RageGaming Mega Competition Contest Entry

Uploaded by TheMoltres93 on 14.10.2012

Hello People!
Rage here.
And... this be Minecraft.
You've been watching that British guy on Youtube all day!
You haven't even stopped to eat.
His name is RageGamingVideos.
He's hilarious!
I love watching his Minecraft videos and his Portal 2 Fan Chamber Reviews.
All I heard out of that was Mindcrap videos and portrait Frankensteins. Anyway, it's 1
o'clock in the morning, you need to go to bed.
Portrait Frankensteins? ENGLISH FAILURE!
What was that!?
Nothing. Nothing at all.
Yeah, whatever. Seriously though, go to bed.
Good night.
Don't let the fish spiders bite!
What's a fish spider?
Never mind. Oh my gosh! Mom! The roof! The roof!
What about the roof?
The roof is on fire!