How to Shoot a BB Gun : How to Use CO2 with a BB Gun

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.04.2008

CHRISTOPHER HOWELL: Hi, my name is Christopher Howell. I'm speaking on behalf of Expert Village.
I'm going to demonstrate on how to use a pellet a.k.a. a BB gun, on how to use it and maintain
it. Always remember, when it comes to maintaining your weapon, finger off the trigger and make
sure the safety's on. Now, with this particular weapon, it just has a little clamp right here
which you will just undo. And once you undo it, this will actually slide off. Once this
piece slides off, inside here, there's an actual air cartridge, a little CO2 cartridge
and it uses the CO2 cartridge to protect the weapon, in this particular weapon. And you'd
undo this clamp and this will slide right off and inside, there's actually a CO2 cartridge.
That CO2 cartridge is used to prepare--to propel the bullet at your target, which-you
know--being a CO2 cartridge is not going to kick it that far if it's an actual bullet
but you can't shoot an actual bullet out of this. And because it's only a pellet or a
BB gun, it can still shoot it up to about 200 feet which is still pretty far with a
little bit of power. This is Christopher Howell with Expert Village.