2013 APA presidential address from Donald N. Bersoff, PhD, JD

Uploaded by TheAPAVideo on 15.01.2013

>>DONALD BERSOFF: Hi, I’m Donald Bersoff. It’s a privilege and an honor to serve as
the 2013 president of the American Psychological Association. Serving as president is also
a great responsibility.
The president and the Board of Directors, along with the 175-member Council of Representatives,
are responsible for governing the APA, a complex organization with about 600 employees and
a 120 million dollar budget.
Along with the responsibility, however, are the benefits. One of the most important is
the prerogative to develop and implement a reasonable number of presidential initiatives.
Most usually activities that support the goals of APA’s strategic plan—to maximize organizational
effectiveness, expand psychology’s role in advancing health, and increase recognition
of psychology as a science. To that end, I am promoting three initiatives.
First is to ensure that psychologists are in the forefront in providing services to
military personnel, veterans and their families, as well as military members who have been
sexually harassed in the service.
Second is to stimulate more diversity by identifying innovative doctoral programs that have admitted,
retained and graduated students from diverse ethnic cultures so that we can better serve
and study those who will very soon populate our plurality nation.
Third is to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge
to benefit society and improve people’s lives by attracting and retaining academicians
and scientists as APA members.
I became an associate member of APA in 1962 and a full member in 1965. Thus, I have been
a part of APA for over 50 years. And I have served it for much of my professional life,
as a committee member, its first general counsel, on the Council of Representatives and the
Board of Directors. I am honored that I will complete my career as president of the organization
that I so love and respect.
I welcome your involvement and encourage your engagement in the work of APA. Thank you.