Romney's Ryan Pick Shakes the Etch-A-Sketch...Again

Uploaded by Buzz60 on 13.08.2012

Pull out the etch-a-sketch! Time for a race.
Buzz60 Politics, Jay DeDapper
Remember when everyone went nuts over Mitt Romney's main guy saying Romney would get
a re-set after the Republican Primaries -- sort of like shaking an etch-a-sketch?
Turns out he was only half right. Romney's getting a second reset by picking Paul Ryan
as his running mate.
And now the race is on to define the new kid on the block.
Republicans are going for bold strokes, drawing in Congressman Ryan as a man with a serious,
smart economics plan that voters crave.
“What they want more than anything is for people to tell them the truth, who are courageous,
willing to take on tough decisions and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are exactly the kind
of comeback team we need to make that happen.”
Democrats have another story and it centers on the portion of Ryan’s plan that turns
Medicare into a voucher program for future retirees.
“The question is whether you believe in Medicare or do not. I believe what Newt Gingrich
said on your program that it’s ‘right-wing social engineering.’”

Historically Veep picks have never been a huge help -- and instead have sometimes been
a huge hurt.
This one could go either way – the winner will be the team that acts fastest and is
most persuasive.
Let’s check back in a week to see how they’re doing.