Top 100 - Female Lies

Uploaded by ScooterMagruder on 23.12.2012

What’s up guys, hope you’re doing well.
So I already made a Top 100 Male Lies…
…you guys have been requesting this video a lot, so here it is: Top 100 Female Lies.
Honestly, I’ve been putting this video off for a long time because I just really don’t
like dressing up like a woman.
I really don’t know why Tyler Perry does this.
It’s just so uncomfortable.
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Top 100 Female Lies.
100) I don’t use Photoshop.
99) I’m a model.
98) It wasn’t even that expensive.
97) I can cook.
96) He’s just my friend.
95) I’m not like that anymore.
94) I love football!
93) I wear size two, you can’t tell?
92) I just have nothing to wear
91) Yeah, I’m on a diet. What’s funny? You think it’s funny?
90) I’m not mad.
89) I’m not even wearing any makeup in that picture.
88) I would never wear anything like that.
87) I don’t wear weave.
86) I’m not looking for anything right now.
85) I’m happy being single.
84) I only go for nice guys.
83) I don’t wear extensions!
82) I’m glad my ex found someone.
81) I’m actually happy for him.
80) I have a boyfriend.
79) I really don’t even want anything for Valentine’s Day
78) I am not the jealous type.
77) I don’t do that sort of thing.
76) No filter!
75) I am such a good driver.
74) I’m not lost!
73) I really didn’t drink that much.
72) I actually can hold my liquor down.
71) I’ve actually never thrown up, ever.
70) I’m just never going to talk to her again.
69) I’m not that type of girl.
68) I call everyone boo.
67) I call everyone baby.
66) I didn’t get your text.
65) I am not a gold-digger.
64) Sometimes I just think I’m so ugly.
63) I’m so fat sometimes.
62) I would never eat fast food, that’s just disgusting.
61) All men are the same. It’s ridiculous.
So annoying.
60) Give me five minutes. I’ll be in and out.
59) I know where I’m going.
58) I love video games too!
57) I’m on my period.
56) I don’t mind if you talk to my ex-boyfriend…I don’t. So just go ahead. It doesn’t bother
me at all.
55) I just walk in the club. They already know! I just bypass the line. You know what
I’m saying girl!
54) I don’t want you to pay.
53) You called? It didn’t show up in my phone. When did you call?
52) Who that guy, that was my brother?
51) That was my cousin
50) Calm down. I just met that guy today.
49) I’m not hating.
48) I really don’t lie that much.
47) See, this is all natural.
46) No, I don’t have a boyfriend.
45) I’m done with him. That’s it! No, no! That’s it! I’m just…I’m done.
This always happens.
44) I don’t need a man, OK. I don’t need one. I don’t even want one right now at
this point in my life.
43) I’m just going to buy one thing.
42) No, I can’t really do anything tonight. I’m busy.
41) I’m just going to buy a couple things.
40) No, it was just really late last night so I just came home and went to bed.
39) I’m just going to buy three things!
38) I don’t smoke. I would never do that. That is…that is foul.
37) I’ve only slept with a couple of guys.
36) Sorry you have the wrong number.
35) Like forealsies, I only buy it when it’s on sale.
34) I told you, I don’t care if you dance with other girls. Gosh! Willikers!
33) I hate drama so much. It’s like it follows me everywhere. I don’t even do anything.
32) No, I really do like the gift that you got me. I’m serious. I love it…so much.
31) I’ve never cheated on anyone.
30) I love him so much.
29) I don’t like him. I just flirt with everyone.
28) I hate him. I hate him a lot.
27) I don’t even care about looks.
26) These are my real eyelashes.
25) I don’t want anything for my birthday.
I mean, I have everything I need with you girls!
Spirit Fingers!
24) I workout.
23) I’m waiting until marriage.
22) I don’t drink that much.
21) I only had two shots.
20) OK, maybe three.
19) I can see myself marrying him.
18) I swear, nothing happened at all.
17) I got an audition this week for a movie role, no big deal.
16) Sorry I didn’t get your text.
15) He’s like a brother to me…I would never.
14) I’m not even that upset about it. I’m not upset, OK, so just stop asking.
13) I’m not upset.
12) I’m not upset.
11) I’ve changed so much.
10) I would never get breast implants. You know what I mean?
9) You are the father.
8) I’ll be ready in 5 minutes.
7) I’ll be ready in 10 minutes.
6) I’ll be ready soon.
5) Just tell me the truth. I won’t be mad, I promise.
4) This is my real hair.
3) I trust you.
2) Don’t worry about it. I’m fine.
1) It was on sale!
Yeah I can bench about 225 five times.
I never dated her.
Yeah I workout.
You never look bad to me.
I didn’t add her on Facebook she added me!
I don’t understand. I hate drama…so…
Oh, oh, oh. Go Scootra. Go Scootra. Go. Go.
Go Scootera. Scootera. Scootera. Scootera. Scootera. Scootera.
What is wrong with you? No girl dances like that!
It was…
OK. Stop it immediately.
Break it down! Break it down!
Like forealsies, I only buy it when it’s on sale.
That’s not true, you just got that shirt for full price.
I do what I want.
You are a grown woman.
That’s true.
I’m a grown man.