Hiking in Northern Norway - På tur med Lars Monsen

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-Good day! -Thanks for last!
Is it good? Ready to ride through the fjord, with nine dogs?
Wonderful to be in my stomping grounds back. Nygård Sea Gildeskål.
We are going to Beiarn, a half-hour boat ride away.
My mother is from there, from Egg bay.
There I was every summer until I was 26 years.
It is the closest I come "home" in life.
So there is great excitement To start this TV series Beiarn.
Ready to ride? Fritz coach, will you turn?
Come, then! This is the sea, you know!
New sounds and new smells. They are not accustomed to the sea.
Good boy! And then you! It is girlfriend di. This is not dangerous.
It is so good, then!
Saltfjellet Svartisen is the second largest national park.
In one month, the dogs and I gad around this Norland wilderness.
We'll see if we can cross Svartisen with the dog!
But first I want to see again mother's childhood home.
Now you can jump! Clever dogs!
Go ashore, Gaia!
Swimming can be done later. Good girl!
Not afraid of water, at least!
It is the same for me every time. The tranquility falls away.
In this small room stayed the entire family of four.
My mom and dad.
I had a strict upbringing.
If we were to stay home at. 17.00, we could not get 17.15.
We did it, we got house arrest the next day.
Mom died when she was 58
It is by and large very early. Normally, you have many years left then.
But that's the way it can go. Just accept.
It makes me calm knowing she comes with -
- And well on the other side. I know only.
She hears the NOK what I'm saying now.
I know she says: "Stand on! Continue with what you are doing. "
It gives me a peaceful feeling inside.
If we take on the harness? Do not bite!
Run and enjoy! Would you wear a harness and run a bit?
This is very exciting. The dogs are new to me.
I've only had them in one month to six months.
I have not run them. The contact is not as good as it should be.
Do not know if I get them to go right and left when I want.
Yes! Come on! Yes!
Come on!
Oi, oi, oi!
Gold design is a few miles away.
And in the beginning is usually something wrong. Now broke his bail.
I'm excited about how it will go with these dogs.
It's worse now up on the mountain. It is steep here.
Nordlandske mountain goes straight up and straight down.
Now we first straight up, then straight down. So up and down again.
If we get where I have thought about me today.
Yes! Come on!
Can you go there? Gaia!
Lars, what's the problem?
Leader dogs are not always there I will. It's a bit random and torment.
Gaia has a tendency to to turn the whole thing around.
If the location you want some time?
Sometimes they go where I want.
Now I take care of his photographer!
We may as well go around, then ... Come!
The advantage is that the photographer is through only if the ice is unsafe.
We have arrived at Dalsvatnet. Here I turn the camp.
There has been heavy and wet conditions in day. The dogs have worked for six hours.
The first thing I do when I camp is to let the dogs rest.
The next thing is to get up the tent.
Now is it good!
(Dog Glam)
Now there are small landslides steadily.
Landslides are some of the most dangerous in the mountains at this time.
April-May. And now it has been mild for a few days.
Rain, then cooler, then sun, the wind ... And then just breed it.
One must not go too close.
And do not go in the middle slope if there is a lot of snow.
There we have a mormyshka, three Maggot on.
This tends to be smaskings for trout.
Where was it! Let's see if it picks up?
Up in the hole now! Come on!
Come on!
Yes! Where was it! The first fish.
Sorry, buddy, you are food.
We'll see if it says fl ers down there. Good size. Fine frying fish.
It saved me so far!
The release in the hole. It happens sometimes.
Wonderful food!
We may as well kill you. Thank you to!
Great fish. The dinner is now saved.
But the big fish NOK is not in this water.
Then we NOK east, the Salt Mountain.
There goes the price tomorrow.
Good girl! Come on!
Fridtjof photographer sent in advance.
He did not that he should be the guide.
You must run; there are no old people's home!
It is a very steep edge there.
If it gets too dangerous, I vault sled. Fortunately, he sees it.
Yes ... It is a hundred meters to prayer ...
Clever dogs!
If you have a small one?
My name is Roy Olsen. Hello!
Lars-Bear, I named. -Here was the life!
What the dog's life?
She is about two and a half years old.
It is not so wise To get her to your herd?
No, it quickly becomes chaos.
-Thank you! -If you hit a little?
-Have you not received? -It is still early.
It is actually the real thing!
"Strimy"! With French accent!
It is certainly not as dangerous I forgot dental plaster today.
Do you like that around. where the water it may be wise to put the drill down?
You have not drilled there?
It is probably the same where you can not fish?
The Norland attitude shines through.
Now you gave me half full. What about a small fishing competition?
So I turn the camp here, and so we see who gets the most fish.
If we can borrow an ice auger, for we have drilled in the rock.
You know how to get it sharp again? Do you have a knife on you?
-A little worse for the mother-burs ... -This have you done before?
I have rescued me on this earlier.
But then, it has been easier to go to.
I am very excited about this. We will try NOK afterwards.
This is part of the fishing contest!
Now we have destroyed both lives and knife ...
You can use the ax on the fish, for they are so large.
Five holes? We start with two holes here and taking the last three over there?
And we can fish so close together we will.
I would rather not have you so close!
I think I'll cheat a little bit closer countries. Those guys are too far out.
The fish in the evening round is a little closer to shore.
If I'm through, believe? Do not fucking I'm it!
If there are big fish here, and it is right under here -
- So it may be it is a large ground klyse takes.
When it has taken on the first 15-20 reps, I put it here.
So is it there, and charity itself. So do I clear the murder weapon.
That we have here. So we go out a little mormyshka.
You take good competition seriously every time, you?
I must admit that the old chess player and singer -
- I am a competitor.
I like competition.
I see that none of the two others have received anything either.
It's just fishing!
Oi, oi, oi!
Now you have beaten me! Congratulations!
Where did he turkompisen?
Lars, now the food is done!
Great bonfires!
Do not lie in the tent to pout with posemat!
If you are walking, you have to live properly.
A warm!
It was fun! Fun to compete a bit. Get some action on the ice.
Too bad it does not come up fish, but that's of course.
You are a real savage, we understand.
We have fish, at least!
Outdoors for me is the contrast.
Knowing that you are tired and worn and perhaps wet and cold.
And then come forward and camp and have dried up.
Sitting in front of the fire here the good life.
Here, you never think of problems.
Stress at work and bills to be paid is forgotten in the mountains.
It's good to get picked up slightly.
When you're at work, everything go so fast and be so effective.
Here it is not effective in the all. And then, out of relaxing.
It's okay for them at home that you go on a trip a couple weeks a year?
I realized that I had chosen a good wife when I was tired and she said:
"Now, take a trip in search a week - that you deserve. "
That she gives me the opportunity to ...
It is healthy to be apart a little in between.
Many make the mistake that they are together all the time.
It is important to give each other room to to do what you're passionate about.
When you get better together well, we think. And so do we.
So I will be wished a good trip and welcome home.
Take care, and thanks to the team!
Come on! Yes! Come on!
Softer snow down here, yes.
Let's see ...
Come on!
Now we arrive at Jordbruelva cabin.
Look, yes ...
There we have post-Ane.
It was she who lived here originally.
It was not a smallholding, more of a "forest space".
She was all alone here.
She had maybe a few goats and perhaps a cow here.
It's weird to think about ...
After that, there has been hut for timber whales in the district.
And now recently, Bodo and Omegns Trekking plastered it up.
To the delight of rekende people - the undersigned.
As the danger passed and should stay.
Here we see the river coming out of the rock.
After several kilometers process through the mountains.
It's strange to think about ... Inside here is the a real network of caves.
But there is too much water that we can get into here.
We have to find another entrance.
Now I sit by entrance to Russågrotta.
Russåga is the longest underground river.
You hear it rumbling down there. It tickled a little belly now.
Have never been in a cave before.
We're surrounded by lots of marble. Rock The wall here is terrible!
England is the county who has the most marbles.
75% of the marble deposits in Norway in Nordland.
The type of rock characterized by -
- It is shaped mass underground tunnels and flow of water.
The acidity of the water struggling away 1 / 10 mm of rock a year.
You get a better picture of me When I climbed down into the cave.
The photographer must go ahead!
Come on, Pingle!
I'm not sure if we will up again, but it goes down!
You have to watch your step. The water falls directly into the rock.
This you down there, you lifeless on the other side.
Fascinating world of marble down here!
Imagine that the water has shaped this through thousands of years!
Now there are almost no water in compared to what was then the waterfall here.
During the last ice age.
I've probably gone a 100-150 meters away from the photographer.
I have to get back before the battery runs out of my lantern.
It was great!
It is well with daylight as well, after all.
But here it has been milder. It is come clouds. Then the snow loose.
Then you just have to get up in the mountains before the snow gets too rotten.
It will be narrower and narrower and steeper and steeper.
Now that it is møkkavær in the mountains -
- And you are wet, it's all right with a prime. Then you can add you to laugh.
Put on dry woolen clothing. One I have changed, closest to the body.
The wet clothes outside, as it dries on your body -
- While I lie in the bag. In early tomorrow, I'm dry.
Aside from socks that are soaking wet. They hang from the ceiling.
There are a number of steam and moisture, -
- But the important thing when you're on turn, is that one is good and hot.
That one gets warm inside. A good, hot meal.
Stew and some sausage chunks tastes smacking kiss on the mountain!
Salt mountains with nature reserves -
- Is 2587 square kilometers.
The second largest national park, the Hardangervidda.
Salt Mountain has it all -
- From the idyllic pine forest hills with old forest and grouse -
- The wildest, steepest mountains where wolverine has high, high.
Where there are rarely people.
So you have the tourist trails in just the right dose.
It goes through a few central valleys.
And it is large, desolate areas.
If you want to be alone here and do not follow a marked route, -
- You have very good opportunities to the Salt Mountain.
Finally arrived by Southern Bjøllåvatn!
Among some counted as Norway's best trout waters.
Strong statement. It is a lot of good in Troms and Trøndelag.
Now I'm in the middle of the adventure. I'm actually quite alone.
Bright blue sky. The end of April.
Not too cold on the ice.
Exciting hour Situated in front of me now.
Is it possible that?
First of all I must do something Indians in Canada taught me.
If you have luck, you must sacrifice to nature.
It is not only to sacrifice anything.
You have to sacrifice something that matters to you.
On my trips, there is little meaning more for me than Norwegian chocolate.
This is absolutely perfect.
There you go. Now it is the metal. The first two minutes are important.
Then it may happen.
Fuck! What is this, then? There is almost no resistance.
There must be fish.
It's so weird ... Yes! There are fish!
Now it began to move on.
Now I what has happened here.
I have suddenly two tendons in his hand!
Stereo Fishing in Salt Rock!
Where is it! Wonderful!
Where is it! This is a great ...
Frying or kokefi sk? This is a great ...
Cooking Fish!
Nice char!
Prater do you. Sorry. I will make it end right away.
Here are the fish!
Dinner is saved. What can I say about this?
The kilo of fish, this.
Take it a little further from the camera, I get the right size on it.
There is only one way to present fish in front of the camera. There you go.
-Good day, good day. -Hey.
Lars Monsen.
So you try cooking fish?
I try fishing. I've got a few pieces.
Not the strange creatures that This water is known for.
We do not share such to anyone.
What are you doing on a daily basis?
Now it's time for Wolverine and to detect prey and arctic foxes.
So checking fishing licenses Only a small part of their job?
Yes. There we would like to see. There, we expect that you bring.
It should be here any place ... Yes. I got it.
Is illegal snowmobiling a problem?
We have had a part that has been against us when we are in their spare time.
I have experienced to broken a thumb out of joint.
Snowmobiling creates conflict for you in your job with the local population?
I live in Beiarn. It is an open and small communities.
You'll be followed by all the time.
It is very focused on snowmobiles.
The second thing we do, will not talk about.
Once we control a scooter, know the whole village there.
A very thankless job to be threatened and get a broken thumb out of joint.
If you want to find you something else to do?
Vandalism on the brake system the car was difficult to tackle.
It could have been my wife with kids in the car on the way down the mountain, -
- And suddenly it was free brakes on the car.
And I could be myself have run into the other.
It was comfortable. Quickly, at least.
Fort yesterday, but it is so comfortable, I do not agree in.
Do you see the bird? It's nice.
Imagine that you pay 40 000-60 000 for these birds in Europe.
Ever-adventurous summer. -It is sick.
We are afraid that some to find out where it is going.
We try to keep up. They are professionals who are doing it.
We have limited resources.
-Do you think that it is organized? -There are indications that, yes.
A unique experience to be as close to a hunting falcon.
-There are not many of them inside? -Between 300 and 500 couples in Norway.
It is a species that are difficult to detect.
It builds no nest itself is depends on what is raven in the mountains.
It pushes out the raven when the nest is made ready, and take over the nest.
We have seen that it has killed a raven. The raven was below the nest. Eaten up.
Only the bones again. It's a tough guy.
It is a wonderful nature experience to study this beautiful bird.
I am almost a little bit envious.
This is part of the job. It must be a highlight.
There is a real highlight. There are so few such sites.
The day is saved when we experience something like that.
Then we can fish so much illegal as we want?
Yes, you may have thought! We have eyes in the neck, even if we look at the bird.
Aass, it appears here, folks? You must stay at your place.
Here you will be. You have buzzed into the seals.
We take you first.
Holy shit!
She is the closest I am a leader bitch.
August is the normally little kustus on.
-Will it be a bitch mom? -No, we go straight to the vet.
Do not bite.
It's been bad weather.
Although it is May, can be weatherproof.
I do not kjangsen to go.
We must be a very difficult cut.
Then the question is: What do I do with dogs?
The puppies at once. I can prevent.
When I have seven days to me from Paringa took place, -
- To give the dog a tablet. It can also be a syringe.
But whatever I have to vet. I think that I want.
I have other plans for the summer than spending it on puppy care.
The stools are.
Is that how møkkavær?
Now we get down to the village to tie up your board.
We will have puppies now, will we? Probably very nice puppies, but ...
Will take it another time.
Gaia Berta. Nice girl, you.
This crappy weather has the advantages as well.
It has gathered water skier. That I use to dogs.
There is no point in buckle on his skis. Completely excluded.
It is not safe to cross now. Just be quiet and wait.
This is the first time I'm on Svartisen. For an experience.
If I take out one word to describe this, it is magnificent.
Indescribably beautiful.
Maybe we should have puppies this summer? It can be very nice puppies.
Now you need to calm down. You.
You will learn how to go ahead, together with Gaia.
That's how it works. You must remain calm in front.
It is absolutely incredible. In the midst this steep boulder here, -
- Tour Association has a cabin.
Misty Mountain has to be one of the finest, modern cabins -
- As Bodø Regional Tourist Association have. It was nice!
Definitely English.
Lyngsby was surely here.
He was one of the first to explore glaciers and peaks around here.
It was the beginning of the 1900s.
Tourist Association has set up two new homes. They are open to all -
- To be on the glacier or go skiing over Svartisen.
This is unique in the tourism context in Norway.
This is a gem of the ordinary.
Wow, it was steep. There we 150 meters in a quick gulp.
This applies to the sled and all the equipment in one go.
I do not kjangsen to let the dogs pull. I must control myself.
I'll see if it is possible to continue down the glacier here.
Oi! See it here! It goes. It is long and narrow, it blew my arm here.
Here we take 150 meters to in NOK one gulp.
Maybe 200
Come here! Come here!
Lucky Pigs!
It becomes narrower and narrower and steeper and steeper.
When we say thank you. There are very tight and fluffy.
It was a hard trip down slope from the Misty Mountains.
Now we are at the foot of Engabreen.
One of Northern Norway main tourist attractions.
Each year 20 000 people come here to shoot.
Some go on the glacier as well. I have also planned to do.
I will meet Annette Myrvang who have migrated here in 16 years.
She will give me an introduction.
Is not it good to be here? The visual I. I'm here for long periods.
You have gone on this glacier in 16 years. Then you must have started early.
Yes, my father took me with when I was little.
As the glacier here, you must have seen many who are not accustomed to nature.
People who have lived here for Meloy for 20 years and been with me, said:
"Here I have lived for 20 years and not seen what's around me! "
It is absolutely amazing and grateful to bring people out.
They understand that it is nature that is something.
-I only guide. -What do I need equipment?
We go over here let us find NOK something that fits.
They sit well? Ice axes, be my guest.
-It can save your life? -Yes, actually.
Set it firmly in your hand.
Never take it off. When you do not need ax, let it just hang.
There are some knots we use a lot more than others.
The first thing you learn, is a figure-eight knot.
Wrap the rope twice in his hand.
Over hand. All around the rope.
And then obtain the up in his fist. A figure eight.
-And then the ... -On the front side.
And then attach the rope like that.
Right around. And then you received with your hand in it.
Make sure there is a good way when you leave here. See there!
-This one I can trust? -Yes.
When you go here, try to keep all the spikes down the ice.
When you walk on tiptoe, there are four studs.
When you go with all down, there are ten.
-And so do I use this all the time? -Yes.
It is incredibly beautiful here.
The contrast between the icy blue ice and all the green -
- And the deep valleys, fjords ...
Totally amazing.
You have written a master's for outdoor recreation and mental health.
It's about what I have experienced by being out in the open air.
Many seek other means than the which are right outside the front door -
- To raise the quality of life, come of depression and difficulties.
One searches often further away than what lies outside their door.
They have health advantages in to use more natural?
There is enormous with billions on antidepressants.
When you look at what nature actually do physiologically in our body, -
- Formation of the antidepressants of being out in the light, -
- To be social, to have peace and quiet.
All these processes occur when you are outdoors.
You have done a great job, girl.
Maybe we should let you get puppies?
Yes, maybe there is a better solution? We'll think about it.
Then Saltfjellet adventure over. There has been absolutely amazing.
Lots of nice impressions to take home. Down in the valley is green.
Back to the summer after been in the winter a month now. Delicious.
There will also be a little sad, for nature has been so nice.
We will only add to the mountains again before too long.
It can be a circus. Kayak be on board the canoe.
It was great, that is!
Have you seen so much good lunch, kayak?
They must go in peace. You will catch fish instead, mate.
This is Kayak. He will participate in Femundsmarka.
Another companion is Trond Strømdahl. I've known him a long time.
I look forward to the additional, for we have had many trips together.
Then I am very excited about him ...
Where is his car.
Wait, that is.
It is the car to Trond, it is no doubt. Fishing rods and canoes.
It can haunt for retirement today if He has bench down there.
Come then, we'll see if we can find him.
-Where was he Trond! Lars! Nice to see you.
It's good to be on tour again with old turkompiser.
-It is good. -I think we should start with a beer.
It's a good start. -You start tomorrow.
You have not got any more? It goes slowly with you.
-We have a good time, you know. -It 's like that Sunday should be.
The Ally canoe is the we use most often on long trips.
It looks a little puny at first glance, but it can take a beating.
This is the canoe I trust the most. It is easy to repair.
It can be combined a backpack.
Do you carry a couple of miles, over a water- separation or a long stretch of river, -
- There is a huge advantage.
It is important get this one under.
So not the rodent. There you have it?
It takes 20-30 minutes To install this canoe.
Have you first made it, there is no need to disassemble it.
It can be mounted throughout the year. Femunden is huge and dangerous.
Suddenly, one of the transverse ribs slip out of position.
Therefore, one must ensure the major intersections with strips.
Then the canoes packed and ready. There is only one thing missing.
It can be a circus. Kayak be on board the canoe.
He has never been in a canoe before. 6 and a half years. It can be fun.
Will you be with? Are you going out on tour?
Should you be in the canoe? First time in a canoe? Yes, it will be fun.
Shall we try? Here!
Oh, so good!
First time. There you go. Good boy.
Good boy. Good boy.
It went well.
Kayaking in the canoe is going well. He has been on tour before.
It is 15 years ago we went on along with Norway.
We will paddle up Femunden, Norway's third largest lake.
So are we in Røa watercourse and the National Park, where big fish are.
Trond will be the first week, the kayak and I manage alone.
-Nice to come late. -Nice to be on the water again.
You get peace of mind when you are out on a huge water surface.
-Nice that you bring your brother. -Dogs is the same owner, it is said.
I see that he has the same genes.
Really broad in skull; but empty inside.
There sitter'n! Threw it right in the head on it.
Kilo Fish!
1-0 to the boat. We're sorry.
Get started. You're getting slow!
Will NOK.
-It is a very sore here. -There may be a bird of prey.
I think it might may be a giant pike -
- Who have tried to take it. Or a giant trout.
Here we can easily keep an eye on water on the other side too.
See when it calms down.
-Have you got something, Trond? -One trout. Have you got anything?
No. Completely dead at me. Have not received anything.
The Monsen in a nutshell.
They were knallbra. Yes, yes. It is common, it.
Here you are. Now you can eat.
Eat, then!
I will never understand you, Kayak.
First, we heat it slightly, and so we spice it.
It is important.
-You did not need its own grid. -If you do not put on your fish?
Oh, where is it! I see it in one corner.
Many wonder at NOK unless the fish is burned now.
I have known Trond for many, many years.
He likes the best kølsvart. Burnt. Simply distasteful prepared.
While other more normal hold it away from the worst of the flames.
Parsley ... herbal salt.
Into the belly.
You can not have this fish? Organic herbal salt?
-It is possible to try something new, you know. -There was a python.
Huet's snacks. Right behind the eye is there a real fat lump.
It is good. The little there.
And the eye. If the some brain mass in the process.
You need refills, Lars.
If you want some fish bones, Kayak?
Now it's really bad weather, Lars.
It's windy. It is a bit on the border. I'm excited about the point here ...
Here comes the boat. Shall we get into Femundsmarka fastest possible?
When we take the boat over, so we avoid having to cross.
Oh my god ... Should we take him first?
Come then. So nice boy. We have some bad times ...
We attach on the other side. Come then.
The route is as you walk. Just silly to plan too much.
We dropped the trip around the north end -
- In favor of a quick trip into paradise. Into Femundsmarka.
Where is the warmer water and certainly better fishing.
See here.
-Sorry, pal! Coffee? -Thank you.
Did not you say something? It was poorly done.
There's something about the weaker sex ... You have a weakness there.
You are not hungry, even. Now we Once you put in hard work.
I am fond of the dog, then.
Trond and Kayak have gone ahead with the luggage.
I have taken the canoes in the river. I must go, -
- So I meet Trond up here, and so we find a campsite before nightfall.
So very fine canoes. I actually never seen this type before.
It is an Ally canoe. It can folds to a backpack.
Are they as durable?
I would say better, for it is easy to repair.
You can patch it in every way. You can splice and splints -
- And tight holes with a patch and some glue.
Norwegian manufacturer? I understand that.
-What attracts a Swede here? -Good fishing and incredible scenery.
-Have you got any fish? -Oh yes, of course. Come and look at it.
No, damn! Have you ever seen! It was great!
-God help me! Congratulations. -Thank you.
-It was wonderful! -Fine, what?
Look at this log here, then! It was great!
This can be satisfied with. It lives on in many years.
It is a very beautiful fish.
Guaranteed red and nice in the flesh. Ports in the pot tonight?
Not tonight. It saves us a festive occasion.
It takes us home.
What did you take it? I am excited about the fish purse.
This lures.
Is there a "Bomber"? No, it's a "Strike Pro".
-Do you have some favorites here? -Here we have just one.
Here is another one. A blue.
-Have you weighed it? -2.7.
2.7. Thanks for the chat. Nice to meet you. Good journey, -
- I will do my to try something similar.
Further one should not get away. One hour from Røa watercourse, then one is alone.
I've put on a nice mark klyse.
There we have countermoves. Purple flight. In copper.
Now I fish in the little putt from above ...
Now I've bloody got it on the hook. It's a perch.
Unless He has received no In the meantime, I am leading 2-0.
There is great food.
There is food, at least.
-Holy shit! -Nice perch.
-It has been dead here, I understand. -Yes. Now I have eaten -
- A pot of mashed potatoes, and so I woke up ten seconds ago.
I bid on a perch or two or three.
Or four, five ...
What is it with you, boy?
Without Monsen had well you and I starve to death, Fridtjof.
It had you might not had anything bad off.
You think I'm småfeit yet? Thank you, Fridtjof.
Where is it! Fly, you know!
Yes! Where was it!
Now I have fished with flies in two minutes.
When we got the first, fine cooking trout.
Aass goes with Lars touch there?
-Monsen! I have been fishing. -No, that shit!
It is only to congratulate.
You lead small fish contest 2-0.
-Robert Sorlie have you heard? -He won the dogsled iAlaska?
He and his buddy rent a cabin here. Shall we take a trip over to?
Maybe Robert has with him a couple of their dogs?
Hi, Robert! -Wow, what are you doing here?
I knew that you rent a cabin here in between. We brushed past.
Hi, Kayak. Had a nice trip? -A coming tour.
Good weather. How are the fishing been?
Trond-head small fish contest. -Some things never change.
You must be here. I do not know how you will react to Rolex.
He is too valuable to Robert.
We'll let you stand here.
Hi, Elin! You look good, too! -I hope so.
-Thank you for last. -Yes, thank you for last.
-Hey, boy. -Rolex-boy.
Yes, you're a bad boy.
People do not know the difference between Greenland Dog, Siberian Husky, -
- Alaskan Malamute and Alaskan Husky.
The first three are purebred, while the Alaskan husky is a mixture.
Siberian husky and Greenland dog is so uravla that ...
If you are talking about wolves ...
If the hunt fails, it must have forces to hunt the next day.
It is in the lines to the polar races. You get them never to take out everything.
We mixed the Greyhound, Norwegian bird dog, pointers, pointer ...
Bird Dogs run until it stops.
It is a pure mix dog. Gategutter mix, I usually say.
I see you have vacation, Robert.
One must learn to enjoy life's benefits.
There are some things I have forgotten to take with me on previous trips.
Irish coffee à la Femundsmarka so really good.
Tasted it?
It is not a dog you would put in the team.
Kayaking is great for their use. Here he is quite excellent.
He has very thick fur and is not bothered by mosquitoes.
As turhund he is good.
I like to have dogs that will run for 180 mil, needs a lot lighter types.
What are the characteristics a top cover dog?
We started with 16 dogs in lditarod. I had six females -
- And ten males. Male dogs is usually a little heavier and bigger.
I had eight dogs when I got the goal.
I took out one bitch. It is the mode- rate of dogs that can do it best.
You have many to choose from?
Actually, very few in relation to my competition in Alaska.
They can have up to 100 dogs. I had vaccinated 23 before I went.
The advantage is that I get in touch with and get to know each dog.
You asked to start in 2002 with a name that no one knew.
You were the best first run with an amazing 9 place.
I saw that it was possible to be among the best.
When I took over in 2003, I went to try to win.
Here we sit and talk to the guys.
The adage that behind every man is a woman ...
How do you handle this? He must have been selfish to do this.
He has been. And it I understand that he may be.
If he does not had been doing this -
- He'd been doing something else.
I remember the first time I saw Robert get into the kennel's.
What struck me, was the way he talked to them.
Jatteprat: Hey, hey. How's the matter with you? Snuggle Dog ...
Proper cooing. Is it typical of him?
A friend of mine asked him:
"If you must choose between Elin and dogs, what then? "
He began to laugh themselves to death -
- And replied that he had Of course, selected dogs.
Aass feel it, then?
I know it's like that.
I respect that.
Beautiful fish!
Then the black smoke there was, then.
It is always sad when a good pal head for home, -
- And you're back in the wilderness alone.
The truth is that I thrive in their own company.
I can not wait to get into more unknown parts of Femundsmarka.
Ris. Mashed potatoes.
So we'll see what nissefar have. Coffee is certainly welcome.
-Fish Soup. -It is great.
It really helps.
Then I drop to chase so much for fish to survive.
Thanks for the ride! It has been good.
Very good. As always. Fie-Fie with no fish!
Very quickly now.
Maybe I should just put knife right into his skull on the ...
There I have it. The pike is finished.
Should we try to arrange some pike for dinner today?
I think you can really relax, I am.
Are you left? Stretch, stretch.
Nice boy.
This fish is my bag, an old tent bag.
That, it seems when I'm tipping it out.
Starting with four pieces. mark boxes.
It rips a little soul I did not dig it himself.
Buy Mark is very good. It keeps longer than the one you dig yourself.
This may be in the box for four weeks only avoid sunlight and heat.
This is my spinner box. The looks like I is monotonous in the election.
This blank is gullegod. The fisherman who just rakker'n.
Notice the interesting herring. If I must throw long and deep, -
- It is a very good weapon. I large spoon drains in between.
Large, glossy, about 20 grams. It takes my big fish.
Big fish is from three fifteen pounds and upwards.
Have you ever seen!
The same pike sticking off the farm in the middle of town.
There is ground, and there is the spinner, as it ran off with the City.
You're talking! Greedy fish. You do not know when to stop, you!
Then it goes gærent with you! Sorry!
Then goes out there almost the entire fire but it does not matter much.
Then it can lie there and enjoy themselves.
These are nice fish.
Come, then!
Oi! Fin fish.
Oi, oi, oi! Look at it there!
Beautiful trout.
Then dinner saved.
Do not need more than one such day.
You've understood it. You paddle the right way.
-Where are you? -Inn to Rogen and back.
-Have you been fishing along the way? -One trout and two small whitefish.
-Did you fish to the small spin? -Fly.
To their defense there has been a bit chilly.
We hope that it gets better for supper. We need some food.
We have relied on fish, but when we will be fine until we get home.
-It was a good idea to laminate the maps. -You can get this.
-It is from the top by Rogen. -When could you take this.
-Thank you! -Enjoy you with it.
-Did you get the pole? -It was on one of the buds down here.
It was awesome. Then it will be noon today.
-Have a good trip. -You're welcome.
Have it.
Today's highlight.
What have you done something that gærent have to go through this? Head in here ...
There you go.
Come on, then. Right.
Come on. The can you!
Use your brain. Come on.
Two stones. There you go. Then we go around. Good boy.
Took a little time.
It's a twig. What do you do now?
Going back again, yes ...
There you go. Good boy! Come on!
No, no, no!
There is no latmannsliv.
Come, then! Behind me. Here.
There you go.
Good boy.
It was great. In the old days it was the dairy farms here.
This is Grøtedalssetra.
One of several places rented out to regular mountain tourists.
There are many axes and knives have been sharpened.
That was my grandfather too.
Now, I arrived at the Swedish border and Rogen.
Here I must either turn south or north.
I choose the north. This is because I think it looks interesting -
- With all the small lakes around Revsjøen.
Maybe go for a walk a day or two or three of cleavage on Kayaque, -
- Leave the canoe and get to areas where we are completely alone.
We are going on. Then we just paddle through the reeds here.
Revapassasjen is the flavor of.
Reminds me of paddling I did in Canada.
There, I followed the Indians' more centuries-old hunting routes.
They had spent generations to find the best routes.
Least possible resistance in the water and at the same time -
- Just barely made it through with their canoes.
Where are we through Kayaque. Just wide NOK for a canoe.
There you go. You did not have to show, once.
It went okay.
Revsjøen ahead.
I got beaten up cloth just before it started pouring rain.
Good to have a cloth to crawl under. I have not fired up the fire.
I do not think I bothered either. It's not often I say it.
I'm bringing a gas burner.
Are there any other animals nearby, Kayaque?
Gone were the. It took a long time before they noticed us.
I used the rest day to find out what I would do the rest of the trip.
To plan the route along are some of the fun.
I think it looks so exciting to take all further north -
- To Vonsjøvann -
- And further north the Lower Mould Sea.
Maybe get me down Mugga with the canoe.
I have not heard that someone has done before.
It is quite small, so there will be NOK little support for it.
It could be exciting fishing there.
This is a bit funny orientation, I think.
I must return to the same camp as I left.
It must be when must carry a canoe first.
While I go, I try to add attention to detail in the landscape.
As an example. pelvic I will now.
Get an image of land closet that I have to go back to.
When I arrive, I look at the clock. Three km to go.
I assume that it is an hour's quiet walk.
And then I calculate slightly shorter time ago.
This is the size.
It is probably a pike. I must be careful.
This is so typical pike ...
It sucks and spins.
I feel just as safe that when I go out -
- Two-cm ice in the fall. I do not, of course.
Not there?
This may break at any time.
Starting to get tired?
No, not the side there.
Maybe I can reach you now.
If I is very fast now ...
I must be careful with your hands my. It has very sharp teeth.
I push a hand into the gills on it, I suddenly -
- 89 sharp pike teeth in his hand.
I have to drag it ashore and throw me over it and pokes it in the head with ...
Maybe I should put the knife in the skull on it ...
I think by God to do. When do I from my rod.
And then I draw the knife.
So I just hope that it is quiet ...
I apologize if some think it looks bestial out, -
- But that it is in nature. The I and the dog eat.
If I hit the proper at once ...
I'll stick the knife right in the skull on it.
Try not to scare the while I sneak into.
It is completely exhausted, so it's just ...
There I have it. This pike is now complete.
Great Steak! Wonderful!
Delicious fillets to fry!
I've cut away all the bones, so this is boneless. Proper steak!
I hang up a couple of the fish pieces from the pike.
Kayaque said that he would not have pike today.
When it's time to leave camp at Lower Mould Sea -
- And paddle to the end and take on a new, wonderful challenge:
Coming down the lower part of pitchers of the canoe.
There is a greater drop from the Lower Mould Sea and down to Femunden -
- Than it is from the inside by Rogen Swedish border and down to Femunden.
From here and down the 118 meters.
It is an entirely separate emotion when you hear the roar of rapids.
You do not see anything than a lot of air in front of you.
It is not just great -
- With the right rod under the chin, but it goes.
Now I begin to read the river. Sample to sneak down the passage.
Come on! It is 200 meters left, and so is the end of rapids.
When we are down.
As we proceed, then, down to Femunden ...
No, no!
-What are you doing? -I am trying to get me food.
It was a huge pike there, but I could not get the better of it.
You shoot the fish?
For pike, it does not matter if it is shot or beaten to death.
It is not the roughest we have, but it works at least on the pike.
One should learn something new all the time.
-There must be a TrønderEnergi to. -Is your coffee thirst?
Is not sure if I take a chance to drink coffee with you.
I have tea, too, If you are more the gentle S V-type.
There is no gærent S v!
-We can take our coffee. We make it -All right, then we take a cup of coffee.
You may well be over here tonight.
You have several buddies lurking in the bushes, right?
As well here as elsewhere.
-Fish Bowls ...? -It is well -
- With the fish bowl effect in tea. -I have strange NOK not tried.
Vesterålen red, that went out of production for at least ten years ago.
-More to be? -Thank you.
-So you think this is good stuff? -Yes.
It helps the most. Ten years old Vesterålen.
It is the worst I've ever heard!
There was something with the smell there! It has sealed you, then?
I came in contact with some Germans for over ten years ago.
They had a bunch of cans around the campfire's.
They bought me a box for me.
I was a bit skeptical, but it was the animal well.
There were some girls who had smuggle it across as canned food.
40-45%. There was no bad after-taste, -
- As it tends to be in Trøndelag. -The Germans were lucky with this one.
-What are you doing on a daily basis? -I 'disability insurance.
I cap off my foot once in the past.
I got a rock over the top of mine.
That can enjoy a little with the knife.
Stick inside and stuff.
That would put you on some samples. River Crossing, how's it going?
We're always on if there are beavers in the river.
There is a certain buoyancy if you were to stumble.
The problem is that wooden leg al provides up and the rest of the body is under.
Is there anything more silly now I know what guys morrabål with.
Now I'm down by Femunden. The trip in Femundsmarka is almost over.
Fishing has been awesome. I have not had to struggle to get food.
Mixture of trout, pike, perch and grayling -
- Has made it fun to be angler.
Femundsmarka still have a proper flavor of wildness about it.
Just leave the most widely used paths and trails, you are alone.
That's what I require of desolate wilderness.
The one thing you must remember: It's really good footwear.
Do you remember it, you are guaranteed a really good experience. Good trip.
Come, then!
Come on, boy. You can do. Come on.
Bright red and beautiful in the flesh!
Kayaque and I am now arrived Karasjok: Sami capital.
Here live about. 3000 people, and here we find the Sami Parliament.
We will now go 350 glorious miles -
- Through some of the beautiful Lapland has to offer.
The plan is to use a month on the trip.
We're a few miles outside Karasjok the center. Here begins the dirt road -
- Up to Ravnastua. It is the very last day -
- In Sami's dog days. lfølge ancient mythology -
- Be the same weather that is today, last a month ahead.
It's rainy and overcast, so it does look rather promising.
I hope it is not true.
It's a wonderful feeling when you know that the bag weighs a bit.
It is delicious to stretch out my legs and get sweaty.
And it's wonderful that there are no mosquitoes. Delicious temperature to go in.
It must be the tenant does here. I have not spoken to you, I am. Hello!
-Good day! -You have pack dogs.
I need someone who carries great weight.
I see it is State lodge here.
The first house was built in 1850.
It was intended as coaching for senior people.
-So it was government that built it? -Yes.
-The typical visitor here? -Usually a woman.
Minimum five pieces.
Then they ordered in advance. Dinner, sauna, entertainment.
-And you stand for everything? -Yes. They received and accommodated.
I tell them when it's dinner. And when the sauna is hot.
-You wash them on the back too? -I offer them the full treatment -
- So they are in good shape when they come home.
I actually sleep better in a tent, I intend to raise the tent.
It's just to get to the right.
The boy ... You can only lie there and enjoy yourself, you.
On each trip I have always any equipment that is new.
Part of my job is to write about it. I must follow.
This product has I been critical for some time:
Inflatable sleeping pad.
Now I'll give this a try.
It is undeniably soft and comfortable to lie on, -
- But my experience is that they are too continued leaking, so that the air goes out.
But I'll give it a try.
Otherwise, the tent of my also brand new.
There is a Fjällräven tent.
I would have a small and relatively easy care.
It weighs 2.2 kg. It has only one cloth, and it is new.
I am basically little skeptical about it, but we'll see.
This bag makes me great requirements, the costs NOK 5000.
Then a sack really be good. Good belts, good hip belt.
Here it is nice to have a jacket when you go. Pocket book here.
Here you will without opening the top lid.
The cylinder head is also very easy to clip off.
When I have actually a backpack.
Many believe Bamsemums hear home with the kids in front of the children's TV, -
- But it is very good turmat. Much sugar, lots of fast carbs.
Carbohydrates are the packages I most of. Slow and fast.
As a general rule you can say that the proteins found in nature.
It is now NOK most fish, in the hunt could be grouse.
The fat I have on the body. I fat me up in advance.
And carbohydrates packages I in the bag.
There are some maps out of it.
When you look after your deer, do you have with you such a pile of maps?
I have not seen a single move with the same map.
I have also noticed.
-And they go not away either? -They know at any time where they are.
But they are in the same area all the time.
It would be terrific if I could put them out. They weigh the mass.
I put out the route roughly and remove all unnecessary paper.
Can I use your cafe? Great.
-What a ride you're going out on. -It is not really there, that ...
It is 15-18 kilometers a day. There is no more.
Here we are now. Ravnastua.
We will go north of to begin with.
And then more northward on the east side of Stabbursdalen.
We are fairly straight course northwards.
We find a path down here down to the coast, to Porsangerfjord.
Below the Stabbursnes it is a little uncertain what we do.
However, we must cross the E-6 here about.
So we arrive at Magerøy- the sound. There is now a tunnel.
We can go under the sea instead putting lives at risk at sea.
It's an advantage. And then it becomes to reach out to the Cape.
It must be good.
Look at the huge dump here. It's a completely kveldsbål.
(Yoik and music)
It was just as strong headwind that I thought. It's pretty miserable weather -
- But after all, this section of Finnmarksvidda easy to walk on.
It is not so bad as one might think.
There are many places in Norway where it is much harder to walk.
Come on, boy! You can do! Come on!
I will try to lure him over.
I just camped in Stippanavzze.
I throw out a ground klyse and ... There var'n immediately!
Then it will be NOK food today also. Lovely welcome on the Finnmark plateau.
Three fish. You can take the photographer.
Kayaque do well. He is not spin wild as some dogs can be.
But it is clear that he will get there reindeer are, so I must be careful.
By God is the grayling! I thought it would be trout or char here.
It will kill when crackdown NOK in the head on it.
Grayling is a beautiful fish, but you have to do it up right away.
The white meat can not be long before it gets bad.
There are so many shells on the skin for grayling, I FLÅREN it.
Just as perch.
So we muck Aranda.
Now it is ready to go right in the pan.
It is not necessary to rinse it in water.
Stretching ... stretch ...
Come on, boy. Stretch your legs.
Kayaque breathing heavily. Last night he snored, so I woke up.
The dura in the walls. When I went out to take a leak -
- So he waver in and settled over the gas burner.
Fortunately, burned it. He is quite tired now.
Kayaque is a real teddy bear, but one should be aware of -
- That it is not only just Having such a large and strong dog.
Procured the Alaskan malamute, must be able to hold it again -
- If there is a moose or a reindeer herd.
In addition, it can be quite bos against other males.
Then you have to know how it is to have an Alaskan malamute.
Once you have track of the things, I do not hesitate to recommend it.
I walk in the old mail route between Karasjok and Alta.
It was a route to the north as well.
The old track are not always visible.
At the time it went a lot of skiing, sleigh and sledding. That was before the road came.
I have gone over the watershed from Gierdne Bobby.
I stand at the top of Stabbursdalen. We see the first forest clusters.
Valley, we follow several mil, until we come to the park.
Where we find such the world's northernmost pine forest.
The river I'm excited. I look forward to sample fish my rod in it.
Bright red and beautiful in the flesh!
One boiler holds a ton.
The I use to fish, mashed potatoes, rice porridge and steiking ...
When is it done.
Do a little taste of the soup.
Strong and nice. Beautiful.
It's hot.
You have to wait a bit.
I am convinced that if you eat lots of fish, -
- As I'm doing on these trips, -
- It keeps you healthy. Fit as a fiddle.
What I have seen nature up here So far, it is truly a gem.
Not least, I was pleasantly surprised. I have not met anyone in a week.
Here I am at the old border of national park. It is no more.
After enlargement in 2002 were protected area nearly tenfold.
From 96 square kilometers to 936. We are outdoor people happy:
Hunters, fishermen, hikers. The Sami are not all equally enthusiastic about it.
Sami believes that the park attracts tourists who scare the deer.
They drive the industry's as they always have done, -
- But the protection has led to the Sami, Norwegians and Finns, -
- Can not use the plain as before.
They hope that the Finnmark Act shall give everyone in the county equal access to resources.
What about us who are not from the Find mark? Hope we get banned.
Now we are down in the woods again. There are actually pine forest.
For 5000-7 500 years since it was a heating period of Finnmark -
- Was covered with pine forests. Strange, but that it was actually.
When it was colder, drew the pine forest down to the coast.
It was partly gone. It managed to hang on -
- In pockets here. This is the world's northernmost pine forest.
Good day, good day. Sigvald? Lars.
-Well ... Long march? -Fantastic mountain regions here!
-When things are true, it is amazing. -I sent a package of provisions.
-Everything is under control. -Great. It is such dog food.
He spøy up trout yesterday.
-So it does not like fish? -No ...
Then you have the problem.
You have horses, not reindeer.
Is there a difference the coastal Saami, reindeer herding Sami people?
Some have the horses. Horses there has been a long time here -
- Transport and jordbruksdyr.
Now it's not so much horses as it once was.
What consequences did it for you and horses that it became a National Park?
Organized use of horses in connection with tourism was not allowed anymore.
It was difficult in those areas. It was impossible.
What did you do that you no longer can do? Apart from horse use?
The whole area was used for hunting and fishing.
It was fished extensively in the area, also with nets.
-Can you not do it today? -Now it's just fishing there.
So many coastal Saami lost part of their income?
Yes, you must be able to get something in nature.
All the opportunities are gone.
That which I think looks as a very young seals.
It is therefore NOK it can not be intimidated.
It is no wonder Brigitte Bardot and others will be charmed completely.
They are incredibly beautiful. Really cuddly.
The fact is that there has been too many of them -
- So they make strong inroads in fish stocks here.
The tide is above the knees, but we do not care about.
This is a wonderful nature experience.
Yeah, that's it.
We look very much beautiful animals around us.
The seals inside the fjord here we have a lot of.
They are located in estuaries, also salmon rivers.
-You will decimate seal population? -We have strong opinions.
It will be when all bygdesam- findings in Finnmark is dependent -
- That there is balance in nature.
-And it's not in your eyes? -There is no balance -
- When the fish are gone and fishing jobs are gone.
Finnmark Act proposes that the Sami -
- Shall have the right to decide in Finnmark. What do you think about it?
For Saami communities with combined use of land and sea, -
- It says nothing really.
Moreover, not sjøressurser included in the bill at all.
For Saami communities it is not durable.
I interpret you right, you will own the land here. What about the public right?
What people want is an advantage to the resources -
- To have a livelihood here to live here.
What about me as an outdoor person?
I have not seen Sami with fi ske- rod. Should I be denied access?
You have ownership or in the country. It works like a charm.
I think there is no which will tend to stand here.
-So you can reassure me? -I think that I can guarantee.
It is never like that.
I wish I traded the fur with this buddy!
There were fresh now. There is no doubt that it must be late autumn.
First Snow is just around the corner.
Although we have a good walk again, approaching the North Cape itself.
I go in one of the many widely- driving wheel tracks on the plateau.
Here are the reindeer, and it becomes a some driving. That must just be -
- If they want the industry in the mountains. Another thing is that -
- If the common man should be run everywhere ...
Also people not engaged with the reindeer.
Then it can be a lot of texas driving. Then we would weigh.
Why do you live in a single tent that is soaking wet on the inside?
Most tents is the moist on the inside.
Do you have something you can burn, remove moisture.
Otherwise, it is wet. I am running on gas, you know.
Such a box does not last long, so I must be a little sparse.
Then it will be a half hour for dinner and a half hour in the morning.
Why single tent? It is much less condensation in double tents.
The reason is simply I test it.
Now I see what it will do to.
It is possible I will prefer this winter.
It is NOK better.
Here it concentrates much moisture, and bed length is very short.
I'm not the longest either. I is 1.83 m.
There are too short. I must protect your feet with the sack in the end, -
- So do not bag absorbs too much water.
Being wet through socks is not a good start to the morraen.
In addition, the head too close to here. When the wind blows in the morning, -
- I wake up a shower of drops in the face. Not very pleasant.
Here something happens, it is clear. They are in the pure collection.
There are many reindeer. Now be a good boy.
Here was a real ...
I'm trying to find Ellen Marit Sara Somby, -
- A woman in a very male-dominated profession.
I will look for a Sami tent in the chaos here.
Hello. Ellen Marit Sara Somby?
She is in the mill, yes.
It is not allowed to eat.
Sorry, pal.
No, Kayaque. There is too much for you. You get so stressed out.
-Ellen Marit? -It 's Ellen, yes.
-You are well underway, I see? -Final.
-I have been planning for weeks. -What happens now?
We note, and we take out the slaughtered animals.
-So this is in progress for several days? -Approximately two to three weeks. After the weather.
It would be nice if you could be answered stupid questions!
The worst are people who only watch. Let's get to work!
It's okay! Here we go!
-What should we do? -Pulling slaughter the animals there, -
- We will slaughter the car.
You point to an animal, and I help to keep it?
You must learn from body language what they do.
I will follow.
The. The greatest.
If we look at each of our horns, then?
-I survived the first attempt. -It was awesome!
How do you which animal to choose?
-No, we've talked about it ... -Do you see the size?
Size, sex.
If they are in good shape. It depends what kind of reviews are taken.
-How do you know if they are in shape? -They are fat. Round over the buttocks.
-A lot of fat on the buttocks. -And the hair is fine.
Round over the buttocks and little curl the hair, there are good signs.
Your husband died six months the page. It may not have been easy -
- To take over such a size of the reindeer?
One is the mother and father and caretaker and trying to control everything -
- The way he wanted it to wide- reforms. It is a heavy responsibility -
- With two bands and two operating units and four minor children.
It must be very special to be woman in a male-dominated profession?
I grew up with this. I know what it is.
So I'm used to it and is been accepted by the men here.
I notice Your great good humor.
If I had it, I had sent all the animals to the slaughterhouse.
But the meaning was that I would be on the plateau. Where I am.
It is my life.
The Sami have lived in Finnmark for thousands of years.
Before they became Christians, They had their own religion.
They believed in many gods. I have read that it was up to 15
They had shamans, also known as shamans.
They were sacrificial. Many of them were large stones.
As in the Bringnes. It sacrificed the wheat heads.
They smeared the stone with blood for better luck at sea.
I have gone about. two kilometers from the sacrificial stone.
I am going to three stone rings -
- With a diameter of 3-5 meters.
This is just some of the most spectacular ancient monuments -
- You may have left.
The researchers believe that they are from the 1200s -
- And that it actually was sacrificial.
Some of the local population claim that it was gjømselsgammer, -
- Places they sought protection from Chudes who came from Russia.
It seems illogical to me. I would rather tucked me up in the rock -
- Than right by the sea.
Something else was there If these rings were blessed.
Anyway, this is a sacred place where to tread with respect.
There are also several cemeteries around here.
Amazing NOK, in the so-called Social Darwinistic period -
- Believed that the Sami had lower intelligence -
- And took the skulls from the grave to measure the size of Oslo.
It is absolutely incredible.
It's amazing wild nature here.
Mountainsides plunge into the sea. We are at over 300 meters.
Here you should be careful in fog and rain.
Most people have heard of "The Wizard".
The story played out here in these steep mountain sides.
A boy was caught by Chudes. He threw his torch -
- Into a deep ravine as they began to slip. Then all fell as dead.
We should greet one who stubbornly claims that it was his great-grandfather -
- That was the wizard.
Hello? Good day!
-Do not come in with the ugly dog! -Can I tether the dog in the birch?
Lars Monsen is my name. -Where are you from?
-From Oslo. -Sit.
-Here you have a good oven. -I have lots of coal in the cellar, -
- So I can not throw it out.
-83 Years. What's the secret? -Eat food and work.
And keep a little in love. And have a Christian faith.
You lived up as a farmer and fisherman?
Bank fishing, coastal fishing and fishing boats fishing.
And I have driven agricultural and fishing next to here.
-Have you Kven origin? -Mother was born in 1895, -
- Came to the coast from the interior, and then came the mass found in Finnmark.
When they had eaten the seed corn, Set the potatoes and animals, -
- They drew against Norway. There were open sea with sea birds, seals and fish.
This saved the life. There were about 70 000 who died of malnutrition -
- In northern Sweden and northern Finland.
You have a special story if your great-grandfather?
A great grandfather on my father's side, Claus Erikson was his name.
They took him to Los and went into the mountains.
He had a long rope He tied loosely in the belt itself.
He lit the torch at the mountain's edge. They were blinded by the heat.
He threw the torch over the edge and put yourself aside.
The generosity of the slope. How many there were, I do not know, -
- But it was four to five still was alive. They collapsed down the scree.
Even he took a detour down in Normanset. Where did the wedding.
They got drunk and crazy.
He said: Here live the Lord's love days, and death questions from above.
Next tomorrow they went up to see. There were four or five it was life in.
They beat them to death in the scree there.
Norway was then in Denmark.
In the Catholic church was called the that violent men would not be buried, -
- But the dirt on the ground to the process of becoming. The bones were there ...
An old woman lived there when we moved here 45 years ago.
She picked blueberries in the scree. There were still bones.
"They were not buried, but to dung on the ground to the process of becoming. "
Thank you so much for us got to talk to you.
It was fun. I have not lied. I stand for what I have said.
I believe in!
We come and greet again. About 10-15 years on vacation with his family, -
- So are you down on the beach and gutting fish!
I'm not here anymore then. Then I moved.
I'm not here anymore then.
Then came winter! I was hoping to avoid before I came to the Cape, -
- But that's the mountain. Just take it with a smile.
I would like to traded the furs with him here.
He has a lot warmer than me right now.
You hear a long way when there are cars.
I stand quietly on the bottom. We take it easy through the tunnel.
It was one of many tourists, but it is no longer between them.
It is right at the end of the season.
Now we have trampled around on the plains for miles -
- In some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe.
Now we are 200 meters below the surface.
We will walk seven km through the tunnel. It will take approx. a half hour.
Wait, then, boy. Wait, comrade.
We must take care of you.
I have taken such a thing that we can put the firm -
- So motorists can see you.
When flashing it. We take it in that way.
No, it was wrong ... Let's see ... There you go.
There you go. Now, you were great!
It was really nice!
I have a vegetarian too.
Shall we go through the tunnel -
- Like two disco boys on a Saturday evening.
A big one, that.
Good evening. Is it you who is the money collects on top of the mountain?
Do you have anything for us?
When you are so silly that you go through the tunnel, you can move on.
I've gone from Karasjok.
Thank you for letting us go free.
Have a good trip!
It is a great time to get on, well into September.
You do not have to pony up 190 million to go out on the plateau here.
Here, the building the huge building -
- That in so far is fine. The slides well up on the mountain cliff.
Hello! My name is Lars and Norwegian.
Hello, my name is Toru and is from Japan.
He is not dangerous. Just kind.
I can not speak English ...
-Just a little. -How long have you been out and gone?
Two months and ten days.
Two months and ten days? It's longer than I have been on the trip.
Where have you been?
Luxembourg, Belgium ...
Netherlands ...
Germany ...
Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
So good. Why did you come to the North Cape?
I'd like to see the northern lights, but the weather is too bad.
Do you see the northern lights, it must be cold.
Winter. January and February are good.
Yes, but it is so cold.
What have you here in your backpack?
-It is my tent. -Tents?
Do you sleep here tonight?
Great, we are neighbors! I will too.
So nice.
Would you take a picture?
-No. -Not?
I thought all Japanese people took pictures.
But do not you?
I do not like to take pictures.
Take one way, -
- And one that way. -Yeah.
-Where is the button. -This?
Now you can take it.
One, two, three.

But Kayaque! We are not in the bush now!
I will take up the shit your.
Can not shitting here, you know.
Inside here it is dry. Yeah ...
It is very dry indeed ...
It has certainly been a wet ride. My sleeping bag is wet.
Do not think I'm lying if I said that it is a liter of water in the bottom section.
I'll take a quick summary of the equipment.
This is my bag.
A Arcteryx. It is Canadian.
The normal packing, with the heaviest close to the back, -
- So wear your comfortable. What I do not like about it -
- Is opening up here. It is too narrow.
Here I have trouble with to make room for winter sleeping bag.
It went okay now, but an extreme- bag should be used in winter.
This product, I was excited.
An inflatable mattress from Mammut Ajungilak.
I fired up a match, one small spark on the substrate layer hole.
It was a big disappointment.
So we have one of the absolute My main products: the tent.
It's supposed to keep me dry. The conclusion is crystal clear.
I was not dry. This is because there is only one cloth.
There are a lot of condensation. It runs down inside the walls -
- And collects in puddles on the floor.
-Is the tent dry inside? -Yes.
-Do not wet? -Of course not.
You would not exchange a tent, right?
No! I do not like it's wet.
He NOK right, dear Toru, our new Japanese friend.
When the trip is over. We are on the North Cape Plateau.
We have gone in three to four weeks - 35 mil approx.
Of course, it rains. It did when we started, and it does now.
When it comes to the trip, I think primarily Stabbursdalen.
An incredibly beautiful wilderness gem.
The meetings with Sami reindeer herders and coast Lapps.
It was rewarding to see how they live anno 2004.
The terrain has been so easy to walk. The bit I mark in.
Does anyone want a mountain where is easy to walk and you can travel -
- Large distances in a short time, so recommended absolute Finnmarksvidda.
It's a little sad that the trip is over, but I have a night again.
Toru would not change a tent, but I should make an attempt on the bag.
He has a dry sleeping bag, I will try to trick him ...
Toru! I have a great sleeping bag.
Want to swap? I am yours and you get this?
The where?
-Really good. -It is the kjempevåt.
Oh no.
<-Want to trade?> <-No!>