Alexander Dale Oen - NKF Interview

Uploaded by iAdoreMedia on 01.05.2012

It is now clear.
We can't miss the fact that Alexander Dale Oen is the Gold Candidate.
Everyone believes that Kosuke Kitajima is his toughest opponent.
He's on the same level as Kitajima
and is perhaps the first one to turn.
He is indeed.
He's only 200 milliseconds behind the world record by Brendan Hansen
but his inversion wasn't perfect.
Kitajima is a step ahead
though Alexander is gaining momentum.
He's very fast
but a little too late.
I'm starting to get old.
Interviewer: Yeah! Alexander: Yes?
Interviewer: Time flies at least. Alexander: It sure does.
I suppose I am very stubborn
and I'm always trying to be outgoing.
Extremely active, I'm unable to relax.
I'm quite a sore loser honestly, I don't like to lose.
My parents asked if I wanted to start swimming and I told them: Okay, fair enough.
I then quit soccer and the workload has increased ever since.
I have lived with competitive pressures all my life.
Those who have been there since the beginning is of course my parents, and especially my brother who helps me become the best I can be.
Of course my coach as well, so there is a lot of people behind a performance, not just myself. And they all deserve credit for that.
If I have done a good job and set a personal record then I have to be satisfied about that. I can't do much about the rest.
A medal like that is perhaps realized after you're done.
Anything can be my inspiration, it is about doing something that very few people think is possible.
The motivation comes from people who works as hard as myself.
Everyone becomes affected by what surrounds them, I don't view myself as a role model. I still feel like myself
so I try not to think of it honestly.
And I always try to experience new things. Journeys that I've been unable to fulfill in the past.
I was offered a scholarship from Norges Kreative Fagskole to which I applied and have been very satisfied so far.
It's a bit easier here to combine the workload here with other interests. With swimming I had to plan 1 year in advance
but here I'm living in the present.
I have stretched myself for so long that I'm actually enjoying being a little nonchalant.