RIT on TV: Growing the Food Processing Industry

Uploaded by RITUniversityNews on 26.07.2012

>>Anchor: When you think of manufacturing in our area, you might not think of making
food. But the food processing industry is "big business" in the Rochester area. And
as we hear from Rachel Barnhart some see potential to make it even bigger.
>>Reporter: Lanovara Specialty Foods has been making cannolis and cookies since 1920. The
commercial bakery and distribution center has 55 workers.
>>Bert Salisbury: It's a wonderful business because it’s just the right size for my
wife and I to be here. We can know all the employees.
>>Reporter: Lanovara is one of hundreds of food and beverage manufacturers in the Rochester
region, employing nearly 14,000 people. A conference at Rochester Institute of Technology
focused on ways to help these companies grow and attract new ones. For example, Zweigles
wants more exposure for its chicken hot dog line.
>>Julie Carmardo-Steron: Having more food manufacturers in the area gives us an opportunity
to potentially partner with somebody or just helps us to network. And I think it’s going
to be good for Rochester. >>Reporter: Rochester is home to large food
factories such as pasta company Barilla and sauce maker LiDestri. Agriculture is also
big. The region is the state’s number one producer of milk, drawing in yogurt manufacturers.
It’s the largest producer of wine and is home to Constellation Brands. Apples and apple
processing are also huge. Peanut butter maker Once Again Nut Butter says location is an
advantage. >>Gael Orr: Most of our products are organic
and people don't realize that we’re the third largest state in the nation for growing
organic foods. Reporter: And don't forget another big reason
food companies like Rochester. >>Bert Salisbury: There are a lot of small
food companies like ourselves, and I think a lot of it may have to do with Wegmans here
who does support the local community. >>Reporter: The local food industry - a sweet
spot in the economy. Rachel Barnhart 13WHAM News.
>>Anchor: Making us hungry there with that last shot of cannolis. The area's food industry
is doing so well, there's been talk of changing our name back to the Flour City, we used to
be F-L-O-U-R and then with all the flowers including lilacs, we changed it. May go back.