Infinity Scarf Tutorial - Crochet Tutorial - How to make an Infinity Scarf

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Meladora's Creations Infnity Scarf
For this project
you're going to need
a stitch marker
six milimeter hook which is a size
J for the US
Get at least three skiens of 100 grams
you may even want to get a fourth to be on the
safe side for a longer scarf
This one that I did here, I told you is about 60 inches
not one of the long ones and it took
over two skeins
which are
100 gram skiens
and it took just just over two of them
the next one i'm making is going to be even longer
So I will be using three
and getting a fourth to be safe
This yarn is 25%
wool and 75%
acrylic, but it's the same
ply, so it shouldn't make a difference
maybe just a bit stiffer, I don't know. Regular acrylic is fine
we need to get four ply for the US
and 10ply for australia
you won't need the marker until your butterfly stitch row
You don't have to get this for the project, but I recommend
to get one of these kinds of measuring tapes
but you can use any tape measure
you'll need one for this project
that's it, lets get started
As I told you the tutorial will be on the infinity scarf
it's not a true
infinity scarf
This is the infinity symbol
it's supposed to have only one twist in it
well I wanted to do
more complex stitches
all facing one way, so in order to do that
I had to twist it twice, mine has two twist
one here and one here
if you only want one twist
you will need to make more of a basic stitch
you will have to work the bottom
and it will automaticly turn and then you will have to
start working on the bottom stitch
then it will turn and you will be back at the top so you won't ever be facing one way. So in order to get it to face all one way, you have to have none, or two twist in it
I don't think it will matter if your not going to be wearing it long
if your going to be wearing it kinda short
then your not going to notice so much of a difference
it will just add more of a twist look to it , like this. This one here is 60 inches
and doesn't hang down much.
about 152 cms

the back part can be lifted to make a hood
and it makes like
you saw before
really cool
and with the two twist in it, you really getting a nice look

Looks good period because it's all facing the right way. So it's not a true infinity scarf
because it doens't have one turn it has two

having told you that
something else about
this scarf
is that it's
25 cms wide
you can make it wider if you want
25 cms is 9.8 inches

I did 5 rows
of this puff stitch

fifteen butterfly stitch rows
and another 5 rows
of puff stitch on the end

Going to be calling it an infinity scarf so no confustion.

To explain the length
Like I said this one is short
this one i'm making for myself
I want it longer
I wanted to
twist it like this and put it on
and still be
able to
pull one side down
so one side is longer and one is around my neck
This size is to short

i wouldn't be able to do that
I want to make it longer, you can't go by number of chains
the one I did before
had 175 chains
I tried to do 175 chains again and it cmae out shorter

wasn't even as long as the other one, you have to measure
measure it only when you have a chain done

helps if you have one of these flexable measuring tapes

not stiff and more easy to use

grab your chain loosely and follow your chain
follow it down
without pulling on your work
go down like this
then stop every once and a while
make sure not to pull your project

if you think you are, re-do the measurement

I wanted to make my first scarf 152 cms, but didn't go that long on my tape so I marked it
I want to make this longer, so stopping at 152
than i can
pull my tape

measure it
it says it has an extra 50 centimeters, last time I measured it it said I had an extra 40 centimeters

so i must have stretched it
or something
so theres a lesson, measure it
a few times
once you've measure it a few times
and your pretty sure the chain is about the centimeters you want
then you can get started
are single crochets
we don't want to connected yet, so once you get your chain done
you will turn will start to single crochet
The other one that I made

is sixty inches it's kind of a short side
so if you want a longer one, try 80 inches
something like that
or 70, it's up to you
and also the width
of the scarf you can adjust that as well
and you can make different kinds of stitches to make your inifinity scaf

Going to show you how to do the twist on this small one real quick

to get your twist in it
hold it with your hand like this
and you follow it down
until you reach the end
then flip up your end here, and if you put them together like this
you know that there;s no twist in it

it's like bracelet you know
on the big one it's the same
once you get done with your single crochets and your at the end of your row
and ready to make your connection
let's get a little closer
all you want to do
making sure theres no twist
out it in your hand
and follow it down
grab it with your other hand
untwist it with your other hand

continue to do this
until you have
all the twist out
where when you do your connection
you'll know that
all of that stitches are facing the right way
okay when you get to the end, like I showed you with the smaller one
making the connection the same
it shouldn't have any twist in it
to get it connected
i'll twist it

and twice
so that I have two twist in mine

and i'll go in through
the top chain
then i'll go into the
the bottoms

now that you've single crocheted down your hook
is down here
so elongate your loop
a little bit
and do a chain
do this one more time

elongate just alittle and chain
now laying it against your
scarf like this
it will make it stay
more straight
at the bottom
making sure it's
the same direction
we're going to start our first set of stitches
So lets start the puff stitch
to do that, you want to yarn over
go into your first stitch here
pull up a loop
yarn over, Three loops on your hook
yarn over,
go into the same stitch
pull up a loop
now you have five loops
yarn over,
go into the same stitch
pull up a loop
now you have seven loops
yarn over and pull through all seven loops
then chain one
now, once you've got
puff stitch done
and you
chained one
then you want to skip a stitch
then in the next stitch
yarn over
and go into the stitch
pull up a loop
three loops on your hook
yarn over and go into the same stitch
pull up a loop, yarn over
go into the same stitch, pull up a loop
now you have 7 loops
yarn over and pull through all seven loops
and chain one
then again skip a stitch and go into the next one
I'll show you in slow-motion
you want to continue to do this
skip a stitch
then do a puff stitch
for the whole round
when you get back at beginning over here
then I will show you how to continue
just for the purpose of the tutorial
I'm going to be showing you on a much small scale project, so it won't take me days to film this tutorial
to film this HUGE scarf
anyway, continue your puff stitches like I showed you
and at the end you can see
your untwisted
it just happens
the twist is here
so what you want to do
is twist it again
then twist it one more time
which will untwist this part here, and move the twist
the double twist
here and here
yours is so big you won't be able to see it, but you will see it's twisted here
if you just
twist it once, twice
you'll beable to tell, just because
this is straight now
Okay, the last row we did puff stitches
so going to finish doing my last puff stitch of my round, one
pull through all stitches and chain one
now i'm at the end of the row
this was the first puff stitch that we did
and you chained one here,
you wanna go in through
this stitch

don't go in through the space, but the stitch
get in to that
stitch here
pull through
and do a slip stitch
and then chain one
now to start the next round
your going to be working into...
if you have ever done my thick mesh stitch, it's the same
how I did the double crochets one row down
then skip one and double crocheted
working one row down, into the skipped stitches
this is sorta the same thing
what we're going to do is
is start here
no need to yarn over,
we'll be doing
single crochets
so starting in this stitch here
going down one row
pulling up a loop
and doing a single crochet
then chain one
go to the next
here's my skipped stitch here
so i'm going into that one
pull up a loop
single crochet
go into the next, in between
pull up a loop, single crochet and chain one
showing you the next one in slow motion
continue to do this all the way around, til the end of your round
now my stitch
is here
You did your single crochet
to the left
puff stitches here and you did to the left
okay, now
this is the beginning stitch here
summoned discovery
this is the connection we made, this is the slip stitch from last round
hard to see,
not very good color yarn
but you can see the, one two of the
single crochet
you can go into
the stitch above the single crochet
and slip stitch
just like that
it should bring all this together
now i'm going to do, this round
is another puff stitch round, so you want top chain one
and in each of these sections
will now have two stitches
you have your puff stitch here
then if you look
the section above it has two sections
you're going to be working
in the left (or right for you Lefty's!)
and each of the single crochet
this one we're already here, above the stitch we need to be
so going to do a puff stitch right here
chain one
and do your puff stitch
to the right of it

finish the puff stitch

then you chain one and
find the next spot
to the right
here, of your
single crochet
just keep doing that, you'll be skipping one
then going into the next
and i'll show you this one
in slow motion
continue to do this for the rest of the round

hopfully you won't be having as
much trouble like me, pulling through loops
with this yarn, I didn't have so much trouble with my other
Oh, I think I know what it is
i'm just working to slow, so much easier to
do the puff stitch
when you're just working at a regular pace
see? that was much easier!
this was our first puff stitch
this is the big connection
that we did before
I want to go
into this first puff
stitch here
and slip stitch
just like that
we can shrink this up with a
single crochet next round
then it should be on the right track after that
should be good for
one continous round
okay once you make your slip stitch in the beginning puff stitch
you want to chain one, and in the stitches
that we skipped before down below
above the puff stitch
it's so hard to show....
okay to the right
underneath the puff stitches you did last round
now you're going to working in the right side of this chamber
this very beginning stitch is very hard to see it
because you really one
have one big stitch below
so what i do
to tighten this area up more
see my finger, theres one two
and this third one here, i'm just going to pull up this
section and do a single crochet there
only because i want to tighten up this section
a little bit on the side
now chain one
and again using the sections below the puff stitch
go into the section to the right
single crochet and chain one
go to the next
single crochet and chain one, just like we did before
I'll show the next one in slow motion
and it gets easier to find the stitch
once you've done this a few times
so just continue to do that for the
rest of the row
sorry, round
we're working in circles
getting to my end here
yup this is where I began
it's pretty easy to find the beginning
because it changes stitches
this is my beginning single crochet here
so i'm just going to go ahead
single crochet into that beginning
single crochet
which brings us right where we need to be for the next round
so we chain one
again in this stitch
to the right
of the single crochet
we're going to put our puff stitch
and chain one
move over
skip a stitch
go to the stitch to teh rigth of our single crochet
and do a puff stitch
continue to do this
for the remainder of
the round
now we've done two complete rows
our puff stitch row
single crochet row
puff stitch, single crochet
and we're going to be doing a total of five
sets of those
puff stitch and single crochet row = 1 set
so that's one, and two
and now we just started our third

so continued to do
three more full sets of
puff stitches and single crochet
for a total of five sets, then i'll see you back here
real quick
for the third row here
this is your puff stitch
i'm gonna go ahead
and put a
puff stitch in between
this section
it's because there seems to be
a hole that won't
what i'm gonna do
this is the connection, here where you
would usually slip stitch
at the beginning
i'm going to do a puff stitch
heres the open space so we had before
i'm going to go ahead and put a puff stitch here
just to close this
beginning gap a little bit
then i will slip stitch here
now to begin the next round of single crochets
go down next to this puff stitch
into the same space of the puff stitch
do your single crochet there, the rest of the stitchs
do as before
single crochet, chain one
after that long puff stitch round
it's a relief to be on the single crochet round
sorry it's so hard to see the stitchs
with one color
so much easier to see with variegated yarn
or maybe you want to change colors every row
but that's kind of pain
I think if you can just find some pretty variegated yarn, that doesn't change
color so quickly
like i have with my green scarf
it looks so much better, because you can really see the seperation of the
color of the second row here
because your always going to have
if your lucky, another color that comes in between the puff stitches
okay i'm back up to the beginning, this was the extra puff stitch i added
so again, i'm going to go into the same
open hole that i put the puff stitch in
and do a single crochet, and chain one
now this was the very first puff stitch that we single crocheted in next to
i'm going to slip stitch into that
single crochet here
and chain one
and now you want to start yout puff stitch right
in the same space
like that, chain one, skip a stitch
and you'll be working again to
the right of your single crochets from the last round
we'll be starting our fourth
this is one, two, three. Now we're starting our fourth section
so do this section and one more
And i'll show you how to do the butterfly stitch
hopfully you've got your five rows complete, for the purpose of this tutorial
i'm just going to
quicken it up
so you've got your five sections done and
when you run
out of yarn, I'm going to switch rows just to show you the butterfly
stitch, because it's going to make it easier for you to see,
you don't have to change colors,
I thought I would take this time to show you how to change colors, cause you will be
going through several skeins, when you want to add another skein
just pull the new color
through the loop of your old color
and pull
your original loop tight, and then
making sure that everything is
tight and your loops not to big, then you can
chain one
When your ready to do
the butterfly stitch
we're going to be working in, these two stitches as well
so what we're going to do
is go in through
this first
stitch of the section and then
do the first part
of the butterfly stitch, and then the next
we're going to go in
pull up a loop
then pull through
two, yarn over
then pull through two,
and chain one
then go to the next section, here
go in through tthis section again
the first stitch
and do the first part of the butterfly stitch
it's like you would work the butterfly stitch as normal
if you were working into the wings
do the first part in the first wing, then we'll go into the next part and
pull through two
yarn over and pull through two
and chain one
now I will show you in slow motion
just like that
very easy to switch, from these first stitches
to the butterfly stitch
because it also uses two stitches
so just continue
to do your butterfly stitch
all the way around this round
okay when you get to the end of your first round of butterfly stitches
you want to continue to work this
in one continuous round
so this is where we began our first round, i'm going to go in through this first
stitch that's right of our first butterfly stitch
which is a single crochet
work the first part of the butterfly stitch, going into this big stitch at the

go in to that stitch and
finish the butterfly stitch
then chain one
now I will ripe this out and show you in slow motion
This is where you will need
to place your first stitch marker
so you're going to mark your first
stitch here
find a place to mark
so you know this is the begining stitch
just using a different color
piece of yarn
okay and starting your second round
it's gonna be just as normal
you're going to be going into
the wings of
the butterfly
so go into one wing
then finish the butterfly stitch
in the second wing
and if you've ever done the butterfly stitch, you'll have no problem
it's just like you did in the round before, go through one wing
then go into the next wing and finish the stitch. I do have a
slow-motion video
that shows you have to do this
it may be a lot easier to follow for a beginner
but you're going to continue to do this
every round
for one continuous round now
you want to do this
for a total of fifteen
rounds of butterflies, and make sure
when you count your fifteen rounds, it's going to be diagonal
so you probably want to start counting from
from this one to the right
and count up to fifteen
then you'll know you have fifteen
so what you've got your fifteen rounds of butterfly stitches complete
i'll show you how to go back to
working this stitch
for the last five rounds
like you did at the beginning
so do your fifteen rounds and i'll be back with you

Just imagine i'm done with my 15 rounds

I wanted to show you what
I was talking about, counting your rounds
this is your marker, but if you worked the stitch up to your marker
you would have 4 in a row diagonally
so you need to back up
and then you can see here
three rows, three rows,
and now this one is three rows, so this is where you would want to stop
when you have your fifteen rounds, make sure there is 15 stitches on both sides of your hook
okay and when you're ready to start
your puff stitch
round again
it's so easy to switch back

so we start with the puff stitch first
so yarn over
and if we're gonna skip the first wing
and go into the second
so you're going to do a puff stitch here
pull through all loops, chain one
again we're skipping the first
section of the wing, we're going to go into the next one
two, three,
pull through all loops
and you just want to continue
working this way for the whole round, skipping the first stitch and do a puff stitch in the second wing
I'll show you in slow motion
okay I'm done
with that round, I did my puff stitches
I'm at the beginning
now we're going to be working in the other wing
first you want to slip stitch to this beginning
puff stitch
of the round
chain one
and then
now working in the other wing below you
pull up a loop
and single crochet and chain one
go to the next
pull up a loop, single crochet, chain one
just like you did before
only working the
second wing of the butterfly
so just continue to do that all the way around
and again you will want t to repeat
how we did our first 5 sections again for 5 rounds
just wanted to show you how to switch
from butterfly to
complete these two rounds
so when you get back up to the beginning i'll show you how to
start the next section
okay we're back up to the begining
this is our first single crochet of the round
so you'll slip stitch here
to the right of it and chain one
then put your first,
puff stitch here, continue on and when you've gotten 5 rounds done
and you've ended on a single crochet round
I'll show you how to do the last single crochet round
to match up with the
border at the bottom
so what i do
is go in through the first stitch
and in each

stitch around
this is again after you finished your five rows of puffs
just continue to single crochet all the way around
when you get to the end of your row

usually I like to
prevent doing a stitch in the very last
stitch of the round when ending a project
to make it flat
so skip that stitch
and then
slip stitch
to make it a more even surface there, chain one
leaving a a bit of a tail to be worked in
cut your yarn

now work your tail into the backs of the stitches
of the stitches here, what I do is
i go down through the single crochets
into this section
and I will run my tapestry needle down this thicker part of the back
and don't forget to tug your work a little bit to make sure that to your
tail isn't going to pop out, then cut it with just alittle bit of tail left
just incase
someone tugs it
a little bit more
so that's the tutorial for how you make this "infinity scarf"
because it's not a true infinity, but this is how I make mine
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that yours came out as
beautiful as you hoped it would
and it's a good length
and everything, so thanks for watching and please don't forget to share and
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