How to Make Raw Chocolate : Warnings on Mold in Processed Food & Chocolate

Uploaded by expertvillage on 08.02.2008

Hi, I’m Kelly Johnson of Sedona Chocolate Super Foods and we’re here on location in
the chocolate room of the Ridiculous Chocolate Factory, inside the Bliss Café in Sedona,
Arizona on behalf of Expert Village. You look at the common, most common foods eaten around
the world, rice, wheat, corn, those things are grown in massive quantities and shipped
all over the world. If you take, what happens, have you ever soaked rice in water and leave
it to sit out for a few hours or a day, you know it starts to stink, in a few days it’s
a big furry mold ball. The same with wheat, the same with corn and those are three out
of the top ten most consumed foods in the world. You know, so the reason for cooking,
if you think about those things that are sitting in the grain storage bins for months, years
and then they are shipped around the world, that mold is stored in there, you’ve got
to cook it to get rid of it, and then eat it quickly.