Gamescom 2012: Aftermatch interview with Diamondprox

Uploaded by MoscowFive on 16.08.2012

Hi, everybody. We're having Danil “Diamondprox” Reshetnikov, one of M5's players. You've just defeated Elohell 2:0. How did both games go?
It went great! We destroyed our opponents in the first game without a chance. In the second game though two of our best players decided to make things more complicated and kept on feeding a lot. It was funny, but fortunately we had this victory, too.
How did you manage to change the flow of the match after having your players feeding so much?
We have compensated the leaks of our players by exploiting the leaks of our opponents, because they had way much more of them than we did. Shushei made everything possible for his team to lose this match.
What do you think about the first game in the quarterfinals? Did you expect fnatic to outplay Curse?
Yeah, that's exactly what I was predicting. Fnatic are playing much better recently. I wouldn't say Fnatic improved too much though. It's just that Curse themselves aren't putting as near as much effort in the game as they used to.
What chances do you have against fnatic in the semifinal?
I don't like making predictions for my own team, so I won't.
What about the other matches then? The ones that you won't take part in.
SK and CLG are going to advance further, and then SK will win over CLG. We'll see after that.
Well, thank you for the interview. I hope you're going to make it into top-3 and will be representing our team further in this tournament.