Pom Pom - How to make a Pompom

Uploaded by ORITAMI on 25.10.2012

Hi :-) I'm Tami In this video we're going to make a Pom Pom - Let's begin!
We'll need : - Scissors
cardboard and some yarn
We'll start by marking two circles on the cardboard
we're aiming for two identical doughnut shaped circles - to cut the inside circle
Just fold the cardboard in two
like u see here
it's easier that way
now place the circles together,
tie the yarn...
and start wrapping the yarn around like this
let's wrap around and around
and around ... and around ...
You can add more than one color of yarn
to add more yarn, you can tie it to the last piece or just continue wrapping from
where you stopped it doesn't really matter
now let's continue wrapping around until there is no more room
like this
let's use scissors to cut the yarn between the two cardboard circles
now cut another piece of yarn and place it between the two cardboard pieces
this is a piece of yarn that holds the pom pom together
so i'll make a double knot... just in case
we are almost done, let's take the cardboard out
and start trimming...
and there we have it - a pompon! thanks for watching i would love to read your
comments don't forget to subscribe to stay updated.. and i'll see you next time
bye bye :-)