[GSL 2013 Season 1 Up & Downs] Jaedong v Flash - Highlights

Uploaded by MrFatali5 on 06.01.2013

Between the two of them.
Yeah, he's getting ready for this attack. Twenty Banelings coming out, he's gonna have 1-1
and Flash is only going to have plus 1
and if he attacks really fast, plus 1 is barely going to finish in time. It's not only that
with the plus 1 Wolf,
if he attacks right away,
Flash won't have Siege mode! No Siege mode. OHHH! OH!
That's the perfect timing -and no units in position! No bunkers, no additional ones, the units aren't even inside the bunkers!
He doesn't even lift the Supply Depots! Flash is in trouble!
Jaedong is rolling in and he's taking down all of those tanks! THE SCVS! Oh the SCVs... Oh my god. Every single one destroyed.
a good high ground position here though for Flash
but he's lost too much already.
and the Lings, will not be stopped
he raises these Depots, but there is nothing to stop him from actually just finishing this 3rd Command Center.
This is the revenge battle for Jaedong! He is angry! This guy is really
angry. He had to watch Flash take down every single player at ProLeague today
and the entire time was like I wanna face you, I wanna play you,
I know I can do it.
But I have an important match later on today which I have to focus on right now
and that's what he does
this attack hit Flash so hard, no Siege mode ready,
the perfect time for Jaedong to
go for the attack and he killed so much with this.
Nice building placement by Flash just trying to make sure that
Jaedong cannot hit with this, and Jaedong is getting ready,
If you have 50 Banelings, and you build another 20?! That means you have 60, and that's
way too much!
...you just, you are-
you are so horrible at math, Wolf it's-
Hahahaha-here we go! Lings running in and Flash is in trouble! He's got Siege tanks
but not enough! Oh god...
People are screaming! HE TAKES DOWN GOD! GG!!
God is dead!
Jaedong is standing on
on top of the lifeless body of Flash
and listen to those girls man, they go insane!
Did you say
40 + 20 or did you say 50 + 20? I said 50.
Oh... Haha
You are horrible...
That was actually so funny how that worked out but, you just got an F, Wolf..
Ah, I'll have to talk to you after class about this one.
Jaedong versus Flash guys what a match. The timing for the first attack
for Jaedong was perfect, this is what won him the game, he hit before the
Siege mode was ready, he took down 37 SCVs
and from this point on Flash,
just could not catch up anymore. He tried, he put in a lot of effort
but it was just an unwinnable position for him. Yeah, it certainly was and,
you know, you've gotta hand it to Flash he tried to make a rough transition there.