「Thunderball」TES5: Skyrim 外人実況プレイ その27 (ENG CC)

Uploaded by HaguDeGozaru on 27.11.2012

The wait is over! This is Hagu, headed for war.
Now then, viewers, can you see something out of the ordinary, here?
No... it's not that I'm wielding a bow.
Also, it's not the fact that my assistant has been left behind somewhere.
Now! Watch this movement.
Did you figure it out?
As of this episode...
I'd like to play using an Xbox controller!
What fluid movement!
That's a tongue twister... (nurunuru na) Well, anyway,
It's a pity I can't record that fluidly.
Hmm... at the end of the previous episode, I dropped a hint about what I'll do today,
but before I get to that, there are two things to do.
First, the showcasing of new equipment.
Ah, no, I'm not here to pick up Dragonbane.
Not only that- it's become some sort of "Blades Sword" you can only steal.
To heck with that.
Here, I'd like to introduce a mod.
And that is! Mr. Higeyoshi's strikingly beautiful Japanese sword mod.
Higeyoshi's a good person, he is.
Um... here it is.
"Katana Chest."
Ah, the official name is "Higeyosi [sic] Katana Pack."
Let's open it up.
A fair amount of types are gathered here.
Daikatana and wakizashi, too.
Man, I fell in love with this mod at first sight of its textures.
I particularly like the Ouka model and texture.
That being said, I've already enchanted a set fit for an archmage.
That would explain why the Ouka katana and wakizashi were missing from the chest, eh?
Mmm! Very good.
Now then, let's take care of the last preparation thing.
I need to find out what a certain character's up to these days.
I believe his recommendation may be necessary in the near future.
Let's go.
I feel like I haven't been to Riverwood in a long time.
Hmm! I imagine it's because the music hasn't started, but,
I only just realized what great atmosphere the background noise here has.
Lady... you just utterly destroyed that feeling.
Ah! This, this was the house.
Whoa! Um, have you seen that soldier guy?
Right, everyone, today I intend to go to Solitude, but first I need... Ralof? What was his...
But... failure to launch.
You goddarned AWOL.
[sigh] Guess I'm not getting my recommendation.
What...? The music's on, apparently.
Ah. The "oto's" "on." Get it? Never mind.
Also, even though I'm using an Xbox controller, the difficulty is still on Master.
The speed at which I turn feels sluggish.
How will it affect me in a fight?
Now then, let's go.
To Solitude.
Guess this is the place.
There's a map. I've got a good feeling about this place.
Right: is General Tullius around?
The Empire's... oh? There he is.
I... was at Helgen, but...
You don't need to remember it in detail.
See, I helped Hadvar escaped...
Did y'hear about that?
Probably not. But even knowing his name might help me out.
Ah, on the other hand, if he hasn't appeared, it might look like I killed him.
Legate Rikka, hmm?
"Gotsui Nord demo Koi ga Shitai!" <"I Want to Fall in Love Even Though I'm a Big 'ol Nord!">
Nah, it's spelled "Rikke."
Hold on, don't tell me this is the-
Hey! If you're that sure, stop the racket, why don't you!
This is capital punishment we're talking about.
Now, are you...
the lady who said "who cares if he's not on the list, kill him too" about me?!
Just kidding. I already looked her up online.
If you escape with the Stormgard at the beginning of the game,
you get a chance at revenge, but in my case,
she probably just died during Alduin's attack.
What kind of test?
Spare me the history, would you.
That kind of test!
I already get it.
"Go kill some bandits," right?
Consider that fort already yours.
This hardly qualifies as work. Killing bandits is my hobby, after all.
I feel like I've said something like that before.
getting my own catchphrases might not be a bad thing.
Fort Hraggstad, let's-a'go!
Okay, let's start out with the bow.
Use magic sparingly.
I'm not using a mouse, after all--
Ah, I'd like to say this isn't an FPS, but using a bow doesn't really...
support that idea.
Hey! Was that noise just now-
It was the sound of a dragon flapping its wings!
[laughs darkly] I can use this.
I want YOU! to help me clear this place out.
Hmm? Ah- arrows--
I was using a bow to prevent things like this, but once you shout, sneaking's out of the picture.
Ah, what a pain in the patoot.
Ah, but, it looks like it's time for another mod showcase.
Did you see that?
Dual-wielding... erm... block, is what it is.
Dual Wield Parrying's the name of the mod!
Geh- err, look it up if you're interested.
Why are you running!
You're just making this harder on yourself!
Ugh. Ah-
I see. That's right. I get it now.
There's no meaning to blocking here, but-
[sigh] It's not a real shield.
Speaking of which, I forgot about Dragonhide.
But if I can just get close to the wall, the archer above shouldn't be a problem.
Just a bit more-
Wh... why...?
[pouting] This isn't a game any more.
I'm not really playing this game.
I'm just carrying out a preprogrammed routine.
[sigh] You see?
Happily, I did take a moment to look up how'll-- how to quick save.
If I die here, I'll only have one load screen to sit through.
I wanted to get a head start on video editing today!
I didn't think that the game- why must you miss!
I didn't think that the game would be so hard that it would take up my time.
Well, here's another chance.
Stick around a bit more, would you?
That means, "don't go flying off."
So you're the one--
That was close.
Ugh-- oh. I wasn't the one that got hurt. Whew.
[nervous laugh] Good work, drag-- the dragon!
It's about time I use Dragonhide anyway.
Oh, you're back again?
Aren't I lucky.
I do not fear death.
I fear only the load screen!
Don't fail me now, my swords...!
Da ha ha ha. Very good.
Just as I thought, if you use vampiric enchantments,
dual wielding becomes very accessible.
Have I got a bone to pick... with you.
But no longer.
Ah. Out of time.
Charge complete.
Ah, well, I guess it's okay for me to use magic now.
The long overdue electric explosion is quite satisfying.
That was some amazing timing.
Nobody left?
Whoa, this looks bad.
Give up, you lizard!
What in blazes... was that?
All right.
Time for the finishing blow.
Let me use Molecule Cutter!
AH. I was never in any danger here.
This my payment to you.
You did well.
But seriously, there's nobody left?
Bah'ndit-- err- bandits.
Ugh. It finally ends on the 20-something-th try.
Oh? It's Daedric stuff.
Playing with the Xbox controller,
there's an element of fun you can't get with a mouse, but,
no matter what you're doing, mouse-plus-keyboard is more efficient and accurate.
Now then, viewers, let's get our stuff together and march onward...
...ugh. Come to think of it, you guys haven't been at this for five hours.
I guess I don't really give a-
No choice but the bow, here.
I'd like to use Higeyoshi's katanas, but,
I don't have any invisibility potions.
Now, and still.
Mnyeeeh? That would of hit if it was magic I was using.
Ah, good.
Ah, bad! Bad, bad!
Who would have thought this would work!
I was sure I'd die here and be faced with another 30-second load screen.
They weren't always long, you know.
I expect my hard drive is jam packed with recordings.
There's not much need to save Skyrim raw footage, so I'm particularly fond of the Skyrim series.
Ah, well, that's cool.
This is a scene I've seen before.
It was a different game, though.
"TOKI YO TOMARE!" Just kidding.
All righty then.
The next will be--
--the last.
[short laugh] This WAS a surprise, seriously.
Ahh, but this is an unfortunate turn of events.
Now see, NORMALLY, when you hear somebody say "well, this is a surprise," followed by
"NYAH NYAH NYAH (slash!)"
This means that you can be absolutely assured--
Something has happened.
Sh, sh, shoo, shoo! Shoo! Shoot! Sh-
And here I thought that was stupid-loud.
I guess he's occupied.
To avoid... hitting stuff around me... I'm going to do this in third person...
Oh dear. Ain't it all a such a shame.
He can't even cry, "OUCH," such is his paralysis.
You have my condolences.
Well, I say, I say! Mission complete, so the info goes.
Let's get back to Legate Rikke and ask if we can go out to play with Ulfric.
But... that will be... next time, of course.
Until we meet again, farewell.