Marked Fresh EP25 Gaeng Jued Krapow

Uploaded by TFNMarketFresh on 10.01.2013

On this episode of Market Fresh,
we're making Gaeng Jued Krapow Moo Sub, or Clear Soup with Basil and Pork.
Let's see what's on our shopping list and hit the market.
Our recipe calls for fresh holy basil. Getting it here at the market is
about as fresh as it's going to get.
Next, we head over to visit our butcher who will ground up our pork.
They always have a wonderful selection of meats to choose from.
Now we just need to get some garlic and few other key ingredients before heading home.
For our Soup, the main ingredients are ground pork, Thai holy basil, pork broth, fish sauce and garlic.
This is a relatively simple and quick recipe so we'll start by organizing
all of the ingredients that we picked up from the market.
Everything gets a quick washing.
Be sure to clean the basil thoroughly, to make sure there's no loose dirt.
Next we'll prepare the ingredients by separating them and putting them aside.
Now that's everything's ready, let's get cooking!
We'll start by mixing the pork with some chopped basil, fish
sauce, garlic and ground pepper in a bowl. We also add a couple
of pork bouillons to water and heat until it comes to a boil.
Once our mixture is combined well, we transfer it to another bowl and get ready to cook.
Once our broth starts to boil, we're ready to add our pork mixture.
Form small meatballs and add them to the boiling pot.
When the meatballs are cooked, we add a little fish sauce to flavor the broth.
Give it a quick taste to see if you need more fish sauce and reduce the heat.
Then add in the fresh holy basil leaves.
To serve the soup, place a couple large spoonfuls of the fried garlic mixture in the bowl before
adding the soup. Then add more fresh basil before scooping in some of the soup.
And top it off with more of the garlic and garnish.
And there you have it - Gaeng Jued Krapow Moo Sub, or Clear Soup with Basil and Pork.
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