Chovi of Patillas Crying (Chovi de Patillas Llorando -- subtitled)

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No dude, my mom can't find out about this.
Noo, dude..
>> Here she comes, here she comes.
>> Well, Raúl, if you would calm down... But I called her in a flash.
But I'm calm....
>> Well, look this way then.
I can't look!
>> Raul, Vilma is coming..
>> She's coming and she's really pissed off.
>> But look this way so I can see if your eyes are ok.
Tito, I can't look man...
>> But I have to see if you're ok..
I can't look.
>> Well then, open your eyes. Open them.
I can't open them man!!
It's that mommy is on her way here. This can't be.
>> She told me she was going to smack you ten times.
>> In front of everyone and you'll never be able to go to another party.
Dude, let's just go somewhere else.
>> Why, why? I don't want her to hit me. I don't want her to hit me.
>> She's going to hit you in from of everyone.
>> Dude, she's going to embarrass you like crazy.
>> She said: "Tito, don't let him move from there".
Oh mommy, forgive me mommy, forgive me.
Forgive me, mommy, please!
Oh no, she's going to do this to me.
>> But Raul, why didn't you control yourself?
>> Why are you saying sorry?
Dude, my mom is going to hit me here, in front of everyone.
>> If you would've thought about this before.
Dude, I wanted to enjoy this.
>> That's ok, but you went over the top.
>> No, she said she was going to hit him in the face.
Dude it's true, she's going to hit me.
>> She told me: I'm going to hit him in the face ten times.
When she acts, she REALLY acts.
Oh God, please forgive me, I'm sorry.
>> NOW you're sorry? I called her for that thing you did to me once. That's why. No one forced you.
Ohh.. Mommy!
>> She said: Tito, I'm going to punch him like twenty times.
My mom can't embarrass me like this. Please.
>> Why not? She's your mother.
I know! But not in front of everyone.
>> And what was it? That you got wasted?
I don't know what I did!
>> But let me check your pupils to see if you are ok.
I don't know what I did dude!
>> >Dude, he drank half of a handle of rum.
They didn't sell me anything in the bar after 7.
>> Why are you crying?
Mommy's going to beat me!
>> She said she was going to hit you twenty times.
>> >Just tell her you're sorry.
>> What are you going to tell her when she gets here?
Tito, I don't know what to tell her.
>> >Just tell her you're sorry.
>> And why are you crying so much?
Because she's really going to hit me.
>> Look! Here she comes, here she comes.
>> If she hears you shouting she's going to hit you harder.
>> I'm not going to help you because... Did you help me??
Who's beside me??
Help me Alejandro, please...
She's going to hit me Alejandro. Please Alejandro help me!
>> >Calm yourself man!
She's going to hit me! She's going to hit me!!
>> >Who's going to hit you? Who??
I don't know!!...
>> Look! She's coming and she has a piece of wood in her hands!
Nooooooooooo!!!! Tito, NOOOOO.. Please.
>> >Poor guy. Vilma is going to hit him like a tambourine of Hallelujah.
>> >But you have to say you're sorry, Raul.
Nooo!! I already said I was sorry.
>> Raul, she says for you to go over there.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Tito, throw me over the cliff, Tito!! My life isn't worth anything, please Tito!
>> Here she comes!
>> >What happened??
Help mee!!
Help me Alejandro!!!
>> Vilma, come here!
>> Vilma's coming with a piece of wood in her hands!
Dude! My mom's going to hit me!
Dude no... Please tell my mom not to hit me here in front of everyone. Tell her to hit me at home.. Please!
>> No. I'll tell her to hit you here.
Noooo!! No no no.....
>> Yes I want her to hit you here. Yes.
>> > Vilma NO! Vilma NO! Don't hit him!! Don't hit him!!
Tito!! Please help me Tito!!!