Making Of 2011 PROTOCLIP Festival International du Clip Musical

Uploaded by PROTOCLIP on 23.12.2011

Every year, I come and spot videos here
For "Mensomadaire" and other programmes I produce for Canal +
I presented the Special Jury Award. Because I really like this music video.
They are pretty streetwise and I like that. This fits in well with the song
The dance routine with masks...
was great !
the International Music Video Festival which is in its seventh year
and I am also Head of digital marketing for Barclay label
a Universal Music France label There were five of us on the jury
Five people from different backgrounds and with different jobs
and tastes
Out of about fifty videos, we obviously all came with our own favourites
Some of these were the same : I can remember 2 or 3 prizes,
Where there was no problem because we were all in agreement
Otherwise everyone was rooting for his own thing
and pushing it forward
and that meant long discussions
but in the end we managed to compromise quickly
We didn't spend all night on it
Music videos that tell stories, videos like, for example ... I don't know ...
- KILL KILL - Yes, that's a good one
Sure, it is a nice video with a storyline
and good ingredients, suspense and sex
and even cheeseburgers
it is artfully shot, the photography is beautiful
- Food, sex ... and what else? What are the three ... ?
- and beer
- Yes, and there was beer, too
My name is Remy Cayuela,
I am the director of Kill Kill's [Wat]
I am very pleased to receive an award tonight, Thank you
the competition was tough
there were many quality music videos tonight
I feel honoured to have been shortlisted
and extremely honoured to be given an award. Thanks !
What is a Music Video ?
It is a highly punchy and short film
but this music video is a bit different
it is a very interesting socio-political commentary on our times
and the format is completely different
My favourite music video is Woodkid's "Iron"
What I liked in "Iron" is when you see the music video,
it is wonderful, the music is good,
and the pictures are beautiful