Santa Claus Rally Yes Or No Report Gold Futures 6th Dec 2012

Uploaded by WinningMoreTrades on 08.12.2012

Hi Welcome To The Daily Report For Our Modern TapeReading
Order Flow Signals From Sceeto and Follow The Bots
On The 6th December 2012 For Trading The Gold Futures
sceeto monitors the order flow and basically reads the tape to alert
you as to what the high frequency traders are doing pause the video to see the alerts
Everyone is asking whether or not there is going to be a santa claus rally this year
what do you think yes or no Carl Weiss a high frequency trading expert
thinks it may already have began and will be driven or fuelled by hfts this
check out the link to his great article in the description below it will open your eyes
as we head towards the so called fiscal cliff it certainly is believable that the hfts will
rally the markets so for once they won't get the blame
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