Cómo hacer plastilina casera (How to make play dough at home)

Uploaded by liggiarn on 05.01.2013

What are we doing today, Dudu?
Play dough, this is the old play dough
It has salt, so it gets this little white dots when it gets
Since this one is already bad, we are making new one.
What do we need to make play dough, Dudu?
cream of tartar
and... what's this?
and this is food color
as you can see
all these things here are edible
even when it has a very ugly flavor, because of the big amount of salt
a spoon yeah

even when it has an ugly flavor, because of the salt.
it wont be toxic if the child tries to eat it.
200 grams flour
a spoon, yes, a spoon
100 gr. of salt
my grandma uses this
this is for papi and this for Dudi
a spoon, a cooking spoon.
a teaspoon of cream of tartar
you can normally find this in a baking store
no dear, that is enough
a little bit of oil

now let's add
100 ml of water
although I add a little bit more
do it, dear
now we stir

it will become
not a dough but something almost liquid
ready, mami's turn
try to eliminate splodges now
because it is going to be harder later on the stove
Mommy forgot something importan, let's put some color to this
I should have put it before but I'm really really absent-minded
no, we just put a little teaspoon
even less

This color is called middle blue
Let's see
what a pretty blue
it doesn't need more color

now let's take it to the stove
cook over medium heat
until it turns into a ball, just like play dough

let's put it here so it doesn't leave stains
or spoil something
it's hot but not too much
What is this, Dudu?
Play dough
the cream of tartar is there to avoid it to get spoiled
so it doesn't get rotten
so it doesn't get rotten so soon. but still I always put it in the refrigerator with film paper.

so that it lasts longer
and since it has flour and everything is organic
it looses water and it gets hard
so that is why it is better to keep in in the refrigerator
with no air
and in the refrigerator
and it lasts for a long time
and now, who's going to play with this?

let's go