The Lay-Wah Saga: Episode 6 - Lego Star Wars

Uploaded by StarWarsDK on 26.01.2013

Our intel shows us, that our enemy is working on a new, powerful battledroid, here on this planet.
Their base is being defended by a ray-shield and heavily armed canons!
You are to make your way into the facility.
When the shield is down, you will find the power source of the canons, and disable them as well.
We're off to Coruscant as soon as the General gets better.
And the shield is down!
Did you hear about the intruding clone troopers?
Yeah. I don't think they'll get past-
This must be Ventress' chamber.
This is General Lay-Wah's lightsaber.
He must have lost it during our last battle, when he got injured.
Now move it! We've got to disable those canons.
Don't worry, Rex. The General will be fine.
He just needs to get back to Coruscant, for the right medical attention.
I'm glad to hear that, Commander. Have a safe trip!
- Lieutenant, prepare the bombers. - Yes, sir!
Alright. The power source of the canons should be located right behind this door.
I can slice this. But it'll probably take about 10 minutes.
I don't think we have 10 minutes..!
What the hell is that?!
It's the droid we're here to make sure doesn't get mass produced and shipped to the front lines!
That thing is indestructible!
Fox! You've got to turn the ship around!
Cody and his men will not make it without my help! I can sense it!
But, sir! You're too weak! We've got to get you back to Coruscant!
Listen, Commander.
I've risked my life for this course once already. And I'm willing to do it again.
Do you understand?
Good luck, General!
Now let's get out of here!
Take this!
Hello there, Dex.
I thought you guys maybe needed a little help.
You have no idea... Ventress is here.
Oh, by the way! I found this!
It sure is good to see you back in action, General Lay-Wah.
But, we're kinda in a hurry. Would you mind helping us with this door?
Shut down those cannons, so we can blow up this place!