Frank Tore Evensen - BMW E30 325 Twinturbo

Uploaded by hesleskaug on 23.05.2012

Just look straight in the camera?
My name is Frank Tore and this is my BMW 325
The car is painted in BMW marrakesh
This color comes original on BMW X1 and 1-series
The engine is legally rebuilt with a twin turbo conversion
The rims are ordered from the US from a company called Complete Custom Wheels
These rims are called LM20
Custom ordered to fit this car to have most possible lip.
At the back it's ET 0 and the lip is 5 inches
In the front it's ET 6 and with 3 inch lip
And all the rims have custom gold bolts
The car is been lowered with Supersport lowering springs
60mm in the front and 40mm back