Labrada Lean Body For Her: Labrada Rasberry Ketones

Uploaded by MeOnlyBetter2013 on 11.01.2013

Hey guys. First of all let me apologize for being MIA. I have not been doing videos really
as much as I should and that is because I have basically got to record these on my laptop,
and then I have to transfer them over to my PC, and Iím recording on the Mac and Iím
trying to switch to PC, the formats are incompatible, and itís basically a pain in the ass. So,
I did get a web cam, and Iím going to hopefully be able to alleviate some of the extra work
from myself once I get my web cam hooked up. Iím not going to be doing that until I need
a computer hook up. So, hopefully in time to come Iíll be able to get the videos done
with a little bit more frequency. So, what is going on you may want to know?
OK, lots of exciting things. First off, itís January, 2013 and we are in this fight to
win some, to lose some weight and burn some fat. So, when I did my self selling video
I evaluated the fact that I havenít been taken any supplements and why not I wonder,
because it could probably help me out a little bit. And as you know, once you lose a whole
lot of weight, your weight loss tends to slow down. So, I want to hopefully alleviate that
if I possibly can. So, I decided Iím going to start taking some kind of supplements.
And I didnít really know where to start, because there is, of course, thousands of
supplements out on the market and who knows what to take, you know. So, I did some searching
and my search led me to, I want to say, Iím not even sure if thatís the name of
it right now. But I will put the link down below, so you can find it. But anyway, I go
to this forum, and Iím reading a bunch of posts of what people are doing, and what works
effectively for burning fat, because thatís my main objective, is to burn fat, because
Iím losing weight effectively, but I really want to help to burn some fat, build some
muscle, so that I can tone up a lot of this excess flab that I have.
So, I happened to find a thread from Labrada and they were having a challenge for weight
loss and burning fat, and they were also looking for people to rep their product. I signed
up and I got chosen, and Iím super excited about that. So, here is what Iím going to
be doing for the next 30 days, and the next 12 weeks. So, I signed up to wrap this product
and the product is Lean body for her, which is a fat burner. And in this product is, hopefully
I can seeÖCaffeine, which you know, a lot of people are leery
about caffeine, because they think it hypes you up, which it does, especially for some
people. But it also has fat burning properties. So, thatís a good thing. And also it has
raspberry ketones, which is on my top list of things that I wanted to try, because if
youíve seen dr. Oz, this was highly promoted on his program. That the raspberry ketones
actually help to break up the fat so that itís easier to burn off the fat. And Iím
really looking for something that helps you with fat burning. This also works as an appetite
suppressant, so itís going to help to alleviate cravings and keeping you from being hungry,
so youíre going to be able to lose weight a lot faster.
So, they send me this 30 day supply to try and to log my progress for that 30 days. So,
Iím going to be doing that and I will also post a link to my forum thread so that you
can see exactly what Iím doing as Iím following this lean body for her challenge. And basically
Iíll tell you what Iím eating, what I am doing for my workout, how Iím taking the
product, and how my fat loss is coming along. OK, also they sent me 2 samples of Lean body
for her high protein meal replacement shake, as well as Get lean carb watchers lean body
hi protein meal replacement shake. Now, I do use protein bars and protein bars donít
really have as much protein as these shakes. So, Iím going to be very interested to try
both of this, because Iíll probably could use more protein, because the more protein
you have the more fat youíre going to burn, because the more muscle youíre going to build.
OK, about these products, now, when I saw this product on the website I thought to myself,
uh, I hope he sends me the carb watchers, because as we all know Iím doing low carb.
And you know I thought this would be better for me, but hereís the thing, this has a
total carb count of 12 grams and it has dietary fibres of 4 gram, so you subtract the fibre
from the carbs to get your total net carbs if youíre following the low carb, in my case
Atkins. So that makes a total of 8 grams of carbs, which isnít terrible, because on my
plan I can have 20 to 25 carbs a day. This has also 2 grams of sugars. I would prefer
it have 1, but I guess I could, I wonít feel horrible if I have 2 grams of sugar in a day.
OK, so thatís the carb watchers. Now, this one, The Lean body for her actually is the
one that I would probably prefer and take, because this one only has 9 grams of carbs
and it has 3 grams of fibre, so thatís a total net carb count of 6 grams, which is
much better than 8, you know, but itís not really a high amount of carbs, probably considering
that this would probably be the most carbs I eat at once in a day. And this only has
only 1 gram of sugar. So, thatís excellent. All right, so thatís what was sent to wrap
for 30 days and Iím going to have a blast doing it. Oh, another thing, as you know I
am a monthly weigher, I weigh in once a month in my doctors office. And that helps to keep
me sane. But I figure you know what, since Iím going to be logging this product itís
not really fair to weigh once a month. People want to know is this product working, are
you losing any way. So, guess what, I got a scale. Go me. I got this from Bradís deals,
I love Bradís deals, itís freaking awesome, better than Group on, or Living social, because
it gives you all the deals all around the net, and you just go there and look for what
youíre looking for. And I was looking for a scale, I typed it in, and boom, this came
up. 15 bucks, itís really cute, actually itís an awesome scale. Itís a crystal clear
glass with a little digital reader. So, pray for me that I donít became an addict to the
scale, because I ??? that. But anyway, so once a week Iím going to be updating you
with my weight as Iím following this challenge, 30 day challenge. And then also Labrada is
also having a contest, a 12 week Lean body challenge, where you try to get into the best
shape of your life in 12 weeks. And I have enter the challenge. Now, to enter this challenge
you need to purchase 3 full size products of Labradaís. Any 3 products that you want.
You can mix a match, or you can do the whole 3, whatever, of one product.
So, here is what I got. Raspberry ketones. Raspberry ketones. And one thing I like about
these is they smell super raspberry. Now, why did I choose these? I love the smell of
this. I choose these because I was looking for a fat burner, and I donít really watch
dr. Oz, but I do go to his website and see whatís happening, and whatís the skinny
on fat loss, or what have you. And this was recommended because the raspberry ketones
are natural supplement, theyíre stimulant free and they help to break down the fat,
so that you can absorb it quicker. And it also helps to naturally metabolize fat. And
thatís what Iím looking for. So, I got this, I got a 3 months supply and Iím going to
be taking these throughout the challenge. Now, one thing about the challenge is that
these Lean bodies also contain raspberry ketones. And recommended daily dosage is 200 milligrams,
no more than that, really. So, this contains 200 milligrams, you take 2 capsules a day,
each capsule contains 100 milligrams of raspberry ketones. So, I am only going to be taking
these 2 a day for 30 days. Then once this is over I will switch to this and Iíll take
2 capsules, one capsule at breakfast, one capsule at dinner.
So, Iím curious to see if this is going to give me more energy, help me to lose weight,
and also keep me energized, because I have a very odd schedule, I wake up around noon,
between 11 a.m. and noon, but I donít go to bed till 4 a.m. And I do my workouts at
about any time between 1.30 and 3.30, and sometimes even 4 oíclock in the morning.
So, I want to my energy to last all day and I want to be still strong when it comes time
to doing my workout. Now, Iím going to show you my actual weigh in, I did open up the
scale, ouch, and I weight myself, and you can be ready to see the good stuff right now.
Peace out, and if you want to joining this challenge follow those links below and keep
me updated on your weight loss progress. Bye, I mean stay toned for the weigh in.
Hey guys, today is January 11, I think. And itís my very first day of doing the Labrada
lean body for her fat burner challenge and Iím going to officially log my weight. My
start weight when I started Lean body challenge on January 8 was 252.5. So, here goesÖOh
my God Iím kind of in shock, my weights is actually 245. So, thatís excellent news.
All right, my next weigh in will be in one week.