Beyoncé "Countdown" Parody: Student Loan Countdown

Uploaded by chescaleigh on 08.10.2011

Oh my credit is dropping and they still keep calling
nothing else has changed I can’t pay you
Oh you must be crazy, payments are monthly no
can’t do this on my own sallie mae, I can’t pay
off my student loans
they’re calling me at 10 i’m stressing on the 9
I’ve barely even 8 I’m not so lucky 7
They ring again at 6 Let me call you back in 5
What are they looking 4 I’m trying to pay all 3
Called my mother 2 But I’m not the only 1
Went off to school to get my education Little did i know debt was part of the equation
Could of dropped out but that’s a bad situation If you don’t pay up they’ll garnish your
Sallie Mae and the government make bank if I default
but i can’t find a job, so technically it’s not my fault
Me and my boo yeah we gonna get married My debt is a load that we both gotta carry
Didn’t know my interest rate would be 12% Payments just  high as New York City rent
Oh, should I stand out on wall street? Would that even help me?
Not sure what I should do. Barack are you listening?
Oh, can I get a forbearance? No help from my parents
I’m doing this on my own, Sallie Mae I can’t pay off my student loans