Doctor Flexi-Bottle Video

Uploaded by pinnaclepromo on 02.08.2012


Hi, I'm the Doctor
Flexi-Bottle and I'm the Nurse Flexi-Bottle.
Paging Dr.
Flexi-Bottle! Dr. Flexi-Bottle to the OR!
Yes, Nurse Flexi-Bottle, what is it? Have you heard the news?
What news? We've been made into promotional products. Say it isn't so!
It is! And have you seen what they've done to my arm? They've added a caribeener!
There's one on mine too! But have you seen what they've done to our heads? They've added push
pull drink spouts with removeable caps. They have! But are you BPA
Free plastic? I believe I am. And do you hold 25 oz like I do?
Hold on, let me check. Yes! 25 oz!
And are you dishwasher and freezer-safe? I believe I am.
Let's run of to Tahiti together. It's a good thing we're collapsible for easy transport.
But where will we tell people to find us? They can find us on