Кинофестиваля Русское Возрождение 2012

Uploaded by TalkRus on 29.10.2012

This year 25 films were presented by Russian filmmakers on wide screens in Australia. The
opening of the of Russian Revival Festival 2012 was held in the hall of Sydney's Chauvel
Cinema in Paddington.The Festival's organizer Nicholas Maximov introduced the guests. He
wished success to the festival, while the audience welcomed the NSW Member of Parliament
Charles Kazucelli. The representative of the "Russian World" Foundation, George Toloraya,
noted the importance and significance of this cultural event. Russian World Foundation is
the sponsor of the Festival. The festival will present the Australian viewers with a
selection of films based on the works of Anton Chekhov, films about the Great Patriotic War
of 1812 and other pictures. The film festival was opened by a film called
"The Spy", directed by Alexey Andrianov.This is the first time that I am here at the Festival
and it was nice to see that my film was that one to open it. ...
The film was made based on book which is very famous in Russia. It is written in a quite
ironic manner. The film was shot so that it would be clear that all of it is fiction.Russian
cinema is really intended for the domestic market. Basically, all that is filmed is intended
for people with a Russian perception. Any movie is international, because any film is
a story about the man. If anyone from the Australian audience finds something in common
with the hero, he may like that picture.We still haven't been able to visit many places.
In fact, there are very nice and very friendly people. This is a very beautiful country.
One of the pictures of the festival was the film "The atonement". Dmitry Pirkulov
is the film's producer.This film is about the post-war time. 1946 was the first post-war
New Year and the film is quite heavy. it shows what our people went through during the after-war
period as well as people's relationships, it is about love and the truth.The film "Once
there was a woman" tells the story of a Russian village in the years 1909-1921 through the
fate of a Tambov peasant. Daria Ekamasova brilliantly played a role of Varvara. This
is my profession. Certainly it is difficult and tiring physically, we have always had
some kind of difficulties. The result is on the screen and there is no turning back. At
the moment, this is my most important role.In the film, the actors speak in the language
of Ivan Bunin's village heroes. I am a pianist with the perfect pitch and because of this
it is quite easy for me to copy all these old Tambov dialects. But I had to sweat, can't
get anywhere without that.Vitaly Kishchenko plays the Chief of the special department
in the film "Once there was a woman". I have something to do with this picture, I played
a small role in it, a lot was cut out from the film, but nevertheless I'm very glad that
I spent time with this director. Today I saw this picture the first time, and I was really
deeply touched. This is a very real movie. I just haven't had time to see this. Well,
that is how it happened. I could not be at the premiere. I watched it with great pleasure.
This festival is not about random Russian films, these films really have substance.
Judging from the poster, there are no random pictures. Everybody who visited Australia
for the first time, got a lot of new experiences. Today I saw kangaroos, I fed them. On the
photos they look happier. I really like it and I don't want to leave. I hope that next
year I will have new movies to bring here because Australia is certainly my childhood's
dream. I always wanted to visit here. Here the people are great, they are sincere and
I think it is very rare. I travel a lot but I am in Australia for the first time. The
Russian Resurrection Festival is held every year for the eighth time in the five major
cities of Australia. It presents both brand new Russian movies and the retrospectives.