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SIMON: Hello and welcome to our grand final episode
here on It's Academic.
After four days of outstanding competition,
Wideview Public, Hornsby North Public
and Newington College step up for the deciding episode.
Who will win this series of It's Academic?
Stay right where you are to find out.
Welcome, everyone.
The conclusion to our series 15 grand final is right here
on this day between these three.
Wideview Public School, the green team.
Bringing it home today, Isaac, Ashleigh is the team captain,
and Kieryn.
Well done, kids.
Hornsby North Public School, red.
It's Christopher,
Hailey is the team captain, and Isabella.
Congratulations to you.
And Newington College.
We have Gary,
Ali is the team captain, and Thomas.
Well done, boys, as well.
What a great week it's been.
Top competition between three very fine schools.
All should be proud of yourselves
and everybody within the school structure as well.
Mums and dads at home, great job.
Let's just get straight down to it.
Wideview Public School -
Isaac, Ashleigh and Kieryn, good luck.
Last day of the week. Last day of the series.
Question 1, Round 1 starts with this.
What type of animal is a Malaysian honeyguide -
A, a bee or B, a bird?
B. It is a bird.
Found in parts of Asia and Africa.
They feed on the honey wax and larvae of bees.
How many 'T's in the word 'ethnicity'?
Three. Two. 'Ethnicity'.
The Dragon's Mouths is a body of water
separating which two countries -
A, Trinidad and Venezuela or B, Madagascar and Mozambique?
A. Correct. Trinidad, Venezuela.
Which number is represented by the Roman numeral CCXLV?
245, Ashleigh, is correct.
From the 2010 movie 'Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole',
what is Soren's younger sister's name -
A, Eglantine or B, Prudence?
A, Eglantine, it is.
130 for Wideview,
which I think is the fifth time that's happened this week.
Well done, green.
Hornsby North. Christopher, Hailey, Isabella, good luck.
Round 1, red.
What type of animal is a falanaka -
A, a mammal or B, an amphibian?
It is a mammal, found on Madagascar.
A cross between a mongoose and a civet.
That's the way it looks, anyway.
How many 'P's in the word 'puppeteer'?
Three. Three is correct.
The Drake Passage lies between which two continents -
A, South America and Antarctica or B, Australia and Asia?
Correct. South America and A...Antarctica.
Spit it out, Simon.
Which number is represented by the Roman numeral DCCCX?
810. Correct.
This one for a clean sweep, potentially.
From the 2010 movie 'Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole',
what is Soren's dad's name - A, Noctus or B, Dominic?
A. A is correct. Noctus.
That's a good time to come up with a clean sweep of Round 1
and a bonus question, which goes like this.
Beginning with 'L',
the sixteenth president of the United States of America
was Abraham WHO?
Lincoln. Lincoln is correct.
What a great man he was.
Ended slavery in 1863.
170 points, Hornsby North.
Random to make it 190.
Ballet - your special topic. Question.
Beginning with 'B', what word, of French origin,
describes the horizontal handrail
that dancers use for support during class?
Barre. It is the barre.
Not Natalie Barr.
190 points.
Great start, Hornsby North.
Newington. Gary, Ali, Thomas. Let's go. Round 1, purple.
What type of animal is a gaur -
A, a wild dog or B, a species of wild ox?
B. Correct it is, Thomas. From Asia.
How many 'C's in the word 'accelerator'?
Two is correct.
The Strait of Messina separates which two land masses -
A, Singapore and Sumatra
or B, the island of Sicily and mainland Italy?
B. Correct it is.
Three for three so far.
Which number is represented by the Roman numeral CXXVII?
"127," says Gary.
This one also for a look at a Clean Sweep question maybe.
From the 2010 movie 'Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole',
Kludd and Soren are kidnapped by two other owls by what names -
A, Jatt and Jutt or B, Tommy and Tammy?
A. A is correct.
Jatt and Jutt.
Whoa! We're bringing it home strong!
Newington, Clean Sweep question to make it 170.
Bonus is this.
Beginning with 'B', born in 1769,
a well-known French general and emperor was Napoleon WHO?
Napoleon Bonaparte is correct, Ali.
170 points it is.
Good start, everybody.
I've got a Bonaparte to pick with you all.
190 is the lead with Hornsby North.
Cartoon Dave is back for the final time this series.
Born in New Jersey in the USA.
The first band I sang for was called the Hoboken Four.
I went on to have an Oscar and Grammy award-winning career.
I acted alongside Grace Kelly
and Bing Crosby in the movie 'High Society'.
I had my own television show in the 1950s,
was buddies with Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr.
Oh, a personal hero of mine. Thank you, Dave.
Answer right after this.
(SINGS) # The summer wind
# Came blowing in from across the sea. #
That's him. He was also known as Ol' Blue Eyes.
You may know me from my roles in 'Guys and Dolls'
and the original 'Ocean's Eleven', or my songs 'Night and Day',
'New York, New York' and 'Young At Heart'.
Of course, I am none other...
Love the pork pie hat too. Well done, Dave.
Mr Frank Sinatra, ladies and gentlemen.
Nice work, Dave.
I think my two favourite songs are 'The Summer Wind',
which I just wrecked then,
and 'In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning'.
Beautiful, beautiful. What a voice.
On with the show. Hornsby North, 190.
If someone makes a dogmatic speech, is it -
A, opinionated and forceful or B, open-minded and diplomatic?
A. Correct.
What's 3.74 + 1.18?
4.92. Correct.
In scientific terms, what does a galvanometer measure -
A, electric currents or B, oxygen?
A. Correct.
Spell 'corporation', as in,
"The businesswoman worked for a large corporation."
Finished off by Hailey. Well done.
In total, how many odd numbers between these two numbers -
16 and 28?
Six. (BLEEP!)
Six is correct, Isabella. Just in time.
Well done. Haven't missed a trick yet.
Hornsby North, 240 points.
Newington. Random Spotlight.
The boys had a great start.
Here's Gary in the spotlight.
Special topic - three digit addition or higher.
Question. What is 257 + 114?
856. (BLEEP!)
371, it is. Not to worry.
Staying on 170. Great start.
Let's go. Round 2.
If the answer to a question is ambiguous, does it have -
A, only one meaning or B, more than one meaning?
More than one meaning, Thomas.
What's 2.35 + 5.48?
7.83. Correct it is.
What would a surveyor use a clinometer to determine -
A, the angles of a slope or B, soil composition?
A. Correct, Ali.
Spell 'background', as in,
"The background of the photo was blurry."
Background. Nice and clear, Thomas. Good work.
In total, how many even numbers between these two - 21 and 29?
Four. Four is correct, Gary.
Good round again.
Newington, 220.
Wideview, green, Round 2.
If you recant a statement, do you -
A, withdraw it or B, confirm it?
A, you withdraw it if you recant.
What is 8.69 + 1.27?
Nice work, Ashleigh.
In scientific terms, what does a heliometer measure -
A, helium levels in the ocean or B, angular distances in the sky?
B. Correct it is, Isaac.
For example, between two stars.
Spell 'continual', as in,
"He found it hard to sleep because of the continual noise!"
Oh, sorry.
You can start again. Somebody can start again.
Continual. That is correct. Well done, Kieryn.
In total, how many even numbers between these two - 23 and 31?
Four, there are, Isaac, between those two.
160, Wideview. Still with a Random to come.
Un...Unscramble. I'm getting way ahead of myself.
Beat the Buzzer it is now.
Lead's with Hornsby North. Clock starts now.
What's 97 - 33?
(BLEEP!) Correct.
What is hamada a type of - river, cloud or desert?
River. Desert.
Rearrange the letters of the word 'leaf'
to get an annoying, biting insect.
Flea. That is correct.
True or false?
The spots on a spotted-tailed quoll are typically white.
True. True.
What is 69 + 11?
80. Correct. True or false?
The Statue of Liberty's index finger is nearly 2.5m long.
False. True.
What is chalk a form of - granite or limestone?
Limestone. Limestone's correct.
Inside, Isaac. The points stand.
Lead is shared between Hornsby North, Newington.
240 points.
When we come back - Sally.
Just a few questions away
from determining our grand final champion for series 15.
In the meantime, Sal, she gets around.
She's meeting new friends, including this one.
Sal. Karl has had a tough life.
He's seen things no snail should ever have to see
and I'm determined to protect him from any more disturbing visuals.
We've known for ages that some seeds eaten by birds
can survive the journey and pass through the bodies undigested.
It's nature's way of providing the seed with a kick-start to life
as it comes out of the bird surrounded by fertiliser.
Now, new research shows that not only seeds, but also snails,
like Karl here,
can survive the trip through a bird's digestive tract.
Apparently, in the study, around 174 snails
were fed to two different types of bird -
the Japanese white-eye and the brown-eared bulbul.
The researchers found that around 15% of the snails eaten by the birds
survived the journey.
This means that just like seeds,
birds may be spreading snails over long distances,
scattering the species in new areas.
Interesting way to travel, don't you think?
Apparently, the small size of the snail is one of the main reasons
it can survive the bird's digestive tract,
with micro snails faring better than large ones.
So, you can understand why I'm so protective of Karl.
No snail should go through that trauma twice.
Phew! That would take a very big bird, Sal, to eat Karl somehow.
Here's the question.
According to Sally, in the study,
around how many snails were fed to the birds?
Well done, Gary.
Didn't think anyone would get that one.
250, Newington. They're into the lead.
Round 3 starts purple.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'question', 'quench' or 'quest'?
Quench. Well done, Ali.
Have a look at the picture.
What spider -
A, a Mexican pink tarantula or B, a Nelson cave spider?
A Mexican pink tarantula.
From the book 'Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception',
what kind of creature is Foaly - A, a centaur or B, a porcupine?
Centaur. Centaur. Correct.
Which letter is missing from these two words?
'A'. Correct, for 'sand castle'.
Which geologic time unit is shorter -
A, an era or B, an aeon?
An aeon. Era.
Captain? Era.
Era is correct.
Aeon is the longest geologic time unit.
300 points, Newington.
That's a good score.
Wideview. Round 3, green.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'increase', 'inconvenient' or 'incompetent'?
I'm not saying that anyone here is, but I am.
Yeah, anyway, you know what I'm saying.
Have a look at the picture.
What animal is this -
A, a giant ditch frog or B, a growling grass frog?
It is a giant ditch frog, Isaac.
Commonly known as mountain chickens.
Check that one up.
From the book 'Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception',
what's the surname of the twin brothers Mervall and Descant -
is it A, Radcliffe or B, Brill?
B, Brill.
Which letter is missing from these two words?
'A', for 'pirate flag'. Argh!
Question 5.
Which geologic time unit is longer -
A, an era or B, a period?
An era. Era. Correct.
An era is the second longest geologic time unit behind an aeon.
Wideview to 190 points.
Random Spotlight...
Last one of the grand final.
..coming to...
..captain Ashleigh.
Special topic - again, history of ballet.
Very good. Question.
A ballet company originally established in 1776
in Moscow, Russia as the Petrovsky Theatre
is the WHAT ballet, beginning with 'B'?
The Bolshoi Ballet is the answer.
Staying on 190, Wideview.
We go Hornsby North. Round 3, red.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'multicoloured', 'multiple' or 'mulberry'?
'Mulberry', Isabella.
Have a look at the picture.
What insect is this -
A, a marsh moth or B, a paper kite butterfly?
A paper kite butterfly. It is a paper kite butterfly.
From the book 'Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception',
who does Captain Holly Short work for -
A, the Sky-high Troopers or B, the Lower Elements Police?
Lower Elements Police. That is correct, Hailey.
Which letter is missing from these two words?
'E'. 'Iced tea'.
Good on a summer's day. Very popular in America.
Which geologic time unit is shorter -
A, a period or B, an epoch?
B, an epoch, it is.
270, Hornsby North. Unscramble.
On the buzzer, everyone.
Don't yell the answer out.
Made by oysters, name these gemstones.
(BUZZ!) Newington.
Pearls! Pearls.
Straight onto it were the boys with that clue.
310 points.
Fact or Fiction choices for purple -
Mystery Fashions, 'The Magic Pudding'
or Australian Cricketers.
(ALL WHISPER) Australian Cricketers.
Australian Cricketers.
Whoa! Australian Cricketers it is.
5 questions. Fact or Fiction 1.
Former Australian cricket captain Allan Border
was nicknamed Captain Cranky by his teammates.
Fact. That is a fact.
Fact or fiction?
Mark Waugh captained the Australian test cricket team
between 1999 and 2004.
Fiction. Fiction. Correct.
Brother Steve.
Fact or fiction?
Mitchell Johnson was spotted by Dennis Lillee
who called him a once-in-a-generation bowler.
Fiction. Fact, that is.
Fact or fiction?
Bill Lawry, Ian Chappell and Kim Hughes
are all former Australian cricket captains.
Fact it is.
Fact or fiction?
Adam Gilchrist is famous for refusing to walk
when he's called out.
False. That is fiction as well.
Well done, Ali!
He picked his topic well.
Got four of the five and Newington have a big lead.
340 points is a big score.
Going to the final round for this series right after this.
For the last time in this series, Watch This Space.
I got all emotional then. Very good.
Two questions. Question 1. On the buzzer.
True or false?
In the shot of the radio telescope, it's raining.
False. False. Correct.
It is not raining. It's very sunny.
And Question 2.
At any stage in the clip, are we shown people wearing face masks?
Yes, we are, Hailey. There they are.
Lead's with Newington.
Final round of Beat the Buzzer questions for this series.
Good luck, everyone.
Clock starts now.
What's 44 + 51?
95. Correct.
True or false?
The Grand Canyon National Park in the US was established in 1919.
True. True, Isabella.
Rearrange the letters of the word 'deli' to get another word for lazy.
(BLEEP!) Idle.
True or false?
The online community of bloggers and their readers
is often called the blogosphere.
True. True.
What is 98 - 33?
65. Correct.
True or false?
Numismatistism is the study of stamps.
False. False is correct.
What's the past tense of the verb 'build'?
Built is correct, but just outside the buzzer.
Checking scores for today.
Wideview have finished third. 180 points.
Hornsby North have finished second. 300 points.
Great score, Newington College. Winning score. 380 points.
While we tally the scores for the week,
let's check the prizes they've been playing for.
ANNOUNCER: Toshiba will reward the winning school
of this series of It's Academic
with a complete package of audiovisual and computing equipment.
The package includes two 55" 3-D LCD TVs,
plus two 3-D Blu-ray players.
There are also 20 netbooks with harman/kardon speakers,
two of the latest all-in-one computers
with full HD screens and wireless keyboards,
as well as two Camileo camcorders.
This prize is brought to you thanks to Toshiba.
And this series' grand finalists
will be able to share memories with family and friends
with their Toshiba camcorder - the Camileo S30 HD.
It's pocket-sized, records high-definition videos,
as well as motion detection, time-lapse and slow motion
and it takes digital stills, thanks to Toshiba.
Now I can reveal that the grand champion for series 15
of It's Academic is...
..Hornsby North Public School!
Well done, kids. (CHEERING)
Whoo-hoo! Congratulations!
It is the red school.
Well done, kids.
Let's check scores for the week.
Wideview finished third on 1,060 points.
Newington College second. Not far away, 1,400.
Hornsby North, 1,470 points.
Well done!
See you for series 16, we hope.
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