House of Marley at CES 2013 - Interview

Uploaded by jeffcutler on 14.01.2013

welcome to the house of Marley
icsd team las vegas laggards in cities i_q_ audio system watermelon
i want to talk to you about morally and what we're doing with audio systems and
we want to know
to rewind is an explosive material
uh... but it's a mixture of organic
on recycled plastic bottles
reisinger throughout entire friended right of our products
bloody assistant
launches and that's it
do you have our product here that's made from the everyone gas so starting from
even our entry level rise point chance and to have
uses rewind cereal
natural bamboo x and recycled plastic enclosure
and we've gone further and into a polaroid other word audio systems and
easy to became very similar red-lined zero
them as well as at home tonight
tunes that we have yours