110127 - Hyper Report

Uploaded by HyperReport on 27.01.2011

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for January 27th
of 2011.
Gold is currently trading at 1336.08 Silver is at 27.37
The Silver to Gold Ratio is 48.82 Oil is at 86.49
and the US Dollar is at 77.74
China to Unleash US 'Inflation Nightmare'
Peter Schiff is saying Forget about official inflation figures, which
show consumer prices rose only 1.5 percent last year, Inflation is here.
He goes on to say that the only way for China to cure its inflation problem is to stop importing
it from us and allow their currency to rise.
Translation... look for prices of goods from China, not only to go up in price and lower
in quality.
China Plays Europe Card
People may have thought China was going to be Europe's sugardaddy; however,
it turns out that there is an arrangement that calls for Europe to relinquish physical
gold to china in exchange for the bond buying.
Isn't that extra special.
CBO: U.S. Budget Deficit to Hit $1.5 Trillion
According to the Congressional Budget Office, the government's deficit will be 1.5 trillion
this year. That means that the government will borrow
40 cents on every dollar it spends.
Understand this, Peter Berhnolz, who has studied 28 instances of hyperinflation in the 20th
century, noted that the defining characteristic of
hyperinflation is when a government spends 40% more than it brings in.
Get ready, things are going to get very interesting soon.
Case Shiller Housing Index Continues Its Descent
The Case Shiller housing report shows continued declines in housing prices and
it would not be surprising to see the market experience another 5% decline in the coming
12 months. With the price of cotton going up, we might
see an average home price on par with a bag of cotton balls.
Financial Crisis Was Avoidable
It turns out that the Federal Reserve and regulators, through shoddy mortgage lending
and other loan deals, were one of the main reasons that the avoidable
2008 financial crisis occured. This will be the conclusion in a 576 page
book from a federal inquiry. Yet, no one blames Congress by way of the
lax lending standards of Fannie and Freddie. If their first book is a success, then their
follow up book will be "Fannie and Freddie The Revenge"
13 Reasons Why Gold Still Has Further to Go
Here are only 7 of the 13 reasons.
1. Global Debt Crisis Has Broken Out with Mountains of debt from Europe, Japan to the
U.S. 2. The Quest for a Weak Currency Has Become
Respectable with Benji Benanke leading the way.
3. The massive amounts of deriviatives could bring down the entire market system.
4. The current monetary system has entered its 40 year endgame phase.
5. Gold mining Production is stagnating and it is more expensive
6. Gold is still cheap. 7. The trend for gold price is still in the
upward direction.
If buying gold have these reasons, then think about silver which is consumed in industry.
Harvy Organ's Daily
There have been rumours that certain hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds are willing
to take possession of all gold and silver.
If this is true, we will see a default in the COMEX for both gold, in February, and
silver, in March.
Happy Trails
As a special service to sheeple, I have added a channel on Youtube and I have
my first, and perhaps my only, video on there. Of course, we all know what diapers are filled
with; so with that, I hope they enjoy it.
Finally, Please prepare now for the beginning of the
economic and social unrest. Good Day