Bertrand de Broc profite de la vie sur son bateau Vendée Globe 2012 2013

Uploaded by lepotiron on 15.12.2012

you're aboard Votre Nom autour du Monde avec EDM Projet
look, you got a panoramic view
that's nice ...
I'm coming, I'm coming !
But anyway
I've just finished my lunch
in good conditions
here I'm having a tea
This morning I've took advantage of the boat being ...
was really being ...
settled, with a stable sea
so the boat was well steered by the autopilots
I've been able to rest, tidy up the boat ...
do some fixing here and there
those are important times, it allows a status report
and to see that ...
we've got after all a lot of chance to be here, even if sometimes it's hard.
maneuvers are physical, we give a lot of ourself
we still have great times of ...
of pleasure
We are actually surrounded by petrels
little birds really funny who are ..
it looks like they are fighting but in fact no.
they are having fun together
Anyway ...
I'm having fun. There has been difficult times, and there will be others
when we are stuck in the dead calms at St Helena
plus, ... whatever ...
anyway ...
the principal is to have fun and to give fun to others
who are waiting for us
at Les Sables D'Olonne, ciao !