Economía verde, ¿negocio verde? / Green Economy, green business? (EN subtitles)

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People´s Summit Rio 20 for Social and Climate Justice
Rio de Janeiro gets ready to welcome the Earth Summit which starts on the 20th,
an appointment considered historic when a new concept,
"Green Economy" can be a step forward towards the revaluation and commodification of the environment and nature in all its orders.
It's the belief of over two hundred social, environmental and indigenous organizations
who embody the People's Summit in Rio since a few days ago
in a gathering that aims to warn of the dangers that this new concept may mean to the planet.
Chico Whitaker: Cofounder of the World Social Forum: This United Nations Conference holds a key word,
namely "green economy" which is very beautiful,
when one hears green economy, you feel that it's what we need,
an economy that takes into account our mother earth, nature...
But it's not so, what hides behind this proposal is an even bigger commodification of nature,
of what remains of nature not already commercialized.
So the whole of perspective of the capitalist logic which is a logic focalized on business.
Genevieve Azam - Scientific Board-Attac France: The Official Summit's agenda is the green economy,
but, we know that today, there are practically no international agreements, the multilateralism is seriously in crisis.
Most industrialized countries do not want binding agreements within the frame of United Nations negotiations,
they do not want agreements with common rules and regulations,
in the present context in which we are conscious that there is neither a public euro or dollar
destined to nurture the UN's funds which would allow an ecological and social world transition.
We can imagine that the green economy will be essentially managed by companies,
by financial funds which are widely implicated in present negotiations within the official summit.
Over five hundred activities will be carried out until the 24th in these Flamengo grounds in Rio de Janeiro
which will expect to welcome over 25,000 persons arriving from several countries,
aware of what humanity is gambling to lose in the Official Summit Rio 20.
Joao Gustavo,Participant in the People's Summit. Our expectations will mean that we'll have to work on mobilizing people,
helping people to create a consciousness, to show them the strength that together we can achieve,
it's an effort changing the paradigm, showing we are helping to create a better world.
Indigenous organizations started their activities with a clear reivindication,
the right to a good life and the defense of the rights of Mother Earth.
They also requested that extractive activities be regulated
and that companies engaged on them be held responsible
for the environmental and social damage caused by their activities.
For activists and participants of the People's Summit
there is no middle path to be taken on this new challenge.
If Rio 20 finally approves the "green economy" label,
for them it will mean the definite triumph of neoliberal policies on a world scale.
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