DIY Zebra Print Pattern: How to Draw (Tutorial)

Uploaded by SeaLemonDIY on 21.01.2013

Thanks lesly coolio, for your suggestion on my
DIY Leopard Print Pattern video.
Today I'm going to do another DIY animal print pattern.
In this tutorial, I'll show you how to draw a zebra print pattern.
I'll be using a sharpie to make the black stripes.
You can choose to make a black and white version. Or replace some of the black stripes
with color, using colored pencils, markers or paint.
I'm going to make the pattern on this memo book I made.
Check out this tutorial here to learn how to make your own memo book,
you can also find a link in the "About" section of this video below.
First, I like to start from a corner and work diagonally.
Zebra print is a combo of stripes and lines that converge like this.
The lines don't have to be perfect, in fact, I like to make them more organic looking.
You can always go back later to smooth the outside edges.
If you want to add some color, make the same pattern, and just replace every other
black stripe with a color.
For the finishing touch, I added a rubber band closure to my memo book.
You can also learn how to do this here,
or find the link to this tutorial in the "About" section below.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun drawing this zebra print pattern
on your next project!
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