David's Cuckoo Clock

Uploaded by xmjedi on 06.01.2013

Welcome to my introduction to my new Cuckoo clock.
I picked this out as a Christmas gift in 2012.
I looked at all of the clocks in the Germany pavilion
in Epcot at Disney World,
and decided this would be my choice
of the models that were in our budget.
This is a Schneider clock, made in Germany,
with a Swiss mechanism.
There are no electric parts to this clock.
The clock and dancers' gears run on a chain spring,
the cuckoo sound is made from two real bellows whistles,
the music comes from a spring music box,
and the chime is a real hammer strike on a gong wire.
The casing is hand carved, and features a large bird on the top
and spinning dancers.
I would like to show you how the cuckoo and dancers
look and sound on the hour chime.
The song is "Edelweiss" from the musical "The Sound of Music".
It is actually not an Austrian folk song, as many people believe.
[clock chimes and cuckoo-whistles]
["Edelweiss" plays on music box]
That's a beautiful sound.
Thanks for watching my cuckoo clock video.
See you real soon!