How to install HID: Ford F-150 2004-2009

Uploaded by XenonSupply on 10.03.2010

Hi, Phil with today we have a 2004 Ford F-150
and we're doing a Bi-Xenon HID installation
let's go ahead and pop the hood and get started
here are the tools you'll need to do this installation
first of all you'll need the H13 Bi-Xenon
HID kit
the one shown here is the 6000K model
it comes with the wiring harness
for the Bi-Xenon installation the Bi-Xenon bulbs
and the two
the tools you'll need are some painters tape
the eight zip ties included in the kit
a socket wrench
with a 10 and 8mm socket
needle nose pliers
and a philips head screwdriver
the first thing you need to do with any installation is remove the negative
terminal on your battery
take the 8mm socket wrench
loosen your battery terminal tap
and it should release
now a good thing to do is take some painters tape
and wrap it around the
terminal so they don't connect
while you're working on it
now in order to get access to your headlights you must first remove this plastic
shrouding here
there are nine philips head screws that need to be removed
the first ones right here
two, third one
a fourth in the back right there
one in the middle
sixth one here
and another one in the back
eighth one right here and finally the ninth one here
the best way to remove them is to gently unscrew them from the top
remove the screw and then pry up
and remove the actual clip
now that the plastic shroud is removed
you can then
get access to the 10mm bolts that are holding the headlight housing to the chassis
there's one on the bottom here two three at the top let's go ahead and remove those
now that the three bulbs have been removed from the headlight housing we can remove it from the chassis
there's a tab here that needs to be pulled up
for you to allow it come off
and there's actually a tab inside here
a metal clip
that you're going to have to pry loose
it does take a little bit of strength
just go ahead and apply firm pressure there you go
now the H13 socket is right here
go ahead and press down on the clip
it should come right out
what we have here is the Bi-Xenon wiring harness
the connections you'll need to make
the positive terminal has to go to the positive terminal on the battery
the negative wire has to go to somewhere on your chassis grounded
we'll show you a location for that in a bit here
the shorter sided cables are going to the passenger side of the Ford F-150
this wire here is for the ballast
this is your H13 connector that will go back to your stock harness
and this is the Bi-Xenon signal wire that will connect back to the bulb
the longer set of cables here will go to the driver's side again
this one goes to the ballast this one goes to the signal wires on the bulbs
if you pull back on the rubber cover here of the battery terminal
you'll see the 10mm bulb that you can loosen
for the positive wire on the HID harness
just make sure that your wire is facing
towards the front of the vehicle
that way when the cover goes back on
you won't have any issues
now the negative wire
the common ground wire can go to any point on the chassis where it is grounded
we selected a
bolt here
and actually ground
some of the paint away
to give good contact to the frame
you can choose anywhere else you like this is just a recommendation
in order to remove the halogen bulbs from your headlight housings
you must first remove the green connector
press down on it
and pull away
and turn the bulb counterclockwise
you should hear a snap
and you should be able to remove
now that we have the halogen removed we can replace it
with the Bi-Xenon bulb
take the Bi-Xenon bulb
grounding strip facing down
and replace it
you should then turn clockwise
and tighten it in place
that's all set
similar process on the driver side
as you can see here on the passenger side we've gone ahead and mounted the ballast
to a bolt here we simply unscrewed make sure we put the mounting bracket
back on
and screw it back in
we've also routed the wires coming from the harness
through this area here
and you can go ahead and make your connections the age thirteen connector is going to go to
your stock H13 right here
and like we said earlier before the larger of the wires here goes to the ballast
at the bottom
make sure it clicks make sure it's nice and snug
the wires coming from the ballast
plug into the bulb
and the small signal cable was
the last one
you may want to electrical tape this connection here
before you clean up
that's the
driver's side is a similar process
okay now that the passenger side is done you run the wiring
underneath this flap here there's a small access hole here where you can run your wiring
underneath the radiator mounts
the wire comes back through this port here
and just like the passenger side the driver's side ballast has been mounted at a slight angle
to the same bolt
right here
we've actually done all the wiring here
I've actually electrical taped as we recommended earlier
the Bi-Xenon signal wire
as well as electrical taped
this shut
this is the stock H13 connector
we're not using this anymore because the signal is coming from the other side
so we're just covering it up so it doesn't get water damage
so we've gone ahead and cleaned up our wiring
put the headlight housing back on the chassis
and reconnected our negative terminal
let's go ahead and check out these lights