Tooji - Interview after the win of MGP 2012

Uploaded by ToojiFB on 24.02.2012

There have been two busy days of Melody Grand Prix favorite Tooji. Many predict he has a great future as an artist, including country star Bobby Bare. This morning, Tooji was online meeting his fans, here on television. Many want to contact Tooji after Saturday's final.
I get so much love and positive feedback that I almost can not believe it. Eh, how do they know about me? I forget that I'm on TV.
Radio and television journalists will also have their share of the man who is now experiencing an adventure. The man who is called the Prince of Persia.

The big adventure started Saturday evening when Tooji sung and danced himself into the Norwegian people's hearts. But the biggest compliment was received from the competitor and country legend Bobby Bare.
He said: You're going to be a star ... and I thought "Wow! Bobby just said it ... and I just said "Yeah, yeah, I hope so .." And Bobby said: "No, I know you're gonna be a star." It is the greatest honor to hear it from Bobby Bare himself.
Melody Grand Prix general is in place to support Norway's most talked about child welfare. PS: Tooji can do a lot of press/media today - but tomorrow he's back to work. So, he must try to balance this and save himself until the end of May, when the signals must be on the top. It's a long way to the final in Baku, on May 26.
Tooji, we must learn to pronounce your name correctly. It goes well. Did you calm down a little after the great victory on Saturday? I do not think I have gone to the moon yet, I do not think I fully understand what has happened. I try to take it in and it happened so much - so much feedback / love ... I am so overwhelmed that I do not know what to do...
Your life has been full of contrasts, you came to Norway when you were a year old, you have also lived in a reception center. How did you find the artist in you, in such circumstances?
I think the artist just came out.. I've always had the need to express myself creatively. The artist came up when I started working in the human rights field. So, then I thought it might be possible to combine this if I get a balance. Not only the war-peace and politics. So, I want to use it through my music. My music is a tool I use to be able to shed light on things I'm passionate about.
It was a long way to the big stage? Tooji: Yes it was a long, hard road - and still is. I think that if this would have happened a year ago, I wouldn't have been ready for it. I believe things come when it's time for them to come, and we must learn from the situation we are in. I have worked hard for many many years, to develop myself as an artist. And now I'm finally ready and had my debut in a big show like MGP. It is absolutely amazing.
It is the artist you want to be, but you work in child care now - child welfare - you have worked as a model - it is a wide range of interests. There is also a wide range of grand prix?
Yes, it might be - they are two different worlds: Child educator and artist. Both are important and both give me the weight that makes me keep my feet planted on the ground - and I do not soar too high. It gives me a perspective of values so I know what is important. This is an illusion, it's a little glam - but for me it's about having a voice and use my skills to something useful. All profile people have a responsibility and now it's time to slightly away from chrysalis focus and rather use profiling to something useful. I want to talk about youth and children - for asylum and mental health. There are many issues you come across when working in this field. It may seem clean and tidy on paper - but that's not true.
What chances do you have? Tooji: There is a reason why I signed up for MGP, I will lead Norway to victory. Thank you for comming.