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Sunday, Jan 22 2012
São José dos Campos - SP - Brazil
Pinheirinho occupation
child is here - fuckers
child is here!
in 2004, with more than 1 million square metters (621.37K milles)
Pinheirinho was a abandoned groud and began to be occupied by poor families
from the Parahiba Valey between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
In 2012 with the troops arrival 6000 people was living in Pinheirinho
they trow pepper spray kids and the women, there's no respect nobody, there is not
Are you inside there?
I was inside there, I runs out, I can not take my clothes, my papers are there, mi clothes
there is no integrity or respect for nobody, The offcer says that will attack me, me and a 5 months child in my lap
he said he would hit me. I said, I am not a bandit boy, who do you think that you are?
He said that he is a citizen, and I said, I am also a citizen, and I am not doing any bad to you
I said: you are here to protect and not for hit me
We are inside my home, we are not fighting with nobody, we are trying to hide from the pepper bomb
but they were trowed inside my house, they wanted us to run to where? the only place that we had to hide was inside home
and no point in hiding because the children were all sick, she almost fainted...
The land belongs to Selecta Corp.A bankrupt company controlled by Naji Nahas
The investor Naji Nahas provided today in Sao Paulo, the third statement to the Federal Police
He is accused of manipulating prices in the stock market
the investor Naji Nahas under house arrest, for having made irregular transactions in the stock market of Rio de Janeiro,
and today was formally indicted on three processes: a crime against the popular economy, white-collar crime and conspiracy
of course he got away and that because he had many friends. $ $
and municipal police just shoot in a girl and from what I knew it, my son is in there, he said they killed more than one inside,
a girl, right?!?, and they are shooting at people that are inside , the people which is housed inside they are shooting at them,
the Municipal Guard along with the SWAT
They are shooting inside where? where is inside?
Inside the sports court, where the people are camping
then the police are massacred us, they are throwing tear gas where there are several children, all children are sick,
have left two ambulances with children fainting, get it?
The Municipal Guard is shooting live ammunition, and our partner has made a cripple and he was taken to hospital
At the Shelter (mother fucker!!)
In the Shelter
let's make a complaint
my husband, he was shot by the bullets of the municipal guard here. We were not confronting them.
We were leaving in search of protecting the life of our baby of 10 months.
He by protect me and protect my baby, threw himself in front of us and was shot,
he is in the "Vila Industrial" (suburb of St. Paul) and his condition is serious
What is this?
where are human rights here? get it??!
The people here are suffering, and now they come and invade? here is a shelter!
Now they want to invade here and will throw us where?
Who have nothing left with even less!
There was a Federal negotiations to solve the problem without use force
because of this, twice, the Federal Court (TRF), annulled a decision that determined the repossession
as Friday (jan the 20th) as at the same day that the police invasion on sunday (jan the 22nd)
HA HA Hu HU the Pinheirinho is ours
Bastards, damn, this situation left me in the street
could be in my house
I'm working, I'm not a bitch, I work
and now get us out of there and put us in the street
and there is the vacant lot there, abandoned more than thirty years
to put the "handsome" there, to put the "handsome" there. is not it? I'm lying?
Will put the "handsome" it, the "big boys"
See, I'm like a pig to slaughter tomorrow ...
a badge on my arm - what is it? this here is to go upstairs
to stay in the hostel, we are not trash, to go to the hostel. I'm not a dog
For 18 years I have registration at City Hall, I have 48 years of age, 18 years ago I have registration at City Hall.
Never gave me a home, so they gave me crap, I am still waiting (program of government housing).
Now come tell me that will give us a home? they will give me a banana, will not give us anything! never going to give
On Sunday when the order of the TRF was sent directly to the command of police operations,
who received the bailiff was, none other than the attorney Rodrigo Capez,
that accounted for the presidency of the Court of St. Paul, which led to the re-integration.
He was there to give a "jurisdiction" in the officer of the TRF, he said:
"The military police action continues," the judge said.
According to the Order of Lawyers of Brazil (OAB), while doing this. Capez broke the federal pact.
But who cares? What happened there was something more important. It was a buddy-buddy! $ $ (07:35)
We are workers and parents, we are in it to raise our children.
We do not want housing and a plate of food, looks at the situation these children are here, look at the situation they are living.
you see? in a time like this, it's time for a sleeping child?
There are children who are 1 month and 20 days old, and are sleeping on the floor.
They need it? No, because they have a place to live, his parents worked to have the house.
This is an outburst of a mother of a family, because we are tired of all this humiliation that the mayor is causing us.
Social workers of the city were offering tickets for us to go away to the north of Brazil.
In my case, I have family in the north, my life, I've done here. I came here with one year old.
My children are all from São Paulo, all, all of them are in school and their classes will now start in February.
Why do people here go away to the north, if our life is here? There are no conditions they want us to get out of here
To take their problem, ending their problem? their problem are we?
- Para onde vocês irão daqui?
from here we do not have place to go (God Knows)!
Our luck was this priest who gave us this sopport, if not, I think, without him, we would be kill at the street.
he said that the people was going to a hostel, and they where separating, taken the children of their parents,
separating kids from their parents and sending to a child house, because we do not have houses anymore!
This is inhumane what they are doing!
Will put the adults on the street and kids will put on tutoring assistance, that's what they were doing.
That's why we did not want to go.
They were leaving - and that terrorism, they come here, give shots, throw gas, do not want to know if there are children,
if there are elderly, they do not want to know if there are disabled, there are many people here who are disabled.
They do not care about anything, they just shoot, throw gas, all the children are frightened, this is how we are.
going through this now, unfortunately
The judge Capez Rodrigo, is the brother of State Representative Fernando Capez, of the PSDB,
the same party as the Governor Geraldo Alkmin, the same party as the mayor of Sao Jose dos Campos, Eduardo Cury.
These people are friends with each other, attend the same dinner,
have the same campaign contributors are friends of people who are very, very friendly to Naji Nahas.
And all have great friends in the court of São Paulo, which led to the re-integration of ownership.
There was here an affront to human rights!
An affront to citizenship, an affront to the right to housing
the judge who ruled that disappropriation is acting on his own behalf. Because we able, yet this week,
according to a bankrupt estate, suspending the bankrupt estate process itself, to give a deadline for the Federal Government,
the governments: federal, state and city could make a deal, so that the pit area was expropriated and transformed and delivered to residents,
but the judge did not follow this guidance and the court of justice on their own, without legitimacy, ordered the eviction
In fact, the terrain, only belong to Naji Nahas, because the mayor of Sao Jose dos Campos, Eduardo Cury,
worked all the time in favor of mega-thief.
For of the bankrupt estate of Selecta, the only lender that has yet to be paid is:
yes, the municipality of Sao Jose dos Campos
State Governor: An São José is the land of the tecnologie
Selecta has a debt of $ 5,000,000 in taxes.
The land should have been expropriated and registered with the Federal Government's housing program called "City Legal"
State Governor: The Family Dream is the house, is that you have a house, is that you have an apartment
your place, that you will leave to your children, that you will have security, and in Brazil it is not easy
Stop Fuckers, we are leaving goddamn
No, there was no confrontation, why would someone die?
There is one shot!
But it was not in the operation of the Military Police! Is there any hurt in the operation of the police, no one, Zero!
It's bullet?
is hit in the face of the child, hurt, you see?
Were you inside?
It was, hit the boy's face, and the boy went to the emergency room
gets shot, motherfucker
Where are the other networks?
Where is the press in general?
they were barred down, they would not let anyone enter.
we can bring in a single reporter, hidden, and the reporter was afraid to take a beating and lose his service material,
because the police said it would take his material
He can not enter? it is State Representative!
No, he can not come down here, he can go to the command post he will have the information.
But State Representative, a representative of the people. can not get to monitor what is happening?
Unfortunately he can not enter!
Please, you gentlemen are without identification?
The law allows it?
the law allows you to be without identification?
Look, talk to our commander, he'll explain why we are without identification
Head of the Homeless Workers' Movement (MTST), William Boulos, arrested for no reason
That's it - It is a WAR
we are living in a dictatorship
We like to ride a bicicle, motorcicle
Do you like to live in here?
I Like
There is, wher I live for 8 years, my home going down! 8 years, my litle home, and my neighbor, film that
Easy, Easy, Relax
Brazil 2012
when the power is tyranny, revolt is a duty!