-What d'you mean "no"? -What we gonna do?
What are we gonna do? You got something?
Let's kill a pig.
-I'm hungry. -Yeah, man...
We're hungry, man!
We're hungry, man! That's right!
Check out what I stole from my old man, guys!
And how do we kill it?
With this thing I stole from my dad! Wanna see?
-Check out what I got... -Nooo...
-Oh, mama! -Awesome!
Let's kill the pig!
-It's so cool! -Toss it over, toss it...
-You want it?
Catch it, man!
Be careful!
Hey, that isn't loaded, right?
-How can it be loaded! -I think it isn't, don't know...
These are people of good, they don't load the gun.
They don't go around loading shit.
It's the devil that load's guns, man.
Let's kill the pig, ah Tito?
Go and load the pig, c'mon. Bring it over.
Do you know how to use this?
-You place the finger here... -Be careful, man.
You aim...
-What did you do, man? -He's crazy!
Watcha doin', kid?
It's alright, man!
I'm hallucinating, I'm hallucinating...
No, dude, you don't take drugs very well.
-That's crazy... -No!
-You moron! -What happened, man?
Ceci! Ceci!
What happened?
She's dead, you moron!
C'mon, there's no need to laugh like that...
Mi dad mustn't find out about this...
Mi dad mustn't find out about this!
-You prick! -Ceciii!
Get out of here! Get out!
It wasn't loaded! It wasn't lo-hoaded!
-Bring an ambulance! -It wasn't loaded!
-Go get the phone, c'mon. -Is she alright?
Come on, get that phone, man!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out you son of a bitch, you killed her!
It wasn't loaded...
We have to bury her.
Bury what? We're gonna bury you!
Bury you alive!
He's right, he's right!
We're all gonna go to jail. We have to bury her.
Nothing happened here!
-We got coke, we got pomelo, we got all the stuff!
Nothing happened here, let's bury her.
It's alright.
-What d'you mean "nothing", you prick? -It was my dad's gun!
It was in my posession! That's it, that's it!
-We gonna bury her. -You two are taking care of it!
They're all in, they're all in!
No, you're taking care of burying her!
You're a moron, you started...!
You're the morooooon!
-I wanna leave this place, man... -Bury her.
Vicky, come back here. Vicky, come back here!
-Come... -Stop it, man. Stop.
-Stop it... -Leave me alone, man.
Hey, cool it, man. Take it easy, man.
It's alright.
-Don't go all crazy on us. -My dad mustn't find out.
-If he finds out... -Don't know whadda fuck's goin' on...
...he'll take my motorbike away from me, man.
-He'll take it away! -Stop it, don't be...
-...a jackass. -He'll take the moto away!
-Ernesto! -¡Son of a bitch, he'll take my moto away!
Ernesto...! Ernesto... Stop it...
Calm down... Give me that...
Give me that. Nothing's happened.
-Nothin' happened. -No...
-No... -It's alright.
It's got a lot, it's too late...
Let's clean it, it's alright!
-No, I know! -We'll bury it with the bodies!
They can find the hairs!
They can find the ha-- they can find the hairs!
-Stop it, idiot! -Get away from me!
-Get away from me or I'll fuck you up! -No, man!
-No! -Get away or I'll fuck you up as well!
Take that!
There aren't...
There aren't any more bullets...
You made it...
I'm gonna call the cops, you prick...
Who you gonna call?
-Get away... -Who you gonna call, girl?
Hello...? Hello!?
The cops? The cops ain't coming!
There'll never be any cops, ok?
'Cause you die now, bitch!
What the hell do I do now?
Really, what the hell do I do?
Tell me!
I missed you, Clarita!
Clarita, come to me!
Clari, come out...
Victims (on dying order)
Cecilia Simonetti (1 shot by mistake)
Belén Altamirano (1 shot to the head)
Marcos Martínez (6 shots and several kicks)
Ma.Gui Zanuttini (3 shots to the matress)
Lautaro Martínez (2 shots on the fly)
Victoria Avilé (5 Tramontina stabs)
And the special appearance of Paula Druetta - as CLARITA
(with 4 axe blows to the belly)
Sociopath killer on temporary psychosis (addicted to grapefruit):
Ernesto Mántaras
Improvised camera and omniscient witness:
Leonardo Davicino
Made by:
All the actors and the camera man.
No animals were harmed during the shoot
(except for Lautaro's dog)
Say no to alcohol, and yes to grapefruit...
We'd like to thank the Martinez (Lautaro's family)
for the accomodation on their warm home.
Shot in Caima on May 25th 2006
(and we didn't eat any locro...)
Finished in Santa Fe on April 20th 2007
(Hitler was born, reincarnated in Bush today)